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Excerpts from the Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Enfrahl (Bone Demon)
Posted on Tue, October 29, 2013 by Ullmaster
grodog writes "Astute readers will have noted the new demon type summonable by Orcus
in my previous post.  This entry details the Enfrahl, the Bone Demons,
a major demon of the Abyss.

“The Enfrahl are surreal horrors created through the whimsy and
caprice of the Lord of the Undead---a cross between ossified
guardians, bone sculptures as performance art, and sentient, demonic
knick-knacks, the enfrahl represent all that is twisted and grotesque
in the imaginings of Orcus and his ilk.  That they are intelligent and
aware is all the more damning….”  --- Iscladoc the Dark, from his
_Commentaries on The Demonomicon_.

Excerpts from the Demonomicon of Iggwilv:  Enfrahl (Bone Demon)

by grodog (see also

Copyright 2013 by Allan T. Grohe, Jr.

Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission
from the author.

Enfrahl (Bone Demon; Major Demon)

Frequency:  Very Rare (Very Rare in the Abyss)
No. Appearing:  1
Armor Class:  -2
Movement:  11”
Hit Dice:  10
% in Lair:  75%
Treasure Type:  Nil
No. of Attacks:  2
Damage/Attack:  6-21/6-21 (3d6+3)
Special Attacks:  Blood drain
Special Defenses:  +2 or better weapon to hit; half-damage from
thrusting or piercing weapons; regeneration (3hp/round); undead
immunities (see below)
Magic Resistance:  60%
Alignment:  Chaotic Evil
Intelligence:  Very
Size:  L (14’ tall)
Psionic Ability:  Nil (Class VI)
Level/XP Value:  X/12,450 + 14/hp

Enfrahl demons appear a huge bone golems, huge skeletons, or otherwise
like Frankstein-like monsters composed of a variety of bones, bone
shards, bone spurs, and other ossified remains.  They have no definite
form, although each has two limb-like appendages that can attack, and
each is protected by a bony exoskeleton.  Each enfrahl is an undead
demon composed of the bones of demons and other inter-planar
interlopers that offend Orcus, and their form and function is often
defined by the whims of the Demon Lord of Undead at the time of their
animation.  In combat, bone demons strike with two
appendages---whether fists, tail and leg, hook-horror-like talons,

Bone demons may use the following spell-like powers, one at a time, at
will, in addition to their normal attacks:  animate dead, continual
darkness, detect (good, magic, invisibility), fear (via gaze, range
3”), paralysis (via ice blue ray, range 7”, save at +2 or be paralyzed
2-13 turns), fire shield (cold flames only, 1/day), telekinesis (3500
gp weight), cause disease (2/day), wall of bones (as 4th Wu Jen spell,
2/day), cause wounds (pulsating violet ray, 4” range, 1/day, causes
9-27 hp damage [6d4+3], no saving throw although MR applies), frost
ray (10” range, 6 HD, 1/day), gate (70% effective:  1 type I-IV 50%, 1
enfrahl 30%, 1 skurdra 15%, or Orcus 5%, 1/day), and bone missile
(bony projections as magic missile, 7 missiles, 1/week).

Enfrahl are turnable as Special undead, and are immune to sleep,
charm, cold, hold, death magic, insanity, feeblemind, poison, and

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Re: Excerpts from the Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Enfrahl (Bone Demon) (Score: 1)
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Re: Excerpts from the Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Enfrahl (Bone Demon) (Score: 1)
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