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    Postfest III: Wisco Greenhand of Nyrond
    Posted on Fri, December 10, 2004 by Farcluun
    abysslin writes "Asketh life of the land, and the land giveth life. The land is my life, my life is the land's. From the land one is born, and to the land death returns. Tell me a story and I'll play ye a song, life is filled with more riches than gold. Ahhh, but a copper from a friend never hurt. /wink -- Wisco Greenhand, Wanderer of Nyrond

    POSTFEST III: Wisco Greenhand of Nyrond
    By: abysslin
    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.


    Wisco Greenhand is a very short (4 8) and hefty (247 lbs) man. His round face is crowned by a clean baldness atop his head with a tiara of long black hair surrounding the rear crest. His eyes are blind-white (a physical trait he has became masterful at hiding) and his skin is always sooted with earth.

    When Wisco laughs, his large (and obtrusive) nose curls back in a snarl as deep and hollow booms of laughter beller from inbetween his huge lips.

    He can always be found wearing a green (brown with soot) robe, with leather armor below it. A pouch of herbs and spices hangs about a satchel thrown over his shoulder and head. He NEVER carries a weapon. Also, of note, Wisco keeps a well crafted harmonica in a case buckled to his side (but under his robe).


    Wisco Greenhand was born blind. Brought about by the union of a Nyrondese agricultural couple, his frail stature (note his height and weight) and inability of vision left his father with a "worthless" son as it pertains to farming and as such, was raised on abuse, both physical and psychological.

    When he came of age enough where his curiosity of the lands beyond his father's farmlet and his desire to leave his scornful parents, he set about with his mule, T-hoof, and his harmonica in hand.

    In actuality, "T-hoof" stands for "Turtlehoof," reminiscent of the mule's speed, although Wisco will only allow others the humor of his name really standing for "Thunderhoof," claiming his mule is of barbaric temperment!

    He found himself comfortable as a wanderer...

    Not later than a year after leaving the farmlet, Wisco was walking with T-hoof along a cliffside, being very careful navigating the path down a ravine. He fell some lengths into a crevasse, falling unconscious.

    He awoke to find himself in a warm and comfortable bed near a fire, his wounds being tended to by an old hermit. This hermit, named Daro, nursed him to health and learned him in the ways of herbs and other medicinal practices as well as the mastery of cooking. After some time in Daro's tutorship, Wisco was once again with T-hoof and his harmonica, wandering the lands of Nyrond...

    These days, Wisco can still be found roaming the countryside with his mule, T-hoof and his harmonica, often trading his healing talents for for food, escpecially amongst farmers, whom depend on their health to carry-out their daily work that is the very make-up of their livelyhood.

    Campaign Ideas:

    If approached by the heroes, Wisco will keep his eyes squinted in a fashion that hides his blindness well as he has learned to do over the years.

    If Wisco deems the strangers intent to be less than friendly he will attempt to flee to the nearest wooded area (keep in mind Wisco is very familiar with the lands of Nyrond) and seek to hide.

    He will generally be content to answer any questions he knows of the surrounding area and doesn't mind trading his healing and cooking talents around the campfire in exchange for new stories of adventure (and food) the heroes may have to share.

    If the heroes beckon Wisco to accompany them in their travels it will not be an easy task, considering how content he is living the life of a wanderer.

    Should he be persuaded, Wisco will beg the heroes to share stories with him as he shares the pleasant melodies of his harmonica.

    If combat ever breaks out when he is present, Wisco will attempt to best position himself so as the chances of him being attacked are lessened.

    Wisco NEVER uses a weapon, not wishing to ever inflict harm (a nuance brought about by his father's abusiveness) and will result to unarmed combat only in the most dire circumstances.

    Ofcourse, once Wisco has heard all the stories the heroes have to share he will rob them in the cover of night and he and T-Hoof will flee with their horses to be sold in the nearest city...

    Note from the author: Just incase some one may find nearly this exact character elsewhere on the net... He is a character of mine from a different game setting, that I have adapted to Greyhawk for the POSTFEST event and you can rest assured he is of my creation (under a different name.) "
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    Re: Wisco Greenhand of Nyrond (Score: 1)
    by Argon on Sun, December 19, 2004
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    I was wondering where the Villian article was on this one. Then I realized he is just a small time rouge. It is great to see that a villain need not be a world dominator to be a thorn in the side. Good Article!

    Re: Wisco Greenhand of Nyrond (Score: 1)
    by Anced_Math ( on Fri, January 14, 2005
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    I like this fellow. He has more character than most of the characters running round.

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