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    Trials of Sin, Part One: Kor-Alj Termain
    Posted on Thu, January 23, 2003 by Dogadmin
    MichaelSandar writes "When a test for the ancient paladins of Pholtus of the Blinding Light is uncovered in the Crystalmists, groups of adventurers are sent to discover the truth of the tests. In Trials of Sin: part one, we journey to the ruined city of Kor-Alj Termain on the western edge of the Crystalmists...

    Author: by MichaelSandar

    Trials of Sin, Part One: Kor-Alj Termain

    by MichaelSandar.

    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    (Stats in this article are presented in d20 system format and all trademarks are owned by their respective companies)

    The shrine of Pholtus at the lost city of Kor-Alj Termain is buried under rubble that tumbled down the western edge of the Crystalmists during the Twin Cataclysms. A recent archeological dig sponsored here by the church of the Blinding Light uncovered a series of caves thought to be testing grounds for would be paladins. They entered the first cave, a chapel to Pholtus, relayed their information back to the church via magic (in whatever respective town the DM wishes)and were never heard from again. The church desperately wishes to have this ancient shrine searched to the discovery of anything pertinent to the faith and the recovery of their archeological team.

    Not much is known about the lost city. Only that it was an Oeridan outpost on the western slopes of the Crystalmists is known by the clergy. Other info the PC's may be able to dig up is based on skill checks.

    Bardic Knowledge/Knowledge (History or Flanaess)DC 20 reveals nothing more than what the clergy knows. DC 25 reveals that the city was destroyed by rockfalls during the Twin Cataclysms caused by the Seuloise and Baklunish, and that there was a shrine to Pholtus there. DC 30 reveals that there was a testing ground for paladins who were strong in their faith to Pholtus.

    There are several ways to reach Kor-Alj Termain, the first and most difficult being a trek over the Crystalmists. If PC's are able to fly or teleport to a predetermined area, perhaps even the shrine it the characters can wheedle a description of the room out of the preists who spoke to the missing dig team (Diplomacy DC 28 as the clergy is unsure of the specifics of the room)it would mean a much safer trip for them.

    The above-ground remains of the city now are nothing more than rubble. Piles of stone that once were magically held together to create buildings are all that remain of a civilization more magically advanced than our current one. The Pholtus dig team did little more than uncover the remains of the temple built into the side of the cliff face. The ruins have become lairs for some of the worst predators and parasites. Several clutches of arrowhawks (MM pg. 19) and at least one Beholder(MM pg. 24) are known to stalk the area, the arrowhawks for prey in animals, the Beholder for remains of ancient Oeridan magic lost during the city's destruction. Several carrion crawlers of immense size have been sighted, and there is also rumored to be a tribe of ogres ruled by a triad of ogre magi who hunt the area occasionally.

    What the PC's don't know, and the dig team found out, is that they werent the first ones to show up at the site. A Gelugon (MM pg. 49) by the name of Yzargth and his mistress, the Erinyes (MM pg. 49) Jykexia found the site mere weeks before the dig team. Being inherantly lawful and evil they were able to pass the tests inside with no problem, and have set up a few surprises for those who seek Pholtus' training....

    Stay tuned for more on the recently corrupted test that was once Pholtus' Trials of Sin.

    Note: Pholtus, Crystalmists, paladin"
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