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    Guevera's Life Before Mitrik
    Posted on Tue, April 09, 2002 by taladmin
    MerricB writes "Guevera, an elven fighter/rogue, is one of the most skilled servants of the Church of Xan-Yae. In recent days, he has been one of those charged with the task of discovering where the Lady's servant, Zuoken, has been imprisoned, and with setting him free.

    This article details some of his early life in the south-eastern Vesve forest, as well as characters that may still be found in the area.

    Authors: Daniel Harrison & Merric Blackman

    Guevera's Life Before Mitrik by Daniel Harrison with Merric Blackman

    Used with permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission.

    Guevera Galanodel was born and raised in the medium-sized elven village of Lavellos, in the southeast of the Vesve forest. Guevera's family was one of the most prominent in Lavellos, his father (Quarion Galanodel, male elven ranger 7) being second-in-command of the village's well trained and seasoned militia, and his mother (Lia Galanodel, female elven expert 5 (*see "Lia Galanodel", below)) being a talented seamstress.

    Guevera had four brothers and two sisters, Three of his brothers (Aristier, Bren and Xairston) joined the militia and followed in their father's footsteps. His fourth brother (Ellandin Galanodel, male elven necromancer 2), the youngest of the seven children took an interest in the arcane arts, particularly necromancy, and convinced a relatively powerful necromancer (Armand Sovellis, male half-elven necromancer 7) to take him on as an apprentice. Armand, himself, had been expelled from Mitrik's Wizard's Guild.

    When his family learnt of his decent into the dark arts, Ellandin was exiled from the family. He is also no longer welcome in the village. Unbeknownst to anyone but his mother and one of the village's priestesses, Ellandin is actually the product of a short-lived affair between his mother and a now deceased travelling elven bard. (The bard's death was completely unrelated to this affair; in fact he never knew that he had a son).

    Guevera's older sister (Erryn Galanodel, female elven druid 5) is the pride of her parents. Even as a child, she had an unusually strong interest in nature and the woodlands, even for an elf Kalene Meliamne (female elven druid 12), a well known druid and close friend to Lia Galanodel offered to teach Erryn the finer arts of nature and Erryn accepted this offer with her parents' blessings. Guevera's second sister, Weiss, took an interest in her mother's work and has begun to follow in her footsteps.

    Guevera grew up with harsh expectations forced upon him by his parents. He was to join the city militia when he came of age and become a respectable member of the community. However, Guevera's free spirit led him to resent this and he rebelled. When a former citizen moved back to Lavellos, Guevera took an interest in him and learned much of what would become crucial to his life several years later. Tharivol Siannodel (male elven rogue 8 (*see "Tharivol" below) served as a great mentor and friend to Guevera and taught him the basics of the less noble arts. Guevera attributes much of his prankish nature to the years spent with the accomplished thief and deviant, and reflects on these times as some of the best days of his life in the village.

    After it had become obvious that Tharivol was a bad influence upon Guevera, Quarion decided to take action. He spoke to the captain of the village militia (Pentros Galleigh, male elven ranger 5/fighter 2) and soon enlisted Guevera into the ranks. This is where Guevera gained his knowledge of fighting, and also where he developed his lack of respect for authority.

    Many of Guevera's fellow soldiers took a dislike to Guevera, particularly the fact that Guevera seemed intent on making mockery of their lives with one prank after another. However, this was tolerated as the prankster was also a fast learner and a skilled fighter. Guevera finally earned the other fighter's grudging respect during a surprise attack by orc and goblin raiders. Guevera himself slew two orcs and several goblins before the attackers were finally forced back by the militia. He was awarded a medal of honour for bravery in combat and was (for a short time) held in great esteem by the townspeople as a "model citizen". This was not to last, however.

    After Guevera got over his newfound sense of integrity, he soon resorted to his previous ways, as a joker and prankster. This time, however, many of the soldiers seemed to enjoy watching the outcomes of his exploits, probably because they now respected him. as a valuable member of the militia. This support from his peers led Guevera to attempt bigger and more daring pranks until the inevitable time came when he finally went too far.

    It was well known that Pentros Galleigh was very proud of his armour, a mithril breastplate (* see Pentros' Armour, below) granted to him by his former leader about 150 years ago. By chance, Guevera discovered where the armour was kept when not in use. One night, the rogue snuck into Pentros' private home and found the rack that held the powerful armour. He then proceeded to pour an entire vial of sovereign glue down the rack, securing the armour to the rack. This in itself would be forgivable (as long as Guevera fixed what he had done, and paid for any repairs needed), however the circumstances made this prank go completely out of hand.

    The same night, the town was set upon by orcs. Many elves were injured, and several of the creatures found their way into Pentros' home. Three of them set upon Pentros as he tried to don his armour, and he sustained great wounds as he fought them. Fortunately, Guevera's father was fighting nearby and healed Pentros' injuries. The rest of the orcs were fought off and the armour was later removed from the rack with universal solvent.

    Guevera's involvement was was never proven, but all looked towards him with great suspicion. Several days after the battle, a travelling merchant (Ashton Destins, male human expert 5) came through the village and Guevera decided to leave the village to escape any hostilities from the townsfolk. He approached the merchant and took on the role as a caravan guard as the merchant had lost several during an ambush from some of the retreating orcs.

    The caravan eventually arrived in Mitrik and Guevera took his leave of the merchant, deciding to try his fortune in the "big city".

    Lia Galanodei

    Lia Galanodel is a well-known seamstress, famous because the clothing she sews often takes on some magical aspects. Lia does not intend for this to happen, but it is said that a celestial views her results as works of art and enchants them with heavenly qualities. The clothes Lia makes are well sought after by many nobles.

    Tharivol Siadonnel

    Tharivol Siadonnel was once a standing member of the Greyhawk thieves' guild. An accomplished house-burglar and pickpocket, he made his fortune by breaking into the houses of nobles and making noise outside their bedrooms. When the nobles left their rooms to investigate, Tharivol would enter the room, steal the keys to the estate, and then proceed to empty every safe in the house into a bag of holding. He would finally go back to the bedroom, exit through the window, and hang the keys on a nail just above the window, enraging the nobles even further when they found out that not only had they been robbed, but the thief had the ruthlessness to mock them by leaving their keys just out of their reach.

    Pentros' Armour

    This breastplate was granted to Pentros Galleigh by the former captain of the Lavellos militia. Pentros earned this armour during a major battle against the orcs of luz when he managed to defeat one of luz's major generals and send the ranks into chaos, essentially winning the battle for the Elves. Where the captain obtained the armour is unknown.

    Pentros' Armour is a +2 Mithril Breastplate of Invulnerability. The breastplate is bright silver with the emblem of Lavellos (an owl perched upon a bow) embossed across the centre. The emblem warms slightly when orcs are within 500 ft, alerting the owner of their presence.

    Note: Xan-Yae, Zuoken, Mitrik"
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    Re: Guevera's Life Before Mitrik (Score: 1)
    by Longetalos on Tue, April 16, 2002
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    Interesting, but while reading this I couldn't get the thought of Che Guevara out of my head :)

    Richard D.

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