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    Thieves of Verbobonc
    Posted on Fri, August 24, 2001 by Toran
    Dargarth writes "Greyhawk may be a City of Thieves, but it is not the only city in the Flanaess that is plagued by such problems. Even Verbobonc has its share of criminal luminaries.

    Author: Dargarth

    by Dargarth (mitchels@MEGSINET.NET)
    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    His Noble Grace, Langard Wilfrickson, Viscount of Verbobonc.

    My Lord,
    You have asked me to prepare a report for your detailing the known thieves within the City. While the scope of such a report could take months to prepare, I have completed a brief summation that I believe you will find useful. I know that a petition has been put before Lord Mayor Tymak asking that a Thieves Guild be established within the City. I would ask that you consider strongly such a proposal, for allowing the City's thieves to go unchecked, as they do in many other cities, would greatly increase the amount of property loss currently associated with these criminals.

    In Verbobonc, as in most places, there are different types of thieves to do different jobs. The thief that most citizens come into contact with is the lowly Beggar, whose acting skill is paramount in convincing his marks that he is unable to fend for himself. The thief that honest citizens least like to come into contact with is the Thug, sometimes referred to as the Two-bit, who corners his mark and takes what he wants through force. The other types are the Bugler, who breaks into homes taking items of value, the Cutpurse, who deftly snatches his loot from his unsuspecting marks, and the Swindler, who sets up elaborate con games and extortion scenarios in order to get money from the unsuspecting.

    All of these classes of thieves are responsible for the loss of thousands of Royales in coin and property each year. This is quite a drain on the good and loyal, hard-working souls that make up the bulk of the City's taxpayers. To allow this activity to continue is a sin upon us all. To sanction such activity through the establishment of a Thieves Guild is a travesty!

    For ease of reading, I have broken down the list of the most notorious thieves by the categories mentioned above. At this time I am only including information on the City's Burglars and Beggars. I shall send follow-up information on the city's Cutpurses, Swindlers and Thugs as soon as it can be compiled.

    Your most loyal and humble servant,

    Sir Alfentrask, Knight Commander of the City Militia

    Known Burglars
    Spyder is an expelled Dyvers' citizen who was one time a Lieutenant in that City's Thieves Guild. Spider's real identity is unknown to us, for no one has every heard him speak another name. Spider is a forty--five year old human of Oeridian stock that stands five feet eight inches tall and weighs approximately one-hundred and thirty-five pounds. Spider has black hair that is graying at the temples and brown eyes. Spyder, according to street accounts, is the most accomplished burglar in the City. It was he that was accused of stealing the Amethyst chandelier hanging in Baronet Elryn Ulbern's dining hall. I myself brought him before the Chamber of 13, but no proof other than hearsay could be found and we were forced to release him.

    The Silver Ghost:
    The Silver Ghost is believed to be Shandalar, the son of Jorlar of the wealthy merchant house of Chervase in Littleberg. Shandalar has been in the City a number of years attending the Silver Consortium at his father's behest. I do not think that Shandalar's father meant for his son to pursue this line of magical schooling, and to be quite honest, I'm appalled that Master Juelihm would even allow such spells to be taught! Shandalar is a young man of twenty-five. He has peculiar silver hair, though he is obviously of pure Oeridian stock. Shandalar stands five foot eleven inches tall and weights around one-hundred and fifty pounds. Shandalar is very flamboyant and tends to wear gaudy purple and silver garments and he lives a very lavish lifestyle. The rumors state that it was he that stole the 5 Royale purse out from under Lord Connor's nose at Penwich's Tannabat festival, but other state that it was actually the Puma.

    The Puma:
    The Puma is a bit of an enigma and has been operating within the City for a number of years. It is believed that the Puma might be operating as a half-olven wine merchant, but the reports from both Penwich and the City are vague. It's possible that the Puma could be a master of disguise and is just appearing as a half-olve as a slight to yourself; for many have stated that he is quite stocky for a half-olve, standing between five foot six and six feet but weighing nearly two-hundred and forty pounds! For a time the Puma and the Silver Ghost were partners, but that seems to have ended badly, and word on the streets places them as being rivals. Whatever the case, the Puma might be dead, for it has been several weeks since any of his trademark wooden puma carvings have been found at the scene of a crime.

    Lightfoot, from all reports is a hair-foot hobniz thirty-five inches tall and weighing about fifty pounds. His identity has not been confirmed by the watch, but interrogation of witnesses seem to confirm this information. As there are only thirty or so hair-foot hobniz in residence, we believe that Lightfoot is actually Paddy Wintershift of Littleburrow who currently works as a chamber-servant at the Spruce Goose Inn. I have operative currently following the hobniz and believe that it is only a matter of time before we manage to capture him in the act of committing a crime, or with the stolen loot. As you may remember, it was Lightfoot that stole the Gilded Staff of the Senchel from Baronet Dynic's quarters in Greyfist. This hobniz is quite clearly making mockery of my Lord's authority.

    The Crimson Rose:
    Very little is know about the Crimson Rose. It is believed that the Crimson Rose is a woman, but no proof has been garnered. Some of the informers have stated this to be true and have given us a description. The Crimson Rose is a Oeridian-Flan woman between twenty-five and thirty. She stands five foot, three inches tall and weighs around one hundred pounds. The Crimson Rose is said to have flaming red hair, but that description is of little help since many of the women of the City have taken to dying their hair red since Jazella Dierdan became the Champion of Verbobonc. The Crimson Rose is wanted for a number of crimes, but most importantly the theft of Baron Haxx's mystical saddle, which was taken from his personal vault.

    Known Beggars
    Blind Moe:
    Blind Moe is actually Moesh Chovern. He was a warrior in the militia and fought with Viscount Wilfrick at Emridy Meadows. Moesh claims to have been blinded during the battle and has been living on a small veteran's pension ever since. Moesh uses his fame to beg money at the Market and has been arrested a number of times. Each time he has been freed by the Chamber of 13 after paying a small fine and apologizing. Word on the street is that Moesh is a consummate con man who has always had his vision. He uses his "disability" to gain favor and trust from the lesser nobility and the commoners. Word is that he has been organizing the street waifs for some unknown purpose.

    Tessa Two-tooth:
    Tessa Two-tooth is a half Rhennee beggar that works the inns and taverns of the Foreign Quarter. Tessa's pretends to be an Rhenee outcast, chased from her family for some type of crime against her people. If it wasn't for the fact that most of her begging gains go to the Rhenee barge-captain Elexi, even I would be inclined to believe her. Tessa appears to be in her late forties or early fifties; too old to hold a real job or work as a prostitute. In fact, Tessa is in her early thirties and quite becoming. Tessa stands about five foot five inches and weights about one-hundred and ten pounds. It is believe that Tessa wears a magical bracelet that allows her to appear as an old crone. So far, begging is Tessa's only crime, but knowing the Rhenee it won't be too long before she starts luring people into dark alleys, taking what she wants by force.

    Resurrection Barz:
    Barz Tuhern is a Suel beggar originally from Keoland. Barz makes his living working the Business Quarter and the Market Place. Barz's gained the nickname "Resurrection" due to the fact that his act involves him passing out in front of strangers, as if from exhaustion or some sickness. On more than one occasion a visiting noble has actually summoned a priest of Pelor to offer Barz healing. At those times the priest have offered up a blessing on the purchaser due to his act of generosity. Barz stands six feet tall and weighs around one-hundred and seventy pounds. Barz appears to be in his early fifties and has graying blonde hair and blue eyes. Barz seems to primarily target lesser nobility and merchants, and has been know to spend some hours in their company, wining and dining at the foolish benefactor's expense.

    Taveran the Hob:
    Taveran is a stout hobniz standing three-feet seven inches tall and weighing some sixty odd pounds. Taveran primarily works the Foreign and Noniz Quarters, and prefers to beg from non-humans. Taveran generally poses as a down on his luck traveler from Elmshire. Taveran usually sits just outside the Dawn Gate, and when he sees non-human travelers approaching, he will beg them for a copper piece or two so that he can pay the toll to enter the city. This tactic has worked quite well for Taveran and he has managed to make a fairly good living. Capturing The Hob in the act has proven to be a difficult task, as the gate watch are usually given a kick back from the hobniz's activities and are reluctant to take steps against him. Plans are currently underway to capture Taveran in the act when he is working the Noniz Quarter.

    Quidran Questor:
    Quidran Questor is nothing more than in intelligent child that has learned to take advantage of the students around the Civic Center and the Academy of Farsight. Quidran's act involves long dramatic speeches about wishing to be able to attend the Academy in the future. The stories involve a sickly mother and an adventuring mage of a father that abandoned them both. Quidran generally latches onto a gullible student and works as an errand boy, all the time begging and receive money. Street sources relay that Quidran is actually a girl-child of some fifteen years, posing as a boy; probably to avoid being raped or injured. All the attempts we have made to follow Quidran have proved fruitless, as the child generally loses the followers within the Dawn Quarter.

    Note: Thieves, Verbobonc"
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    Re: Thieves of Verbobonc (Score: 1)
    by Tedra ( on Fri, May 21, 2004
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    Very nice! I hope there will be more forthcoming on this report to the Viscount? I enjoyed the format of this article, being a report detailing the acounts of the thieves. I'm a sucker for possible NPC detailing such as this. I would really like to see the lists of the swindlers, cutpurses and thugs.

    Re: Thieves of Verbobonc (Score: 1)
    by Abysslin ( on Mon, May 24, 2004
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    Pretty cool and very original. A follow-up would be nice and seems to be in order.

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