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    The Fate of Eclavdra - A Poem Translated from Flan
    Posted on Sun, May 19, 2002 by Dogadmin
    CruelSummerLord writes "A poem thought to be a prophecy made in the early days of the Great Kingdom, that speaks of what will come against Lolth and the priests of the Elder Elemental God...

    Author: CruelSummerLord

    The Fate of Eclavdra - A Poem translated out of Flan

    by CruelSummerLord. Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    (Note: This poem was made by a now-nameless mad seer from the Duchy of Tenh, circa 126 CY. He had apparently journeyed to some bizarre realm, now thought to be a lost Fading Land, that detailed many events to come in tbe future. He wrote several bizarre poems in Flan before his premature death in 131 CY. I have attempted to translate this as best I can, for Flan is difficult to translate into Common, obviously.)

    Up, up, and avast ye!
    Giants raid shore to sea!
    Jotens to the Duchy Grand,
    Sterich doth suffer rand.
    A pox on these plagues and their raids perverse!
    Heroes we need to lift the wicked curse!
    Nosnra commands his giants in the hill,
    Peasants die, giants laugh. The nobles will??
    Seven are gathered for the raids so true,
    Nosnra beware, for death shall come for you!
    Giants slain! Evil`s bane!!
    Nosnra`s clan in great pain!!
    Grugnur awaits in cold,
    Black chain beckons, ye bold!
    Great heroes strike against giants of vile frost!
    More than one friend shall be terribly lost.
    A plague o`er Grugnur`s House! Giants die!
    A question remains. Who leads giants? Why?
    Into Snurre`s fire giant Hall do we raid,
    To deal with the villain, vile knave or maid!
    Fire giants and ettins,
    The nightmare now begins.
    Great treasure we do seek,
    Such is not for the meek.
    What are these beings, black as a crow?
    Vile horrors they are, tales call them the drow!
    Nightmare creatures we fight, elves black as night,
    These, these vile ones are the source of the blight!
    Eclavdra by name, she
    Ordered giant chiefs three
    To raid the homes of men,
    And make ruin of kin.
    Into the Depths shall we now those vile pursue
    To end the menace so evil and true.
    Vile, wicked bugbears and trogs do we fight,
    In a place of dark, never-ending night.
    The drow do run and flee
    Will we pursue? Just see!
    Back to their city, to
    Entrench and fight us too.
    In the shrine of the fish-men, slimed, wicked
    We fight and escape, slaves are evicted.
    Now, as we stand at doors of vault of drow
    We wonder-will we return from battling the drow?
    Eclavdra, in a bid,
    Formed alliance, she did.
    Giants and orcs, to raid,
    Battle to gain control
    A puppet kingdom shall be formed. Power!
    She shall dominate all drow, wicked witch…
    Gaining power from the kingdom, she shall
    Make each and all other vile drow her thrall,
    Seven heroes did thwart her, now must stop her.
    In the great Fane, they will find and slay her!

    Note: drow, Tenh"
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