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    NPC Profile: Ilbrysis of Cryllor
    Posted on Mon, September 03, 2001 by Tizoc
    chatdemon writes "The Kingdom of Keoland holds many deposits of ancient tomes. Some of them may hold the lost secrets of the Suel Imperium. Come meet the custodian of the Royal Archive at Cryllor, Ilbrysis, the Librarian Corypheus.

    Author: Chatdemon

    Ilbrysis of Cryllor
    By: Chatdemon (
    Used with Permission. The following article is copyright 2001, by its author, Rich 'chatdemon' Trickey.

    I present this NPC write to introduce you to the character I use as my 'voice' when presenting a lot of my greyhawk material. She fully conforms to 3rd Edition D&D rules and can be easily added as a patron or contact for a party of mid- to high-level characters seeking information while adventuring in the Southern Sheldomar area of the setting.

    Ilbrysis Noltheod
    Librarian Corypheus, Royal Keoish Archive at Cryllor

    Female Half-Elf, Wizard (Diviner) 12, Loremaster 6


    • Str 7
    • Dex 10
    • Con 9
    • Int 19
    • Wis 16
    • Cha 15

    Alignment: Lawful Nuetral

    Religion: Lendor

    Hit Points: 33

    Armor Class: 18 (Grey Robe of the Archmagi +5, Ring of Protection +3)

    Damage Reduction: None

    Spell Resistance: 17 (Grey Robe of the Archmagi)

    Base Attack Bonus: +9/+4

    Attacks:Quarterstaff +1 : +10/+5, dmg: 1d6-1

    Skills: Appraise: 5, Concentration: 19, Craft (bookbinding): 9, Diplomacy 3, Gather Information: 20, Knowledge (History): 12, Knowledge (Arcana): 16, Spellcraft: 18, Intuit Language: 14 (From AEG's Dungeons)

    Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling, Gnome, Infernal, Celestial, Draconic, Ancient Suel, Keoish

    Feats: Scribe Scroll, Eiditic Memory (from AEG's Dungeons, +2 bonus on int checks to remember details), Knowledgeable (from AEG's Dungeons, allows any untrained Knowledge skill checks), Maximize Spell, Skill Focus (Gather Information), Cooperative Spell, Sanctum Spell (in the Royal Archive), Improved Familiar

    History: Ilbrysis was born in Niole Dra on the third day of Coldeven, 536 CY. Her parents were minor scribes in service to the Keoish National Academy of Wizardry (the royal wizards guild), and thus 'Ilby' (as she is known to friends and close colleagues) was taught to read and write at a very young age. As she entered her teens, a guild wizard named Dovarn took notice of her aptitude for study and the arcane arts, and took her as his apprentice. By age 20 she had completed the bulk of her training and entered the Academy as a junior diviner. Most of her youth was spent locked away in the libraries of the guild, delving the history and arcane secrets of the kingdom's past, or undertaking comissioned research on various trivial topics for Niole Dra's idle wealthy.

    In the spring of 581, Ilby joined with the now famous Company of the Silver Tear and set out with them for the western Yeomanry, to delve the secrets of the newly discovered tunnel of Slerotin. Upon reaching the western terminus of the tunnel and making their way to the ruins of Zinbyle, the group became frustrated with the other explorers looting the ruins, and began to explore the other ruined villages dotting the foothills of the western Crystalmists. In late fall of that year, they discovered the remarkably well preserved ruins of a town called Zeltra. Careful to catalogue and preserve their discovery as much as possible, the group took only a few minor relics with them when they returned home the following spring. Upon her arrival at the Academy, Ilby presented the guild with two tomes she had recovered from the site: The Arcistra of Jasid, a religious canon of the faith of Wee Jas, and a truly ancient text entitled Eyes of the Ages, a collection of the prophecies of Vrendilar, a seer from the first age of the Suel Empire (roughly 6,000 years ago).

    In return for gifting these texts to the guild, Ilby demanded only one thing in exchange, custodianship of a library of her own. Annoyed with her gall at making such demands, but eager to delve the secrets of the two books, Lashton arranged for Ilby to take over the position of Librarian Corypheus at the royal archive in Cryllor, where he felt she would be far enough away from the center of guild activities to bother him no further.

    While making her preparations to move to Cryllor, Ilby was approached by two mysterious men who insisted she travel with them to meet their master. Curious, she agreed, and followed, but curiosity turned to panic as the road they were riding on crested a small bluff, and they looked out upon the Tower of Silence. Struggling to remain calm, she followed the two men inside, and remained there for three days. What actually took place in the tower, she has never spoken of.

    In the past ten years, Ilbrysis has spent her time building the Archive into the most respected library in all of Keoland (aside from the libraries of the guild, and the Tower of Silence, of course). She rarely leaves the ancient stone building, though she is always eager to meet with sages or adventures coming to the Archive seeking answers. She is currently working with the clergies of Lendor and St. Cuthbert in Cryllor to add a grammar school for common children to the Archive's facilities, an idea the Count has publicly mocked. Count Manz is careful not to overtly oppose Ilbrysis' plans however, as he is well aware that as Librarian Corypheus, she answers only to Lashton and King Skotti himself.

    Appearance: Ilby is a slim middle aged woman of average looks. She wears her coal black hair in a long braid, and wears a set of silver framed spectacles while reading. Her usual garb while inside the Archive is a simple gown of wool with a multitude of pockets and pouches sewn into it for carrying pens, ink vials, scrolls and other such items. On the rare occasion she is encountered elsewhere in Cryllor, she wears a modest example of the latest fashions, usually in shades of grey or blue. She has a small tattoo of the holy symbol of Lendor on her left cheek, just under her eye, and always wears a simple copper ring on her right index finger.

    Roleplaying Notes: Ilby is generally kind and patient, akin to the motherly grammar school teachers of classic american television shows. She is quick with a tale or quote from some forgotten personage to relate to any topic, and has a knack for putting arcane or vague ideas into 'laymen's terms'. Her only signs of irritation or outright anger are displayed toward the ignorant or uneducated, who she will treat condescendingly or ignore, usually after handing them one of the Keoish language primers she wrote for the future students of the school being constructed under her supervision. Ilby is on semi-friendly terms with the local church of Wee Jas, who provide her with supplies and rare material components in exchange for additional privileges inside the Archive. She does however report any strange requests for information to a local Silent Order contact whose identity remains a secret.

    Items and Spells: As the custodian of a vast library of arcane tomes, Ilby can be assumed to know, and have prepared, any spell of appropriate level the DM wishes. She isn't too fond of magic items, and the only one she actively uses are her spectacles, which allow her to read magic and comprehend written languages, which were a gift from the Archmage Otto in return for a lecture on the ancient church of Wee Jas and its effect on the culture of Imperial era Suloise wizards that she gave at the City of Greyhawk's College of Wizardry in the fall of 588 CY.


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    Re: NPC Profile: Ilbrysis of Cryllor (Score: 1)
    by MerricB on Tue, September 11, 2001
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    What an excellent idea! Thanks for giving us Ilbrysis' statistics. I'll keep her in mind if my group ever travels back to the area. (Given that my group was at least partly responsible for the death of the Duke of Geoff's younger son, this is not immediately likely... :))

    Does Ilbrysis exist only as a NPC, or have you played her in the past?

    (My own alter-ego, Cirrem, is a purely literary character, invented but a year ago.)

    Merric, the Dreamer-Minstrel

    Re: NPC Profile: Ilbrysis of Cryllor (Score: 1)
    by Man-of-the-Cranes on Wed, March 13, 2002
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    I have to agree with Merric on this. Not only do you give your work more depth bu giving this detail to your 'voice' but you provide a wonderful NPC for anyone to use.

    Of course my alter-ego is well known to any GH scholar worth his salt, but not to my players, indeed I have changed a few things to keep them all guessing anyway.

    Man of the Cranes

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