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    Onomastics, Toponymy and Anthroponymy of Irongate
    Posted on Sun, September 07, 2008 by Dongul
    gargoyle writes "A brief discussion on the names of Irongate.

    The peoples of Irongate and its environs are varied, largely having migrated from other lands. The indigenous dwarven population developed their own language and culture long before the coming of the Aerdi, and later Seul migrations. Though the dwarves were few in number, and remain so even to this day, this has colored language of the region, influencing the place and personal names of the humans, halflings and others who dwell here. Many place names retain there original dwarven nomenclature, though the city itself and some outlying settlements bear a more Oeridian-influenced name. Ferral itself is altered from its original Oerid tribal tongue with many dwarven borrowings to create a unique language, and the dialect of Irongate is a harsh, guttural Common that takes outsiders some time to adjust. Although the city proper was established some 470 years hence, the migrations had begun long before then; otherwise, the names in Irongate would not have had as much influence on each other as is evidenced.

    Here follows a sampling of names found in and around Irongate, divided for convenience into human, dwarven and halfling groups. Names of other peoples invariably come from more recent immigrants, or isolated communities, and do not show the influence of the local dialect.

    Dwarven Names: Balanor, Bafror, Barell, Bilgurd, Biloch, Braewar, Bregor, Brina, Cirding, Cogar, Dorfir, Drurg, Dwalla, Edgen, Gingwar, Hallar, Horosti, Hulgar, Kerrolda, Menggela, Minofri, Mongwar, Monsemi, Mognin, Mora, Nodin, Nuarin, Obbur, Thaullir, Thellan, Todin

    Halfling Names: Aberio, Abno, Bannogo, Berego, Boldo, Borano, Cothan, Dela, Edalgo, Egirio, Filisban, Relio, Sendo, Skylor

    Human Names: Anen, Arell, Astroun, Beles, Bendigan, Bralante, Beregor, Camman, Cellen, Censes, Cideren, Corin, Cottar, Daistar, Dintus, Draustin, Dumannes, Elaryn, Erin, Farrolda, Fenegus, Filrin, Frelain, Galdares, Garinda, Garith, Geluna, Giola, Hedila, Hettar, Igeine, Ignarinda, Iseldel, Jannon, Kiannor, Kinnerin, Lante, Lochin, Luman, Maelin, Mathin, Mattech, Miano, Midartin, Miccon, Modenith, Narim, Nirlina, Nero, Nolirun, Nunas, Olgin, Prandin, Reldulio, Riglannin, Robigan, Robita, Robnuin, Roderigh, Sidero, Solda, Sumillar, Teskin, Tolin, Virena, Wilrain, Wintsin, Wironzar, Zarin, Zinerta

    (Technical note: these names were generated using the Everchanging Book of Names, created by Sami Pyorre, using my own specially designed Irongate chapter.)

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