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    Turrosh Mak and his Generals
    Posted on Mon, July 23, 2007 by Farcluun
    BusterBudd writes "
    "Upon the bloodred sky of a new day, dawned the emergence of the Hordes of Hatred and Turrosh Mak, emperor of the Pomarj, step forward to claim back the lands rightfully owed to orc and the goblin kingdoms"

    As scribed by Gerren Hurtok, scribe and scholar, Stoneheim, Pomarj.

    Just a little "flavor" I though could be added to this new Adventure Path, I tried to keep it very open for personal adaptation.  Enjoy.

    BusterBudd aka The AncientGamer :-)

    Turrosh Mak and His Generals

    Turrosh Mak, blood of Krugur Mak, great reaver and bane to civil kind, chief of the Fire Skulls tribe, now his Most Ferocious Majesty who holds rule over all Pomarj tribes. He leads with a brute force and cruel intelligence unseen of in centuries.  Standing nearly 7 feet in height and of gigantic girth, Turrosh’s presence alone commands respect and fear from the most fierce of warriors amongst the Pomarj Tribes.  Having slain his own brethren, challenge and defeated his own father Krugur, he succeeded to the right.  With his own, specifically chosen warriors, he acquired control, first of the Fire Skulls, then one by one, convinced through bloody ordeal, or savagely conquered the other tribes.  A leadership and control unseen of amongst orc and goblin kind.  His word became law, his name demanded obedience, his tribe a banner to follow.
    Of late, Turrosh has taken elven captives and through means of torture and false promise, learned their elf tongue and glyphs.  When finished with them, he discarded their lives to the wolf pits, much to the entertainment of his subjects. 

    He is know to have taken several mates and has spawned many, be wanting kin or captured slave, to ensure his blood populates his empire.

    Tired of being surpressed, Turrosh has decided the time has come for a new rule for the lands within ...and without.

    The dawn of the Hatred Wars was upon the land and Turrosh Mak leads this mighty horde, determined to wreak havoc, vengeance, and murder, out from the Pomarj.

    Amidst his grasp of control are six Lieutenants to assist his command.

    Jao Rokk – Hobgoblin chieftain of the Dark Dire tribe, known for their dominance and culling of dire wolves.  Four many centuries this tribe has grown so close with their animals, it has been observed by others, an almost symbiotic relationship.

    Kracor – Orc chieftain of the Big Fist tribe, a brute of an orc, know for his berserkers rage on the field of battle.  Bested only by Turrosh, he has a loyalty as such of a beaten dog to its master for Turrosh. His tribe is the largest conquered by Turrosh.

    Nessel Havato – Goblin chieftain of the Sharp Stone tribe, succumbed to Turrosh and has proven a valuable ally by acquiring the elvish captives demanded by Turrosh.  His tribe provides the finest scouts.

    Savant Lorkin – A half-ogre raider who leads a very large mixed group of mercenaries.  A blood alliance exists between Savant and Turrosh, with an agreement that Savant gets the Pomarj to rule and Turrosh everything else he can conqure.  By this, Turrosh gets the loyalty of his mercenaries, with a strong medium cavalry for support.

    Blud Grut – a powerful Orc Warrior of the Fire Skulls, apart of the group chosen by Turrosh, controls several of lesser tribes.  Blud Grut may appear limber and thin, but is greatly skilled with the bow and has compiled a group of goblin kin specializing in the bow. He is particular to collecting teeth of his enemies. 

    Laguc Gruak – a powerful orc shaman of Beltar, who has the ear of Turrosh and assists in the plans to take back what should be orc.  His “spiritual” guidance is revered amongst most of the tribes and easily incites them to do Turrosh’s commands.           "
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