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    Abduction of Thrommel - Part II: The Circus
    Posted on Mon, June 14, 2004 by Farcluun
    kirt writes "My Greyhawk campaign started in 560 CY and we are now at the end of 573 CY. Not only did the PC’s experience the abduction of Prince Thrommel as a “campaign event”, they were standing next to him when it happened! Given that Thrommel’s abduction still generates interest among Greyhawkers, I thought some of you might like to read how it all played out in my campaign.

    This Part II describes the actual abduction itself. Part III will detail the attempts of the PC’s to locate the captured Prince through magical means.

    The Abduction of Thrommel - We were there! Part II: The Circus
    By: kirt
    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author. Footnotes explain the non-canon parts of my campaign and detail background knowledge on PC’s and NPC’s.

    This post contains many SPOILERS to the events in “The Jingling Mordo Circus,” a module from Dungeon Magazine Issue #7.

    The circus is laid out in a huge circle, perhaps 200 or 300 paces across. At the center is the Big Top, surrounded on all sides by wagons: food wagons, exhibit wagons, ride wagons, game wagons, etc. A rope and post fence surrounds the circus grounds. By itself, the fence could not stop a blind dwarf from entering. However, every forty or fifty paces along the fence is stationed a guard. The guards are curiously similar - all with shaved heads and blue robes. Interestingly, they have no weapons visible - not even the cudgel or billy club typically used by those in their profession. The rope and post fence also separates the public part of the circus from the private part, where the living wagons are.

    Kris [1] and Thrommel pay for their tickets, then meet up with Carnail [2]. Kris does her best at making a proper introduction. After stepping away from the ticket wagon, they are approached by one of the robed guards. He speaks to them in strangely accented Common, asking Kris and Thrommel to put peace ribbons on their swords. He produces colored ribbons from a pocket in his robe and ties them in complicated knots on the swords, uniting the hilt and scabbard so that the sword cannot be drawn.

    Upon entering the circus grounds, the three decide to see the animal exhibits, which are located to the left of the entrance, clockwise around the circle.

    The first wagon they pass is actually that of the “House of Freaks”. Presumably, the freaks are sitting on a stage outside the wagon, but such a crowd of people surrounds them that they are not visible. Carnail looks at Kris inquisitively, silently asking if they should push through the crowd. Kris rolls her eyes at Thrommel, meaning “Of course I want to see the freaks, too, but how can we do that with the Crown Prince of Furyondy”? Carnail shrugs and the trio walks on.

    Kris and Carnail note that although there are plenty of people at the circus, they are given a wide berth by most. Carnail is perhaps the least outstanding. Certainly a well-muscled woman with a shockingly provocative jumpsuit is uncommon, but most people assume she works at the circus. Thrommel is the next most outstanding. It is obvious that he is a nobleman, but the common folk of Verbobonc do not recognize his true rank. They give him space for fear of offending someone powerful. Finally, Kris provokes the most reaction. Drow are known and despised by the people of Verbobonc, for everyone over twenty remembers the Battle of Emridy Meadows and the forces of the Temple of Elemental Evil [3]. On the other hand, most people recognize the uniform of the Elven Knights of the Hart. The Knights were the heroes of Verbobonc a few centuries ago, when they defended the city during a long siege by the armies of Keoland [4]. Everyone has heard stories of the bravery and virtue of these Knights. Thus, no one knows what to make of this hero-enemy, and Kris attracts the stares of all.

    The first animal wagon beyond the freaks is a metal cage with two giant scorpions. Here there is a crowd, but none dare get close. As the trio approach, one of the scorpions strikes, bashing its tail against the fine mesh screen and spraying a few drops of poison in the air. The crowd screams and retreats further; the trio laughs. The ice broken, they begin to discuss the finer points of scorpion fighting, and the various times they have faced giant poisonous insects. Kris claims that the Vesve holds the Flanaess’ reserve of poisonous giant flying insects. Carnail mentions that a recent battle with giant scorpions allowed one of her henchmen to advance a level. Thrommel speaks of some sandy flats in Central Furyondy that teem with giant ant lions, and how he almost lost his horse there. The three leave the exhibit laughing and talking as if old friends.

    Halfway to the next wagon, Carnail stops them. “Excuse me, Sir Thrommel, but I have a request.”

    “Yes, Szeka Carnail?” [5]

    “One of my followers is determined to become a Paladin of Pholtus [6]. I have given him a holy sword, but there is not much I can do to guide him. I don’t think he would be well received in Veluna, based on how they feel about me [7]. It would be a great favor to me if you could take him on as a squire, or suggest someone who might instruct him.”

    “Hmm. That is no small request, my Lady, for the training of a paladin is a most serious endeavor. I would have to test him first. But if he is of good heart, I think I could find a place for him.”

    “Thank you, Sir Thrommel.”

    The next wagon-cage also has bars and a fine mesh screen. It houses an old and rather tired looking manticore. This of course prompts stories of past manticores fought by the trio, and more time goes by. “I am thirsty!” announces Thrommel. “Let us finish this row and find an ale tent!” Kris and Carnail agree.

    The next wagon is gaily decorated. It is closed on three sides, and has a screen roof. The open side is not shut by bars, but by a single huge pane of glass. There is no way a glassblower could create a pane so large, and no way a normal pane of glass could survive the bumps and jolts of a circus wagon moving from town to town. “Glassteel?” asks Kris somewhat rhetorically.

    Carnail nods. “Glassteel on a small pane, then Enlarge”.

    Thrommel grins. “Then Permanancy on the Enlarge. Whoever owns this circus must have another source of income. You don’t pay for these kinds of enchantments by charging two silvers a head entrance fee.”

    Carnail responds, “His name is Max Mordo, and apparently he is a powerful mage. He probably did the enchantments himself.”

    A large sign on the wagon says:

    Sampson’s Snap Elders
    Danger: Beware of
    Spitting Poison

    Inside the wagon, behind the glass, are five unusual birds. Their cobalt blue heads contrast sharply with their grey-brown bodies. They look much like oddly colored tiny storks, being no more than one foot tall. The inside of the cage is a miniature marshland, complete with plants and water. None of the trio has heard of the birds before, so after a moment’s gaze they move on.

    The next wagon-cage is more normal, with standard iron bars. Two apes are caged inside, though the sign announces them as “Carnivorous Apes”. They do have great fangs and protruding jaws. They beat their chests and bellow at all the people. The grass outside the cage is littered with their flung feces, so the trio decide to skip to the next wagon, the last in the row.

    It is bigger than the others, and has quite a crowd around it. The trio has to push their way through to the front, since both Kris and Carnail are shorter than many in the crowd.

    The wagon is like that with the birds, closed on three sides and open only on one. The open side has a mesh screen. Inside the wagon is a roper - a large beast with six tentacles. Neither Kris nor Carnail have ever fought one, but they have heard of them from other adventurers. Its tentacles move constantly, touching every surface in the wagon as if seeking some means of escape. Just as the trio moves to the front, the roper gives a bellow, and throws its huge bulk against the mesh screen. The wagon lurches sidewise, creaking, and the wheels in the back lift off the ground. The crowd screams, and there is a press as they flee. Carnail and Kris are pushed out of the way and temporarily lose sight of Thrommel. When the crowd clears they look about for him - but he is gone!

    At first they figure they were simply separated, but several minutes later they still have not seen him. With a sinking feeling in her stomach, Kris scans the crowd. Finally, she decides to levitate for a better view. Rising up in the air, she draws gasps from the crowd. From her vantage, she still does not see Thrommel. She does see a group of four clowns, walking together towards the rear of the Big Top. As she watches them, she sees that they are pantomiming carrying a burden together - or carrying an invisible Prince! She calls down to Carnail to follow them while she continues to look about. Then she sees two of Thrommel’s guards: they have been following the trio the whole time, at a “discreet distance”. Getting their attention, she waves them in the direction of Carnail, and they set off.

    Seeing nothing more, Kris shouts down to the crowd below her “This exhibit is closed. Move along!” Some people back away, while others just give her a quizzical look. Using her girdle of giant strength, she draws her sword, ripping the peace ribbon into tatters. She descends waving her sword and shouting, and the crowd quickly disperses. She gets down on her knees and examines the ground around where they were standing. The grass is crushed with a hundred footprints, but she thinks she can make out the prince’s riding boots in a few places. She searches more, trying to find a clear track out of the area...and then she sees it! A tiny needle, like a cactus spine, no more than a thumb’s length. She picks it up carefully and holds it in the light: the tip is discolored and has a drop of liquid still clinging to it. Was the prince poisoned?

    Meanwhile, Carnail and the two guards have followed the clowns to a double row of wagons behind the big top. The wagons are holding pens for animals and dressing rooms for acts that appear in the show under the big top. The wagon-cages closest to the tent have bears, horses, elephants, and lions and tigers respectively. The clowns pause in front of the cage with the great cats, and look about them. Then they cease their pantomime of carrying the invisible burden. They then walk casually to one of the wagons in the second row and enter.

    Carnail instructs one of the guards to knock on the door of the clown wagon and attempt to draw one of them out. She slips on her ring of invisibility and stands near the door. She plans on slipping in the open door. The guard dutifully knocks, then knocks again when there is no answer. Finally a clown sticks his head out - his wig is off and half his make-up has been washed off. He talks with the guard, but doesn’t open the door enough for Carnail to slip in unnoticed. The guard tries to make up a story about why he has to leave, but the clown is unconvinced and soon closes the door.

    Eventually Kristianna arrives and spots the guards. An invisible Carnail speaks in Kris’s ear. They agree to have one guard watch the cat cage and the other the clown wagon. Kris will stand outside the door of the clown wagon and make sure no one comes in or out. Carnail will enter and, using her pummeling, knock the clowns unconscious so that they can be captured.

    When all is ready, Carnail slips into the room. Two of the clowns are removing make-up and clothes; the other two are relaxing in chairs in their costumes. One has lit a pipe and is smoking. Carnail cold-cocks one, sending him flying across the room. As she appears to the others she says simply: “Okay, you clowns. Where is he?”

    In response, three of the clowns disappear. The fourth picks himself up off the floor, pulls a small packet of powder from his pocket, and empties it over his head...then he disappears as well. Carnail hears the sound of blades being drawn.

    The fight that ensues is long. The clowns spend most of it invisible, and are extremely dexterous. They roll away from Carnail’s blows, and she has trouble landing a solid punch. They are able to climb the walls and leap form the ceiling. When one of them lands a blow with his sword, Carnail feels a burning in the wound that indicates poison, and she calls for help. Kris enters, and together they finish them off. There are a few more close calls with poisoned blades and both Kris and Carnail are wounded, but eventually all four clowns lie unconscious on the floor of the wagon.

    There are several costumes in the wagon, and they are used for makeshift bindings. When all of the clown are bound and gagged, Carnail and Kris have a guard enter to watch them. Kris and the second guard leave for the entrance of the circus. Kris plans to bring her carpet and use it to transport the prisoners. Carnail stays near the wagon. She uses the anti-magic shell from her magic whip to attempt to find anything invisible, hidden, or disguised by magic. She carries the items confiscated from the clowns.

    Just before Kris returns, Carnail is confronted by guards from the circus who demand to know what is going on. Carnail explains that her friend has disappeared and she thinks the clowns are responsible. Interestingly, the guards don’t dismiss her story as nonsense - they just demand to see the clowns. Carnail refuses to allow them to enter the wagon, and the situation is growing tense when Kris returns riding the carpet.

    Opening the wagon door, Carnail finds that the clowns are gone. Thrommel’s guard is sitting on the floor in one corner, his eyes staring vacantly and drool running down his chin. He appears to be physically untouched.

    The circus guards recommend taking Thrommel’s guard to the Healing Tent. Kris decides to return for Thrommel’s horse, hoping that the beast’s smell or emotional bond with Thrommel will allow him to be found. Kris takes a speak with animals potion from Carnail before she goes, so as to explain to Thrommel’s horse what has happened. Carnail escorts the insensate guard to the Healing Tent. He can walk, but has to be pointed in the right direction and pushed.

    The Healing Tent is a large white wagon with an awning. A sign reads:

    Free First Aid Center
    Complements of the
    Sisters of the Holy Crook

    Four women dressed in white robes with large red symbols of a shepherd’s crook sit under the awning. The younger three cure wounds on Carnail while the eldest examines Thrommel’s guard. When done, she tells Carnail that he is afflicted with a powerful magic malady - possible a curse or feeblemind. She is sorry to say that it is beyond her ability to heal. Carnail offers tickets for her healing, but the women refuse them. They say that their services are free...although they do accept donations or female recruits. Looking at Carnail’s physique, the eldest suggests that if she ever wishes to leave her warrior’s life and walk a path of peace, she should contact them. Carnail leads Thrommel’s guard back to the clown wagon.

    Outside the circus, Thrommel’s horse seems surprised to have Kris taking his reins. He refuses to be mounted, but allows her to lead him to the spot where Thrommel disappeared. There, he seems to understand what is expected, and bends his head to the ground to smell. He walks slowly behind the Big Top, alternately lifting and lowering his head. He leads Kris to the cat cage, then backs away, turns around, and heads for the rope fence separating the private back area of the circus. Kris is followed by one of the circus guards. He watches her, but does not interfere.

    Thrommel’s horse crosses the rope fence, then leads her along the fence to a wagon holding grain for the horses. There he walks in a few circles, then lowers his head and knickers mournfully. Nearby is a grassy clearing with a large group of horses. All graze slowly; they wear bridles and are tethered to stakes. There must be at least fifty of them, maybe more. Most are draft horses, but a few are small riding horses. A circus guard watches over them, and the guard accompanying Kris speaks briefly with him. Kris asks to search in the grain wagon closest to where the horse stopped, and the guard allows her - she does not find anything unusual. When Thrommel’s horse does nothing more, Kris leads him back to the clown wagon to talk to Carnail. They agree that their only chance is to see if Thrommel has been taken from the circus - they will examine the outside perimeter of the rope fence and attempt to find tracks. They leave the mindless guard and the horse with the normal guard and tell him to return to the Alliance Conference.

    Kris and Carnail start where the public/private fence intersects the outer perimeter and walk slowly clockwise. Kris examines the ground carefully, but find no tracks. They are halfway to Mordo’s wagon when they see a circus guard approaching with the elder woman healer. Both Carnail and Kris go invisible and move next to them to hear their conversation. The guard appears older than the others: whereas their robes were light sky blue, his are deep cobalt. He speaks of other guards “reporting” to him.

    “Do you know who he is?”

    “The brother at the entrance said he arrived with four retainers and a splendid warhorse. From how he dressed, he must be an important noble.”

    The two continue to talk about what they know about what is going on. They don’t reveal any information that suggests that they are involved - just that they are trying to figure it out.

    They arrive at Mordo’s wagon and knock. The guard announces “Brother X and Sister Selba”. Mordo comes out, his face flushed. “Just what in the hells is going on at my circus, X!”

    The guard and cleric proceed to relate in detail what they know. Carnail and Kris are having trouble hearing, so they creep closer. When they approach within about thirty feet of Mordo, they start to glow a faint blue. Instantly Mordo steps back to the doorway of his wagon and draws forth a wand, pointing it at them. The air around his head is filled with more than a dozen magic missiles, poised and waiting for him to designate a target. “Show yourselves or I fire!” he shouts.

    Kris whispers “That fat bastard’s got a detect invisible running. Talk about paranoid.”
    Kris and Carnail reveal themselves. They tell Mordo everything that has happened and demand to know what kind of circus he runs. Kris shows him the poisoned needle.

    Max barks at Brother X “Get Bobo and Bubur. Tell them to round up all the clowns, and the tribesmen, and bring them here. Cancel the show at eleven but tell the trainers to be ready at one. Go!” As Brother X runs off, Max lowers himself with difficulty into a sitting position off the rear of his wagon. He swats away Sister Selba’s attempt to help him. “Sister, make yourself useful. Go fetch some drinks.”

    Half an hour later everyone is assembled. Apparently Bobo is the work leader and Bubur the Ringmaster. A younger sister serves chilled lemonade from a large pitcher, looking like she would rather be doing anything but. All the guards that saw anything are assembled, sitting behind Brother X. There are eleven clowns, some in costume, some not. Four of them are sullen and covered in bruises. There are four small men - not more than four feet tall each. Their skin is a creamy white, and covered in freckles. Neither Kris nor Carnail has seen their racial type before. They are dressed in woven grass skirts and are barefoot.

    Mordo conducts an interrogation of every person involved. On one hand he wears a gauntlet of ogre power, with which he grasps the neck of each person. His other hand hums, hisses and sparks with an undischarged Shocking Grasp. When he feels someone is slow to answer he tightens the grip on their throat while bringing his other hand close to their face. He has to cast Comprehend Languages and Tongues before speaking with the “tribesmen”.

    During his talk with the first tribesmen, Max becomes enraged. He lifts the small man off the ground by the throat while his legs kick the air. The man gasps a few more words. Without letting him down, Max turns and shouts at the other three, with a tone of “Is this true?” They nod and hang their heads shamefully. Max throws the dangling man to the ground, where he lies stunned for a moment before scampering away behind the other three. Max shouts at them all, this time in Common; “You damned dirty little jungle rats! I will not have you destroy my circus!” Then he turns to Brother X - “Watch them until the Viscount’s Guard shows up - then turn them over.”

    His interrogation of the clowns is heard by all. They claim that they were pantomiming their standard “invisible trunk” routine like they do several times a day. They returned to their wagon, where two of them get off for lunch while the other two prepare for the Big Top show. They claim that Carnail appeared out of nowhere and started attacking them, so they defended themselves. When asked about the poison on their weapons, a clown called Len (the smoker) admits that he brewed it up. Max stares him down. “Len, I knew what you were when I hired you. But if you want to stay with us, you leave that life behind you.” Mordo tells Brother X to take the invisibility items from the clowns and confine them to their wagon. They are to be guarded but not turned over to the Viscount’s men unless there is a decree specifically for them.

    Bubur, the Ringmaster, says that he was hanging out behind the Big Top, getting ready for the next show, when he heard a fight in the clown wagon. He was worried by the appearance of Thrommel’s guards and Kristianna, so he waited until it seemed like the fight was over. Then he “ported” into the wagon and found the clowns tied up with a guard watching them. Before the guard could do anything, Bubur gave him what he calls a “mind*****”, and got the clowns out with a “chainport”. Max gives him an understated complement for defending the circus.

    After Mordo has interviewed everyone, he explains to Brother X, Kris, and Carnail what the tribesmen told him. A few days ago they were approached at night by a man dressed in black robes, with a cowl. They say that they never saw his face but that he spoke their language. He gave them several large gems and told them there was more if they would do him a service. He gave them a description of Thrommel (without saying who it was), several bags of dust of disappearance, and a vial of powerful poison. The tribesmen are skilled in the use of blowguns. Max has them entertain people in the day and hunt the rodents that get into the animal feed at night, with their blowguns.

    When Thrommel entered the circus, they followed him. When they realized that he might be headed for the roper wagon, they hid under the wagon. That the roper scared the crowd was unplanned, but it was their opportunity - they shot poison darts at Thrommel, then dashed out from the wagon under the cover of the dust. They used the dust to make Thrommel disappear, then dragged him back under the wagon with them. When the coast was clear, they dragged Thrommel to the cat cage. There they waited for the robed man. He soon showed up, but was invisible as well. He gave them the gems, and slung Thrommel over an invisible horse. After that, they don’t know what happened to him. They believe that Thrommel was alive but paralyzed when they turned him over: they think the poison was a muscle paralyzing agent.

    Mordo tells Brother X to search the tribesmen’s wagon and try to find the gems, any remaining dust, and the poison. Brother X comments that if the robed man took Thrommel away on a horse, it makes sense that he would go to the horse corral first, mix up his footprints and smell, and then ride out. He could be anywhere by now.

    When Kris and Carnail finally decide that there is little more that they can do, they use the carpet to catch up to Thrommel’s guards long before they are back to the palace. They tell them not to talk to anyone until Kristiana sees them again, and they take the mindless guard. Kris, Carnail, and the mindless guard recall [8] to Highfolk. Carnail uses the mirror [9] to send a message to Voyear [10].
    Carnail remains in Teela’s Tower [11], caring for the mindless guard. Carnail allows Kris to keep a ring of recall so that she can return, and uses the mirror to send her back to Verbobonc. Kris quickly returns to the conference on her carpet.

    Kris finds that the assembly is not in session: instead, courtiers and messengers run everywhere and lords are talking in groups of threes and fours. The palace guard has been doubled, and she is questioned three times on her way in. At first she curses Thrommel’s guards, thinking that they have told of his disappearance. But no one stops her to ask anything about it, and she soon realizes that something else is afoot. She seeks out the Grand Master [12].

    She finds him in their shared room, but his guards are not there. He gives her a quick summary of what has happened. Shortly after Kris left, Duke Hubert was taking a brief leave from the assembly hall. He passed Thrommel’s steward Jasper in a hallway - but Jasper activated Hubert’s paladin’s instinctive detect evil. Hubert stopped Jasper to talk to him, and the longer they talked, the surer Hubert was, and the more nervous Jasper became. Finally, Jasper tried to flee. When Hubert caught him, Jasper turned himself into a copy of Hubert! Jasper was a doppelganger! The two struggled, but the real Hubert overcame him. The doppelganger is in the dungeon now, being interrogated by Hubert and a team of Cuthbertian priests. The Viscount has sent for Pholtusian Truthseekers. The question that everyone wants to know is how long has the doppelganger been in place, and what was its purpose?

    Kris thinks about this. If Thrommel did not detect the doppelganger when Jasper suggested he visit the circus, probably that was the real Jasper. And the real Jasper should have no reason to lie to Kris about not knowing where Thrommel was going. So probably the doppelganger took Jasper’s place after Thrommel left but before Kris did. And that might mean...

    “Father,” Kris says to the Grand Master. “I think part of the purpose of this doppelganger was to implicate me in the kidnapping of Prince Thrommel.”

    “The kidnapping of Prince Thrommel!”

    Kris explains where she has been and what has happened. The Grand Master takes a gem from a pouch. As he concentrates on it, it glows faintly, and moments later one of his guards bursts into the room, panting. “Master?” he says. The Grand Master gives him instructions to bring the three remaining of Thrommel’s guards and set up meetings with Duke Hubert, the Furyondy Royal contingent and Thrommel’s staff, and the Viscount. By early evening, everyone important knows that the Prince is missing, and the story is beginning to filter down by word of mouth.

    Kris does not expect that she will be able to sleep much that night, but she enters into meditation and reverie. While doing this, she realizes that she is prepared to train for druid advancement [13].

    Footnotes to Part II

    NOTE: If you are a player in my campaign, you are NOT ALLOWED to read these footnotes.

    [1] Kristianna is one of the two focal PC’s in my campaign. She is a female drow ranger. The ranger part follows first edition rules with the exception that she is drow elven. She is a Knight of the Hart of the High Forest and holds the rank of House Mistress. At the time these events took place, she was a 12th level ranger.

    [2] Carnail is the other focal PC of my campaign. She is a human female fighter from Perrenland, 13th level at this point.

    [3] I am presuming that Drow were among the forces of the Temple, but I know of no canon source that makes such a claim.

    [4] This was during the Short War. See my CF articles, “A Brief History of the Knights of the Hart.”

    [5] Szecka is Carnail’s title of nobility; she has been enfeoffed under one of the Electors of Perrenland. She rules three villages and a trade town with a total population of about a thousand Perrenders.

    [6] In my campaign, Thrommel is a paladin of Pholtus and Canon Hazan is his High Priest. To my knowledge, there is no canon reference as to just which god Thrommel served as paladin. If Canon Hazan is officially a priest of Rao, then Thrommel is likely a follower of St. Cuthbert. However, his father, King Belvor, is a paladin of Hieronaious.

    [7] Carnail has a long history of offending the Pholtus-worshipping Velunians.

    [8] Carnail possesses a set of rings of recall, permanent magic items enchanted with Word of Recall. When the ring is worn and the command used, the wearer returns to the position of a special amulet. Carnail keeps the amulet in a room in a mage’s tower in Highfolk.

    [9] Carnail has the only Mirror of Mental Prowess known to exist in my campaign. She keeps it in the room next to the amulet mentioned in [8]. Thus she is free to travel around the world, at least to places she has been before. She uses her mirror to go and her ring of recall to return.

    [10] Voyear is a male mountain dwarf from the Yatils and the Cupric High Priest of Ulaa (10th level). He started as a PC but was retired from play. He now acts as an NPC, occasionally helping the PC’s if doing so furthers Ulaa’s plans.

    [11] Teela Silverleaf, or Teela the Enchantress, is a female high elven mage NPC. She has known the party since early in their adventuring careers. She started by identifying items for them and when they increased in level she was commissioned to make several powerful magic items. The Mind Blank helmets worn by Carnail and Kris, and Carnail’s Displacer Jumpsuit are her creations. She has her Tower outside of Highfolk City, and has allowed Carnail to keep her mirror there [9]. Supposedly she was 16th level when they met her (just high enough to cast Permanency) and is now 17th. What the PC’s don’t know is that Teela is an alter-ego of Tenser. He uses the elven mage persona to support and develop adventurers.

    [12] In my campaign, a Grand Master is the head of the Knights of the Hart of the High Forest. You can read more about him in my Canonfire articles on the History of the Knights of the Hart. He sponsored the induction of Kristianna into the Knights and serves as her mentor.

    [13] On her second foray to Castle Greyhawk, Kris met Murlynd (in his house from EX2). He explained to her the secrets of multi-classing. As a 12th level (1E) ranger, she has both mage and druid abilities. Since meeting Murlynd, I have allowed her to divide her xp between ranger, druid, and mage ability and advance semi-independently in each class. She has been focusing on increasing her spell-casting ability rather than her fighting skills.

    The Abduction of Thrommel - We were there! Part III - The Chase

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