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    Postfest II: Valley of the Mage II
    Posted on Tue, April 06, 2004 by Farcluun
    Argon writes "In the second installment of this intriguing article we explore the Calenlasse (Tree-Shapers) as well as Velo ev Biurth. "The elves had not always known the way of the Calenlasse; it was the turn of one event that spawned this connection of the elves with nature, the story of Jarsali and the Treant".

    The Valley of the Mage II
    By: Argon
    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    The Calenlasse (Tree-Shapers)

    The elves had not always known the way of the Calenlasse; it was the turn of one event that spawned this connection of the elves with nature. The story of Jarsali and the Treant is a telling wish explores the elvin traits of recognition and love. It is written that an elf maiden known as Jarsali was first to meet a treant in her whole life she had never felt so complete, it was the first time an elf had experienced recognition for another race. Though many of the elves in her tribe had forbade the union of an elf and a treant, Jarsali heart had yearned so much for the union that she herself became a treant in order to be with her beloved. It was shortly after this time that all elves had begun to get more involved with nature and a select few had the mark of the Calenlasse.

    A Tree Shaper is an elvin holy man of a sort. Tree Shapers are so attuned to their surroundings that they are in fact one with it. Tree Shapers are often seen as being timid and docile when one is seen in a civilized location such as a city or town. In truth the further a tree-shaper is from the wood the further he is away from himself. Tree Shapers tend to keep to themselves often as no one can truly comprehend what it is to be one with the wood.

    It is rumored that a tree shaper can be harmed if the land around him is harmed. The tree Shaper protects the woods as he would himself or one of his kinsmen. While no tree shaper in history has ever leaded an elvin tribe, it is said that all have had the ear of their chieftain or tribal leader without question. Tree shapers is welcome in any elvin land regardless of elvin sub race or tribe, but for some reason the grugach elves boast the most Calenlasse of any elvin sub-race. Too be chosen by the woods is an honor indeed and no elf would invoke the eternal wrath of nature.

    The following are some of their special abilities:

     1st Level: Plant Empathy (able to read and communicate with all plant life)

     Immune to charm and illusion magic while within the woods. Also can never be made to attack plant life or believe that an illusionary form of plant life is real. A tree shaper is connected to all plant life within a 20 mile range and can never be fooled by any spell which duplicates plant life.

     3rd Level: While within the woods a tree shaper gains a natural +2 to his armor class and saving throws, while gaining an additional +1 bonus to their armor class for every three levels they attain. Also no plant life or creature will every attack a tree shaper regardless of any alignment differences the two may have. A tree shaper can never harm any form of plant life or plant creature to do so is to slay himself.

     5th Level: A tree shaper may use his own life force to heal or tree shape as his name sake states. (For each hit point a tree shaper expends he may heal one point of damage or increase the length of a fallen branch by one foot). Note that any hit points used to enact this power are lost for that day and can only be healed naturally. No means of magical healing will replace hit points lost in this manner. The wood, vines or flora to be shaped must be touching the tree shaper at the time. The tree shaper can also shoot a thorn from any piece of wood or flora in his possession by expending one hit point which can be healed magically or normally this spike does 1d4 points of damage and a maximum of two of these spikes can be shot a round.

     7th Level: A tree shaper may chose to become rooted in his homeland environment. What this means is that no one may move the tree shaper from this spot or so it seems. The tree shaper uses his strength score plus his level when determining if he can be moved. Only individuals or creatures which have an equal or higher strength score have any chance of moving the tree shaper and even then he can only be moved a number of feet equal to the amount the attacker has rolled over what he needed to succeed on his opposed strength score.

     9th Level: A tree shaper may once a day use the energy of the woods to defeat its foes. A tree shaper may borrow from the life force of his surroundings but only while he is in a wooded area. Using this power is quite dangerous and can kill a tree shaper in its process. (Note: This power works by calling upon the life force of every piece of flora or plant life in his area, this effectively doubles the tree shapers hit point total for a number of rounds equal to his level these points are treated as if they were akin to the tree shaper and can be healed as normal until the end of this powers duration). When this powers duration has been meet any hit points not native to the character are lost and given back to the sources from which they were borrowed. (Note: if your Dm uses the optional rules for hit point loss then a system shock roll must be made or the tree shaper dies from the process). If the tree shaper has no hit points remaining then he is dead. (If your Dm is using the optional rule hovering on death’s door then the tree shaper has been knocked unconscious and will lose one hit point a round until healed or he will die.) Wood cannot harm thee. A tree shaper cannot be harmed by any item, object, or weapon solely made from wood.

     12th Level: The tree shaper can now use tree shape on any type of plant life within his sights range.

     All tree shapers receive woodland lore for free, as well as Set snares, herbalism, survival woodland, and plant lore.

     Whenever a tree-shaper is in a civilized community such as a city or town he suffers a -2 to his armor class and his saving throws.

    Tree Shapers are attuned to their surroundings and therefore require a strong body and spiritual awareness. To become a tree shaper your character must be of elvin blood and have the following ability scores. A Constitution of 13 and a Wisdom score of 13 are necessary for this class. Tree shapers use the saving throw table of clerics and the Thaco table of warriors. Tree-Shapers use the experience point table for priests. Tree shapers do not specialize in weapons and cannot use or adorn metal arms or armors. In fact many a tree shaper has an innate aversion to metal as it tends to be something from the world of men and dwarves and worked metal tends to give them a rash. Any weapon made from wood can be used by a tree shaper; he need never take a proficiency slot in it as he and the wood are one. Tree shapers may choose from the priest, warrior and general proficiency tables at normal costs. Tree-Shapers can choose to be of any neutral alignment.

    Velo ev Biurth

    According to recent finding by gnomish sage Fisdel of the Lorridges, Velo ev Biurth is an early name for “The Seed of Life”. It is rumored that the seed will not allow just anyone to represent it, but the seed seems to choose the most unlikely hosts as Fisdel states. In 2789 BCY, it was recorded in one of Fisdel’s findings that a dwarven warrior known as Karak Zakarath was the ruler of the Valley of the Mage.

    As it was known then as The Kingdom of Karak, this empire actually included the Barrier Peaks as part of its domain. This would mean that the Valley was once an expansionist nation, which is quite contrary to current policy in the Valley. Karak was indeed renowned for his leadership skills and was very expansionist minded. This did not win him many friends in neighboring lands. It is rumored that a great War was started and because of his expansionist policy Karak was actually consumed by the Seed.

    Why no other race since then has been able to take the mantle of Seed master is unknown, but Fisdel believes that the seed rejects all races that had a part in spreading the bloodshed that was so present in Karak’s reign. It is now thought that the chosen of the seed becomes rightful ruler and protector of the Valley.

    Well my friends Fisdel believes that he is finally able to explain the Emerald-Life, but this part of the story will be told another time. For now Fisdel is meeting with a dwarven adventuring party that might just have the answers we seek. In our third installment we will finally now what is this Seed of Life and how it is related to the presence of Jaran Krimeeah.

    Valley of the Mage III

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    Re: Valley of the Mage II (Score: 1)
    by Abysslin ( on Wed, April 07, 2004
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    heh, Tree-Shapers are pretty cool. They're not overly powerful, but they are very interesting much like Runecasters from the Viking's Campaign Sourcebook.

    They present near infinite roleplay possibilities which are more important to my players than being all-mighty powerful.

    Perhaps some one will pick up the class sometime.

    Good ideas, Argon!

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