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    Personalities of Ulek - Derwa Leafsister
    Posted on Mon, July 03, 2006 by Dongul
    MerricB writes "
    Adventurers often have need of allies, and Derwa Leafsister, cleric of Ehlonna, is one worth cultivating. Her contacts extend into the Wild Coast and the Pomarj, and she can both set characters on the path of adventure, and tend them after the adventure proves too much!

    Personalities of Ulek - Derwa Leafsister
    By: MerricB

    Derwa Leafsister, NG Human Cleric 9

    Derwa is a priestess of Ehlonna, and the commander of the rangers that are based in the Borderland Keep. She was posted there by members of the Old Faith to keep her out of the way, but her stout resistance of the various humanoid bands that have attempted to enter the County of Ulek has raised her stature significantly in the County.

    Derwa has fiery red hair and a pale complexion, and dresses in functional garb of green and brown; her only concession to fashion is a necklace of emeralds. She is famed for her ability with the bow, and she instructs many young rangers in its use. She is worried about the orc's destruction of natural habitats, and is somewhat suspicious of half-orcs.

    Derwa tends to have an acerbic tongue and rarely suffers fools gladly, although she means well. She knows the terrain and humanoid tribes of the Wild Coast and Pomarj area very well, as in addition to collecting reports from the rangers who travel there, much of her early work as a priestess was spent travelling there.

    Derwa is in her early forties (circa 591 CY) and is responsible for a group of a dozen rangers that are based in the Keep and Courwood. Although she spends most of her time in the Keep, she has family in Courwood and visits there for at least two months of each year.

    Derwa often sends her rangers or allied groups into the Suss Forest, Wild Coast or Pomarj to keep track of what the various humanoid factions are doing, and thus may make a good patron for adventurers. As she is capable of casting raise dead, she can be a very useful person to know; Derwa will reduce the fee for doing so for characters of good alignment if they swear to serve her (and the County of Ulek) for a period of time - normally three to six months.

    She is closer to the Keep's Castellan, Withell, than any other authority figure, even those in her own faith, and the pair share most of their decision-making chores.

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