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    Postfest XVII (Richfest 2012): THE WILD GOOSE
    Posted on Mon, July 09, 2012 by Ullmaster
    mempter writes "The Wild Goose, as it is known, is among other things a gateway to a multi-dimensional demesne known as The World Serpent Inn, a popular stopping point for many a traveling planehopper.

    Winding down from Wainwright Street one can find their way off the beaten path to the poorer sections of Greyhawk’s Artisan Quarter. Only slightly above their counterparts in Old City in regards to quality of life, this area of the city is home to numerous tenements and small businesses, catering mostly to the large populace of laborers that dwell here. Largely law-abiding, if somewhat insular in comparison to the quarter’s more well-to-do residents, they congregate in their respective neighborhoods at the end of the workday to mingle with their own and grouse to each other about their lot in life, disparage those that they work for, and curse the Old City ‘scabs’ that compete for (i.e. steal) their jobs.

    Yet this is the Gem of the Flanaess, thus traffic makes its way to even these isolated sections of Greyhawk. Located in one such neighborhood is a rather rundown, unremarkable tavern that caters mostly to the local color, but also unknowingly plays host to a veritable cavalcade of truly unique and unusual visitors who seek—yet do not seek—this particular establishment. The Wild Goose, as it is known, is among other things a gateway to a multi-dimensional demesne known as The World Serpent Inn, a popular stopping point for many a traveling planehopper. Knowledge of that place is entirely unknown to any of the day-to-day populace who frequent The Wild Goose (despite the number of odd occurrences that have taken place in the common room over the years), but to the better informed the Goose holds considerable interest for those who seek to take advantage of its proximity to that planar crossroads. Such an individual went so far as to purchase this property some decades ago, a mysterious figure that retains ownership to this day.


    The Wild Goose is open every day and typically begins admitting custom at dusk—around 5 or 6 ‘o clock depending on the season—and remains open until 3 am the following day. Situated at the end of an alley coming off Carters Street, The Wild Goose is a single story structure that has clearly seen better days, constructed of aging timber with a roof of crumbling, gray slate shingles. An equally dilapidated, single door is set in the center of the façade facing the street, above which hangs a faded, crooked sign depicting a rampaging goose biting the nose of a hapless peasant. Single-paned windows of dingy glass with slats covered in peeling, green paint are situated to either side of the door. A single sconce is attached just level with the jamb’s upper right corner containing a torch. This is typically lit at dusk, providing the only source of illumination for those outside the entrance at dark.

    The interior offers little more in regards to appearance and ambiance. Much of the building’s lack of upkeep is hidden by poor lighting, with what little illumination that does exist being provided by the two windows during the day and by torches and light from the fireplace at night. The space consists of a large, open common area, the floor of which is made of ill-fitted boards slightly warped by age and moisture. A layer of grime and dirt covers its surface and is particularly thick in the corners. A number of wooden tables and chairs, their mediocre craftsmanship immediately noticeable, are arranged haphazardly about the room, the rectangular surfaces of the former being covered in stains of varying age and viscosity. On a few of the lesser used tables, many of these stains are concealed under a thin layer of dust. The bar proper is located near the far end of the building, its battered, elongated surface extending some fifteen feet from the west wall. Behind the bar one can see shelving containing several kegs and various items such as glasses, bottles of spirits, and unused taps and spigots. Further east lies a door leading into a small storage room containing empty barrels, crates, kegs and sagging shelves filled with tools, supplies, and discarded refuse. A flight of stairs can be seen going down into darkness near the center of the room, leading down into the tavern’s basement.

    The Wild Goose employs a single bartender during the week, one Barnes Wythorn of Tenh, commonly assisted by a young Garn Tulbrech and the weekend server, Grelnik Tuftbristle. The Goose offers only libations in the form of beer, ale and mead, all of poor quality and typically watered down. Prices range from 2 coppers for beer to 5 coppers for mead. No food is served and any complaints are met with scathing, curse-ridden recommendations to visit other businesses more accommodating to their needs. Only the barest of amenities are provided by the tavern’s surly host, with even the basic courtesy of clean serving vessels being a luxury that must be specifically requested. There are no servers—one must make their own way to the bar to order drinks, which they can either partake of there in the presence of the glowering barkeep, or bring back to their respective tables. Service is never cheerfully rendered, and oftentimes accompanied by growling imprecations of dismay.

    The Goose’s usual clientele consists almost entirely of laborers who not only work in the nearby districts, but also reside in the surrounding neighborhoods. A dour, brooding lot, they come here to be with those who share their circumstances—a life of backbreaking labor and drudgery for little return and scant hope of anything more. They have nothing to offer in the way of friendship or even cordial acceptance to strangers who do not happen to share in their plight, having only cold glares and snarls for those seeking either. Obviously well-armed, or otherwise capable looking individuals are given a wide berth; laborers from Old City, however, are right out, and any so foolish as to make their way therein are assaulted the moment their origins are discerned. These patrons are rounded out by a handful of regulars who are either also residents of the area, or visitors who frequent this region often enough to be considered the next closest thing. Nonetheless the place is never full, with the number of those that frequent the place being scant at best. However, even these regulars have no more affinity with Barnes than anyone else who treats with the man, and those with even the slightest bit of business acumen wonder at how Barnes is able to maintain his overhead on the surely meager profits he takes in.

    The aforementioned stairs lead down into a dimly lit 40'x 40' cellar that is of comparatively better construction than the rest of the building. Made of fitted blocks of granite, this large chamber is divided into two sections, with a smaller room connected by an open doorway to the south. The main cellar contains nothing but supplies, the amount far exceeding what is needed to supply the paltry business done by the tavern above; rows of casks, kegs and crates line the walls. Beyond the open doorway lies a 20' x 40' chamber that is brightly illuminated by everburning torchlight. The room is nearly as spartan as its northern neighbor, with only a worktable, tool cabinet, chair and a full wine rack representing the only furnishings. A trash barrel also sits nearby, the bottom of which is covered in wood shavings. A number of wood carving tools can typically be found lying on the surface of the table and hanging on hooks inside the cabinet behind. The wine is of vastly superior quality in comparison to the swill that is served upstairs, as this is Grimshod’s personal collection of rare vintages (which Barnes doesn’t dare filch), with generally 200-1,500 gold pieces worth contained within the rack. It is here that Grimshod is often found in those infrequent moments he chooses to meet with guests, or have Barnes appraised of his presence. There have been many incidences in the past where Barnes has come down to what he assumed was an empty cellar, only to find Grimshod sitting quietly at this worktable smoking his pipe and whittling away at some hunk of wood. In each incident the befuddled barkeep has had no indication or clue as to how the grizzled veteran had managed to enter the place without his knowledge, as Barnes has yet to see Grimshod enter The Wild Goose via the front door. All efforts by Barnes to find the secret entryway that must surely exist have thus far been in vain.

    A self-proclaimed warrior-scholar, the gregarious yet discreet Grimshod is the del-facto owner of The Wild Goose, having acquired the property and the rundown warehouse that was built upon it over fifty years ago. The connection to The World Serpent Inn drew Grimshod to the place, a unique feature that he opted to hide in plain sight by transforming the abandoned warehouse into a tavern. So as not to draw further attention, Grimshod made certain that the subsequent establishment would only appeal to the locals (and even then, only barely). Therefore as the need arises, Grimshod is able to clandestinely monitor the resulting slow trickle of beings specifically seeking access to The Serpent.

    Grimshod is native to neither Oerth, nor any of her parallel ‘sister’ worlds (Aerth, Uerth, Yarth, and Earth, though he has visited each in turn), instead hailing from a far removed, alternate Prime Material World. It is there that he came into conflict with a cabal of dark arcanists who seek out planar rifts torn into the fabric of the Prime Material by foul magics, a phenomena that apparently emanates a type of profane energy that they tap in order to garner greater power for themselves. Grimshod stumbled upon this world through The Serpent while pursuing one their number and after vanquishing his opponent in a final, climatic battle, he opted to stay and explore his newly discovered surroundings. Of late, Grimshod has noted evidence of the cabalists’ renewed interest in Oerth with the advent of several recent events (the Cagewrights, the awakening of Kyuss, the machinations of Demogorgon, the appearance of Shothragot, etc.), and has returned to work preemptively to hinder further inroads by them here.

    Grimshod has traversed a significant portion of the multiverse using The Serpent as a nexus, and Oerth is but one of numerous worlds he has visited. The Goose is also one of many locales he uses during or between planar excursions to rest and replenish supplies, as well as a convenient method of reaching other destinations in the multiverse. Grimshod has means of accessing The World Serpent through a “backdoor” by using a unique device that allows him to use the portal located at The Goose's front door from the inside as well. This end of the portal is keyed in a similar fashion, opening with the proper knock and phrasing. The well-traveled and learned Grimshod serves as a convenient springboard to anywhere a GM wants, or needs their players to go, and his extensive contacts here in Greyhawk provide a means of introducing characters to key personalities around and about the Flanaess.

    Created by a wizardly associate of Grimshod’s, this area serves as a refuge where he can safely rest and recuperate, doubling as a safe house for those he wishes to protect. This 10’ x 30’ room is in actuality an extradimensional space created through powerful magics, and constructed to prevent magical means of detection and gaining egress (treat as if under the effects of a forbiddance spell and an amulet of proof against detection and location). The walls and floor are concrete blocks built over sheets of lead, the mortar of which having been combined with gorgon’s blood. Four floating, magic globes of light, their radiance equal to that of an everburning torch, provide illumination. Gaining entry into this space is possible only by means of a portal keyed to a used keg tap (a number of which are always kept at the bar and storeroom upstairs). The entrance of the portal is located at the midway point of the stairway leading to the cellar, floating in midair just to the south; one must climb or hop over the banister with the key in their possession to enter through the portal and into the safehold area.

    The safehold is sparsely furnished with desk and chair, bed, worktable, bookcase and an armchair and matching footrest. A Baklunish carpet beneath the desk rounds out the décor.  The bookcase holds a small collection of books covering a diverse selection of topics, dealing mostly with regional lore and the local culture; none of these books are magical. Referencing these works gives a +2 bonus on the following skill checks: Craft (alchemy), Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (dungeoneering), Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (history), Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nobility & royalty). The safehold also contains a number of magical items as well: a murylnd’s spoon (along with accompanying wooden bowl), a decanter of endless water, an open bottle of air, a leomund’s labile locker at the foot of the bed, and a crystal ball with clairaudience/clairvoyance which rests atop the desk. The labile locker typically contains 1d6 potions of cure moderate wounds, 1d4 potions of cure serious wounds, 2 scrolls of raise dead, 4 scrolls of break enchantment, 3 scrolls of cure disease, a jar of keoghtom’s ointment, along with 10 flasks each of antivenom and anitplague. Grimshod shares the operating command words for the locker to those he entrusts to utilize the safehold.


    “Grimshod” (CG venerable male human fighter aristocrat 1/rogue 1/20+):
    The choice of moniker by this oft-laughing, affable individual is often as puzzling as efforts to uncover the man’s background—at least until one has observed his martial skills in battle. Speaking with an accent that cannot be properly placed by even the most traveled of individuals, Grimshod steers inquiries away from the topic of his origins with skilled application of both wit and charm. To even those astute enough to surmise his otherworldly origins, Grimshod only divulges that on his world, omens and portents have been made questionable ever since the recent, untimely demise of their god of humanity.

    Grimshod is a grizzled, yet darkly handsome man of medium height who appears to be in his late forties to early fifties, but in truth is chronologically a man nearing his second century of life.  His closely cropped hair is gray in color, as are his expressive high arched eyebrows and well-trimmed goatee. Grimshod’s most striking feature are his lavender eyes which shine with intensity whenever he is laughing or angry, and seem to take in and access all that they survey. His deeply tanned complexion is a result of both heritage and exposure to the elements.

    Grimshod is a well known personage in the Artisan Quarter and Clerkburg, often visiting the latter's places of learning to gather lore, or simply chat it up with the local sages. His knowledge of things extraplanar is considerable and is often sought out by those seeking advice on such matters. Beyond The Wild Goose, Grimshod is a frequent visitor to the nearby Broken Staff tavern, but will also frequently make his way to the River Quarter and The Green Dragon tavern there when he wishes to unseat the current dragonchess champion. Grimshod's skill as a warrior and explorer has garnered the attention of a number of noteworthy individuals, not the least of which includes the likes of Mordenkainen and members of his Circle of Eight. Former member Tenser the Mage holds Grimshod in particularly high regard, and the two have worked together on more than one occasion to meet common goals in and around Oerth. 

    Grimshod is as well-equipped as someone of his skill level and ability would be expected to be. Among his more noteworthy possessions are a pair of blades he typically wields—one that purportedly lays fiends low with but a touch, and another that renders its wielder immune to magic. He also carries a complex work known as Rendergamen’s Catalogue of the Outer Planes, a collection of mathematical equations and cosmological menstruations that pinpoint planar connections when used in conjunction with his well of many worlds.

    Barnes Wythorn (LE male Flan human commoner 2/expert 5): Greasy, lanky and balding, this surly, hard-bitten individual has served as The Goose’s barkeep for several years now. Barnes personality and mannerisms are conducive to one firm in their belief that the world at large, by simple virtue of their very existence, owes them everything. That he has yet to be paid his due serves only to fuel his bitterness, least of all instill within him any ambition to better his circumstances through his own aplomb. Thus Barnes’s history consists largely of his being fired from one job after another due to offending some employer, customer, or both. Such circumstances eventually brought him to the doors of The Wild Goose where, much to his surprise, he was hired on the spot. At The Goose he is paid more than he’s ever earned at any of his previous jobs and with fewer duties, as Grimshod deals with the ordering, inventory, and oversees what little upkeep is actually undertaken. Barnes is well aware that The Goose doesn’t take in enough to cover expenses, and presumes Grimshod’s lack of concern for the losses he takes is due to his involvement with some illicit activity that Barnes, as of yet, has been unable to ascertain.

    Barnes has no friends, not among the clientele and certainly not among his co-workers—he hates and fears Grelnik, and is envious of Garn’s friendship with Grimshod. His promotion to his current position is virtue of his simply showing up at the right place at the right time, something that Grimshod made very clear from the beginning. Grimshod’s relaying of this also alluded to the fact that Barnes’s status of employment was hardly secure, and that he could and would be summarily dismissed if he felt so inclined for any reason. Therefore fear serves to encourage Barnes to remain cordial with his employer—fear of losing the best job he’s had to date, and fear of Grimshod himself who has duly demonstrated his ability to inflict injury on those who raise his ire.

    Barnes is wise enough not to ask questions of Grimshod’s activities, or about the strange goings-on that occur infrequently under the tavern’s roof. However, this sense of discretion does nothing to curtail his willingness to answer questions directed to him pertaining to what he’s observed (and speculate on what he hasn’t). More specifically, the Thieves Guild has taken an interest in Grimshod’s activities of late and has taken to plying Barnes with extra gold to better loosen his tongue. For his part Barnes routinely documents Grimshod’s movements, reporting what he’s seen to Strivus Garondi.

    Grelnik Tuftbristle (N male half-orc fighter 3):
    Grelnik is a refugee of the Greyhawk Wars, formerly of Elredd when that city was overrun by the forces of Turrosh Mak. Grelnik was conscripted into Mak’s armies and forced to march with the humanoid armies as they made their way north, fleeing when they finally met determined resistance and were subsequently repulsed. Finding himself suddenly in the midst of hostile territory, Grelnik was able to make his way to Safeton and ingratiate himself within a military counter-insurgency unit. Grelnik moved steadily up the ranks, until a violent disagreement with a superior officer forced him to flee to Greyhawk. Since then, he has eked out a living doing the few odd jobs that were willing to hire a half-orc. His position as the weekend barkeep at the Goose is his latest gig, and one he has found tolerable as he gets on well enough with Grimshod. Grelnik blandly accepts Garn, and enjoys intimidating Barnes.

    Garn Tulbrech (N male Oeridian human male commoner 3): A fresh-faced local teenager, Garn’s duties at The Goose consist primarily of overtaking Barnes’s post while the barkeep is occupied by other matters (typically trysts with Andura). The contempt Barnes directs towards the lad is quite mutual, with Barnes jealous and resentful of the youth’s opportunity to escape to a life beyond this one, and Garn being derisive of the barkeep’s harsh and domineering ways. Garn is in awe of the mysterious Grimshod, who in turn has taken a liking to the lad, occasionally enlisting him to run errands about town. Garn also eagerly informs on Barnes to Grimshod about the former’s recent consorting with Strivus.

    Andura Gormund (N middle-age female Oeridian human aristocrat 4):
    A formerly noted courtesan—now aging, besotted trull—the slatternly Andura Gormund is a near permanent fixture at The Goose. Once a darling of the city’s Garden Quarter, Andura has since fallen on hard times due in no small part to a subsequent addiction to alcoholic spirits. Too many nights of hard carousing have robbed Andura of both youth and beauty, making her formerly fetching features careworn and blotchy with puffy, bloodshot eyes of cornflower peering—often unfocusedly—from a face now mapped in fine, red veins. Resident of a neighboring tenement, Andura frequently plies her trade in The Goose’s common room, taking advantage of the convenient locale of her nearby living quarters to adjourn to with her latest custom.

    Her addictions have done surprisingly little to blunt her skill in wheedling information from clients and as a result, she is a veritable font of information on what goes on in the Artisan Quarter. Agatha is particularly adept in her manipulation of Barnes and subsequently knows as much about The Goose’s comings and goings as the barkeep does. Coupled with own her own observations of those occasional visits by strange individuals who come seeking something known only as ‘The Serpent’, Agatha has become unwittingly privy to some potentially valuable (and dangerous) lore.

    Strivus Garondi (LE male human rogue 5):
    A low ranking member of the Thieves Guild, Strivus is primarily in charge of collecting protection monies from local businesses, always saving the Goose for last so that he may spend the remainder of his day in the company of Andura. Of late, Strivus has been tasked with gathering information on the Goose’s owner, as Grimshod has been connected with a preemptive theft that resulted in the guild being denied a valuable, magic item. Strivus has since been gleaning information from Andura and bribing Barnes, along with using guild operatives to study Grimshod’s movements. Thus far the cagey warrior has proven to be far too elusive, and Strivus grows increasingly frustrated and resentful of this duty that keeps him from the quiet, laidback lifestyle he enjoyed with his former duties.


    ·         DC 10: “The Wild Goose? Pshaw! Trust me on this one friend: you’re better off pulling draughts from the rain barrel outside! It’ll be cleaner, and taste better than any of the sheep’s spit that place serves!”

    ·         DC 10: “Just locals to be found there and mind you, and they don’t care for outsiders at all. As soon thrash you as look at you, they will. Still, they’re a sight more pleasant than that miserable barkeep they got working there…”

    ·         DC 15: “Don’t know who owns the place—I know it ain’t that sodding Barnes, though. He’s always referring folks to his boss when you ask questions about the place, though he ain’t never there, whoever he is.”

    ·         DC 20: “There’s one regular there that I see passing through from time to time that the bartenders seem to defer to; Grimshod I think I heard them call him once. Nice enough bloke, though you don’t want to get on his bad side. Once saw him clear out the common room single-handedly in the time it took me to tell you about it!”

    ·         DC 20: “Grimshod? Yeah I know him. Can’t say for sure where he’s from though, and I’ve been from one end of the Flanaess to the other, mind you! He’s one of those adventuring types, and good one from what I hear. Rumor has it that he’s done work for the Circle of Eight, if that’s any indication. And smart too. Seen him in Clerkburg arguing with the sages there, and usually winning!”

    ·         DC 25: “…And speaking of ioun stones—if you go the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Minerals, did you know you can cultivate them naturally? Just have to get past the archomental that watches over them of course, heh! But…who was it that told me that? Remember him quite well…pleasant fellow, was referred to him by Otto the Mage, no less. Can see his face clear as day…ah, I remember—Grimshod! Most knowledgeable that one, particularly on extraplanar phenomena. I would recommend speaking with him as well if you wish to further investigate such matters.”

    ·          DC 25: “On me mother’s sainted soul, I swear it to be true! Seen that fellow Grimshod making to leave The Goose one night through the front door. ‘Cept he don’t open it right away…instead he knocks a few times, then mutters something under his breath. That’s when he opens the door and you know what I seen? The inside of another bleeding tavern, as surely as I’m standing in front of you! And in he went! Well of course I go to have a look for myself, but when I open the door all I see is the street outside! Damnedest thing I ever saw, but it happened just like I told you, or may the gods strike me dead!”

    ·         DC 30: “Well if you need to avoid Sigil altogether, my advice is get there via The World Serpent Inn. What’s that, you ask? It’s a multidimensional nexus like The Cage, but without The Lady of Pain and those damnable factions. Where is it? Well you know how to get to the Artisan Quarter, right? Okay, look for a dive there called The Wild Goose. Once you find it, knock three times on the front door—or just the air in front of the door—and invoke the name of your divine patron, or any such entity for that matter. When you enter through the door thereafter, you’ll find yourself in The Serpent’s common room. All the portals leading elsewhere are in the back, though it might take some searching to find the one you want. If you need help just speak with Mitchifer, he’ll guide you through. Oh, and be sure to tell him I said hello!”

    ·         DC 40: Grimshod is the absentee owner of The Wild Goose, where he’s rumored to maintain an extradimensional safe house.


    ·         The player characters are in need of a particularly rare magical item or component, and are referred to an off-world seller. To reach the merchant they must find and gain access to The World Serpent Inn to utilize its planar connections, and are subsequently directed to the Wild Goose.

    ·         It has come to the attention of Reldmar the Merchant that one of his security guards is actually on the Thieves’ Guild’s payroll. He requests the player characters to perform guard duty for one night until he can find a trustworthy replacement, offering a generous reward in return. If the PCs agree to the task, an attempt to rob Reldmar’s townhouse is made that night and the level of success—or failure—they achieve in thwarting the thieves determines whether or not they find themselves on the wrong side of the Thieves Guild’s ire, or accused of being in on the plot by Reldmar, who then attempts to have them arrested.

    Alternately, the PCs could be called upon by Agatha to recover several magical items that were stolen from her shop and now in the possession of some larcenous wizard who resides in a heavily warded lair of his own.

    ·         The player characters overhear an assault taking place in the alleyway between the Goose and the neighboring tenement. When they investigate they find Garn being accosted by two men warning him to keep quiet, or else. If the assailants are driven off, Garn will relay to them that he overheard them talking about an imminent raid on Grimshod’s safe house in order to kill Grimshod himself. Garn knows nothing else beyond what he heard, least of all the location of the safe house of which he had no knowledge of until now. Fearing for his friend’s life, he asks if the characters can help him by finding it first and warning Grimshod. Unbeknownst to Garn and the PCs however, is the fact that this is nothing more than an elaborate ruse: Garn was meant to overhear that conversation, with the subsequent attack added on for appearances, all in the hopes that someone could be duped into trying to find the safe house and leading them to it.

    ·         Andura’s penchant for gossip and snooping has finally proven to be her undoing. Prying too closely into the affairs of one patron has resulted in her being captured and replaced by a disguised Glaysa Meldaris, a member of the dark cabal Grimshod has clashed with in the past (NE female human wizard 10). Glaysa has operated under the guise of Andura for the past two months, using her memories, magic, and her own feminine wiles to gather information about Grimshod and his access to the World Serpent. Glaysa will use these same methods to coax the player characters to seek out the rumored safe house and magical cache that she believes is there, or even to convince them to eliminate Grimshod.

    ·         Word reaches the player characters of an imminent threat involving the Wild Goose. A group of outer-planar invaders are preparing for an incursion into Oerth and are using the World Serpent as a staging point for sending agents into this world. The threat could be anything—an ethergaunt scouting party, githyanki warriors doing reconnaissance, agents of Fraz-Urb’luu seeking to claim possession of the Goose for their patron, etc.—and the PCs must intercede before catastrophe strikes. The invaders will be disguised, and will attempt to mingle with the local populace, most likely starting with the patrons at the Goose. Grimshod will most certainly become involved in such a case, and may offer to lend his aid to those seeking to put an end to the threat.



    1.      The Wild Goose Tavern (q.v.)

    Reldmar’s Tenement: Local merchant Reldmar Tranthias (see below) is the owner of this three-story building and the cheap, poorly maintained apartments within. Rent typically runs about 10 gold pieces a month, yet even with such relatively cheap rates there is a high turnover as Reldmar has little patience with ‘deadbeats’, and will evict anyone even a day late with payments. Rhedrick Gervais (N male human commoner 4) is the live-in landlord who is wholly neglectful of building maintenance and generally turns a blind eye to any illicit activity that occurs under his roof—so long as his palm is sufficiently greased. Rhedrick and Andura have a long standing relationship where he takes a portion of Andura’s take in exchange for her use of unoccupied apartments to entertain clients.

    Residence of Reldmar the Merchant: Reldmar Tranthias is a minor merchant (LN Oeridian middle-age human male aristocrat 2/expert 4) who owns several buildings in the area, including the tenement down the street. Reldmar bemoans the fact that he cannot afford habitation in more upscale environs and is contemptuous of his neighbors, who regard him in kind. As a result he is rarely home, spending much of his time in the Artisan and High Quarters, leaving Rhedrick to deal with the constant deluge of complaints from his employer’s tenants. Meanwhile, Reldmar’s home is well-guarded with traps and a private security force.

    4.      Carters Street

    Meldin the Cobbler: Like Agatha down the street, Meldin Henedrin (LN Oeridian old human male expert 8) is capable of producing masterwork quality goods, but spends most of his time repairing the work boots of local laborers. Overflow for this latter work is relegated to his two apprentices (N adolescent human male and female experts 1). 

    6.      Brevin Lane

     The Nimble Eye (seamstress): This shop is owned and run by the rotund and vivaciously affable Agatha Indragosen, known to locals as the aptly nicknamed “Ample Aggie” (NG middle-age half-elf female expert 12), whose skill with fashioning and repairing garments is known throughout the Artisan Quarter, and brings in a slow, but steady stream of custom despite her isolated locale. She is often commissioned to create garments for later enchantment, and her ability is such that she is capable of making minor magical items of her own, with prices that are quite reasonable. Popular with the locals for the discounts she offers them for the occasional patch job, Agatha also treats gladly—even eagerly—with adventurers who patronize her business. She still harbors fantasies of being swept away by some dashing, heroic archetype, but settles for tales of dangerous exploits and derring-do in the interim. The quirky matron flirts with anyone fitting the aforementioned criteria and shows the smallest hint of kindness. She proudly displays her almost improbably outsized, callimammapygian attributes in tailored-made outfits designed to inveigle even the most puritanical onlooker. Agatha finds such ‘dangerous’ associations thrilling, and can count a number of adventurers among her circle of friends. Some of these associates have placed wards in and about her shop that have served admirably in deterring would-be thieves.

    A.    Common Room
    B.     Bar
    C.    Storage Room
    D.    Main Cellar
    E.     Workshop
    F.     Entrance to Safehold
    G.    Safehold

    Wild Goose 1 

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    Re: Postfest XVII (Richfest 2012): THE WILD GOOSE (Score: 1)
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    With maps and all. This would of made for some nice side trek info as well.

    Good job Mempter.



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    Good lord, the detail! The content! The writing! This is really incredible, mempter. I'm really looking forward to more articles by you.

    Re: Postfest XVII (Richfest 2012): THE WILD GOOSE (Score: 1)
    by SirXaris on Tue, July 10, 2012
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    Congratulations on such an excellent first submission, Mempter!  And, thank you for taking the time to offer this great locale for our use.  Beautiful maps and wonderful detail.  I'd love to read more from you.


    Re: Postfest XVII (Richfest 2012): THE WILD GOOSE (Score: 1)
    by Mystic-Scholar on Fri, July 27, 2012
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    The first three commenter covered it pretty good. An excellent submission, Mempter.

    I will only say this: I gave you 4 stars. Maldin assisted in creating the "Canon" map of the City of Greyhawk and I happen to have a detailed copy showing all of the city streets and their names. Your street names don't match up and that's the ONLY reason you got four stars from me.

    But as I said, an overall excellent job. I do look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Mystic Scholar

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