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    NPC Profile: Kimba the Damned
    Posted on Sun, June 30, 2002 by Trickster
    chatdemon writes "Behind every successful priest of Wee Jas, it is said, is an equally successful mage. Shiara of Cryllor is no exception, though few know the identity of her arcanist ally. Here at last are revealed the secrets of this mysterious wizard.

    Author: chatdemon

    Kimba the Damned
    By chatdemon (
    (Used with permission, do not redistribute without express consent of the author.)

    Kimba Zelrast

    Female Human (Suloise), Wizard 20 +
    Age: 119
    Str 6
    Dex 10
    Con 12
    Int 21
    Wis 18
    Cha 13

    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Religion: Wee Jas
    Hit Points: 56
    Armor Class: 10
    Damage Reduction: None
    Spell Resistance: 17 (Black Robe of the Archmagi)
    Base Attack Bonus: +10/+5
    Attacks: Quarterstaff : +10/+5, dmg: 1d6-2
    Skills: Concentration: 19, Gather Information: 20, Knowledge (Suel Arcane History): 12, Knowledge (Arcana): 23, Spellcraft: 23, Intuit Language: 14 (From AEG's Dungeons), Knowledge (Infernalism (devils and hell's culture)) 16
    Languages: Common, Elven, Infernal, Draconic, Ancient Suel, Keoish
    Feats: Scribe Scroll, Eiditic Memory (from AEG's Dungeons, +2 bonus on int checks to remember details), Skill Focus (Gather Information), Skill Focus (Knowledge: Arcana), Skill Focus (Knowledge: Infernalism), Cooperative Spell, Infernal Pact (from AEG's Evil), Infernal Immortality (from AEG's Evil, allows effective immortality through a pact with a devil, wont die from natural causes),

    History: Kimba was born on the 11th day of Ready'reat in 473 cy in the small town of Burning Leaf, in Keoland's Westgate Barony. She showed an aptitude for reading and writing, and eventually magic, at an early age and was recruited by the Silent Order in her 14th year. Failing to possess the innate talent to become a sorceror, as is normal in that group, she was trained as a wizard and spent many years in the Tower of Silence learning the secrets of the order.
    After her training, Kimba was sent to Cryllor, where she masqueraded as a scribe and acted as the order's eyes and ears in the city. As the years wore on, she began to tire of life in the city however, and she grew into a habit of leaving the city on short expeditions to visit mages in the surrounding towns and villages. It was on one of these journeys, in the foothills of the Jotens, that she first heard of the Oracle of Whispering Mountain, an ancient Suel Lich that makes its lair in an abandonded dwarven citadel high in the Jotens range. Kimba set out to speak with the Oracle, and was not seen in Cryllor again until the spring of 572 cy.
    Upon returning to the city, Kimba was eventually confronted by the new Silent One who had taken her place in the city. Their argument in the infamous Javan's Breath tavern quickly grew violent, and the Silent One was quickly overpowered by Kimba's magic, magic that hadn't been seen in the Flanaess since before the collapse of the Suel Empire 1000 years ago. Witnesses say her opponent began to profusely sweat blood, which quickly erupted into a hellish black flame that consumed his body. Kimba went into hiding at the Temple of the Ruby Scepter, where she became the close friend and confidant of High Priestess Shiara Faerlalt. She wasn't heard from again for another decade.
    In the spring of 582 cy, the famed Company of the Silver Tear returned from an expedition into the Sea of Dust, and Shiara and Kimba's sources soon revealed that one of that group, Ilbrysis Noltheod, had use two books they brought back (The Arcistra of Jasid, a religious canon of the faith of Wee Jas, and a truly ancient text entitled Eyes of the Ages, a collection of the prophecies of Vrendilar, a seer from the first age of the Suel Empire (roughly 6,000 years ago) to bargain with Archmage Lashton for custodianship of the Cryllor Archive. Using Shiara's network of contacts throughout the shrines and chapels across the country, Kimba made her way to Niole Dra, where she quite brazenly barged into the Royal Academy of Wizardy's guildhouse and, after a bloody and destructive spellbattle, wandered out with the books in hand. She made her way out of the city without incident and rested at a roadside grove, where she summoned forth a Chamagon devil to deliver the books to Shiara. After sending the devil on its way, Kimba was surprised and severely wounded by Lashton, who had tracked her out of the city. When Lashton realized she had already relieved herself of the stolen property, he grew angry and set out to pursue the Chamagon, leaving Kimba to die.
    Kimba wasn't ready to go meet Wee Jas in person yet however, and called out to the devil Antaia, who she had communed with on prior occasions, to help her. Antaia revelled in the opportunity to have such a powerful mortal as her servant, and granted Kimba's wish to not die that day, going so far as to ensure that no force of nature would take the life from the wizardess.
    Kimba returned to Cryllor, where she and Shiara began studying the stolen books and unlocking the ancient secrets of their people. Kimba has also publicly, in the Plaza of the Weeping Pillar in front of Wee Jas' temple, sworn to kill Lashton. Beyond this fued, she is still wanted, dead or alive, by the Silent Order. Currently, Kimba spends all of her time in her laboratory deep beneath the temple, studying ancient texts and struggling to unlock the lost secrets of the Suel archmages of the past.

    Appearance: Kimba is a darkly attractive middle aged woman. Her hair has gone jet black as a side effect of her pact with Antaia, and she wears it in the traditional Suloise style of 11 tightly woven braids, denoting her status as an archmage., and wears a set of silver framed spectacles while reading. Her eyes likewise show the taint of the hells, and are an almost glowing blood red. Her usual garb while not attending religious services is a heavy gown of wool with a multitude of pockets and pouches sewn into it for carrying pens, ink vials, scrolls and other such items. To services she wears an ornate dress of black silk, with lace and emboidery of various shades of red and purple accenting it. On the extremely rare occasion she is encountered elsewhere in Cryllor, she wears a voluminous hooded cloak of black wool, and is distinguished only by the large ruby ring she wears on her left hand. She is never seen without this ring, and it is rumored to be enchanted, or perhaps cursed.

    Roleplaying Notes:Kimba is arrogant, loud spoken and condescending to all but Shiara, who is the only other person in Cryllor she sees as an equal. She is fanatically loyal to Wee Jas and Antaia, and speaks endlessly about the coming glory of a rebuilt Suloise empire in the Sheldomar Valley. Kimba is cold hearted and cruel, and delights in tormenting and torturing those who defy her or stand in the way of her plans. She has one other quirk, she will kill (or die trying) anyone who calls her a liar, even jokingly. Only Shiara and Kimba herself know the reasoning behind this idiosyncracy, but Shiara is quick to make it known to anyone who wishes to deal with the archmage.

    Items and Spells: Kimba has access to any spell the DM wishes to give her. Having never actively pursued the adventuring life, she spends all her time studying forgotten magic and researching new spells, so there is no limit to what she might know. She never uses magic items, however, and will scold anyone she sees doing so for their cowardice and lack of skill in their wizardry.

    Note: Cryllor, Silent Order, Lashton, Devils"
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