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The Bandit Kingdoms CY 576 - The Northern Lands
Posted on Thu, November 05, 2009 by LordCeb
Oerthman writes "(Heretics?)

The Northern Bandit Kingdoms - Rookroost, Greenkeep, Groskopf, Fellands - are dominated by the Bluff Hills and the Fellreev forest.  In the forest, Fellands and Greenkeep are fighting a nasty little war with the woodsfolk over logging.  Rookroost, Fellands, and Grosskopf squabble over the Bluff Hills silver mines. 

A Gazetteer of the Bandit Kingdoms
CY 576

The Bandit Kingdoms are broken into four groups:
- The Western Lands:  Warfields, Wormhall, Freehold, Abarra
- The South/Central Lands:  Redhand, Reyhu, Rift, Tangles, Midlands
- The Eastern Lands:  Artonsamay, Johrase, Dimre, Stoink
- The Northern Lands:  Rookroost, Greenkeep, Groskopf, Fellands

The Northern Lands - Rookroost

Territory Name:  Viscounty of Rookroost
Ruler:  Plar (Viscount) Teuod Fent (I9)
Major Town:  Rookroost
Allies:  Groskopf (uncertain), Fellands (uncertain)
Enemies:  Tenh, Fellreev
Troops:  Cav 250, Inf 450

The recently proclaimed Viscounty of Rookroost has been near or at the top in power in the Bandit Kingdoms since the expedition of Plar Freygar carved Fellands and Groskopf from the Bluff Hills in 427.  The political maneuverings of Freygar led to the signing of the Pact of the Free Lords; it was his intent to make Rookroost the permanent capital but he overestimated the influence of his wealth and underestimated the desire for independence of the other lords.  In 576, history seems to be repeating itself.  Rookroost has grown rich indeed from the silver of the northeast and the slave trade.  The current Plar, Teuod Fent, seeks to bind Groskopf and Fellands permanently to Rookroost, and those holds are beginning to seethe with rebellion.  The Zumker River is swift and turbulent where it flows from the mountains and hills of the northeast; it forms Rookroost's border with Tenh.  The Plar maintains a constant watch, fearful that Tenh will turn its eyes northward in a search for wealth. 

The city of Rookroost, which gives its name to the territory, is located at the site of the old Eagle Keep, built in 173 as the eastern anchor of a defense against humanoid raids.  The ruins of the keep itself are located outside of town and are avoided by the townsfolk due to some dark evil that lurks in the ruins.  Rumors place fabulous treasures from old Aerdy or Furyondy in the ruins, but little treasure has been found.  The ruins are the nesting place of flocks of large rooks in the spring - the black birds fly out to the fields and forest during the day and return in great clouds at sundown.  The other notable landmark in the town is the huge slave market.  Rookroost is the northern terminus of the slave trade that begins far to the south around the Pomarj and the Azure Sea.  Most of the slaves are bound for the Groskopf and Fellands mines.

The current Plar and self-styled Viscount of Rookroost is Teuod Fent.  Plar since 568, Fent has recently been acting strangely, occasionally forgetting the past and making decisions that are unlike him.  So far, his acquaintances have chalked this up to advancing age and one too many knocks on the head.  In reality, Fent has been replaced by a cunning illusionist named Cault.  Cault ambushed the real Fent and stole his memories and voice with the aid of a doppleganger henchman.  The transfer was not perfect - some memories are garbled or completely wrong - but Cault has managed to fool everyone into thinking he is really Fent for several years with his glib tongue and clever illusions.  Kor of Abarra is growing more and more suspicious, however - Cault did not manage to steal Teoud's political acumen, and he keeps making the mistakes of a political neophyte. 

The Northern Lands - Grosskopf

Territory Name:  Barony of Groskopf
Ruler:  Baron Skiven (F11)
Major Town:  Rockspire
Allies:  Fellands (loose)
Enemies:  Tenh, Rookroost
Troops:  Cav 150, Inf 300, H (ogrillons) 50

A virtual vassal state of Rookroost, the only reason for the existence of the Barony of Groskopf is its mines.  Even the Rovers avoided the Bluff Hills and barren fields north of the Zumker.  The mines of Groskopf yield silver and a few gemstones, most of which goes to Rookroost as levies and taxes for the 'support' of Groskopf's military.  In truth, the Baron pays the soldiers himself from what he skims to ensure their loyalty.  Generally, the inhabitants of Groskopf are either involved in mining (as miners, overseers, smelters, or slaves) or the military (guards, raiders) - the harsh lands mean few commoners are willing to try to scratch out a living.  The border with Fellands is a constant source of conflict, with both sides accusing the other of claim-jumping, moving border stones, and outright banditry.  Recently, however, Baron Skiven and Avaerd of Fellands have been urging calm, even taking counsel together about how to remain semi-independent of Rookroost, or even gain freedom to pursue full membership in the Bandit Kingdoms. 

Rockspire, the seat of the barony, is located on a steep-sided, flat-topped hill just within the southeastern Bluff Hills.  It is heavily fortified.  Good roads lead into the hills and south to Rookroost, and strongly-guarded (including detachments of ogrillons) caravans depart weekly bearing the fruits of the mine.  Most independent miners come to town every few weeks to sell their take and participate in the debauched revels of the town's red light district.  Every vice known on Oerth to separate men from their pay can be found here - gambling, alcohol and harder intoxicants, and women.  Even after more than 100 years, Rockspire retains somewhat of a boom-town feel. 

Baron Skiven of Groskopf is a former crony and adventuring partner of Teuod Fent.  He too has noticed the change in Fent, and is beginning to suspect something is amiss.  As Fent has clumsily attempted to annex Groskopf and Fellands, Skiven has reevaluated his conflict with Fellands and determined they have more in common than a disputed border.  The negotiations are nearing completion, and Fent may soon find his former vassals openly defying his will and withholding taxes.  As the negotiations have proceeded, Skiven has secretly drawn troops from the Fellands border and used them to reinforce the Zumker patrols.  He fears Tenh may intervene - Duke Ehyeh has long had designs on the mines of the north. 

The Northern Lands - Fellands

Territory Name:  Barony of the Fellands
Ruler:  Lord Avaerd (F10)
Major Town:  Silverlode
Allies:  Groskopf, Greenkeep
Enemies:  Rovers, Rookroost, Fellreev
Troops:  Cav 300, Inf 850, H (orc guards) 100

The Barony of the Fellands is renowned for its silver mines.  It encompasses only a third of the Bluff Hills, yet produces more than two-thirds of the silver from the hills (if not so many gems as Groskopf).  Many slaves work the mines, overseen by orcs and worse.  Fellands is currently one of the most exposed Bandit Kingdoms, with only one partially secure border.  To the north, the Rovers of the Barrens raid regularly.  To the west, Fellands and Greenkeep are fighting the woodfolk of the Fellreev over timber and settlement rights. To the south, Plar Fent of Rookroost seeks to annex Fellands into his own territory.  Finally, to the east, the border with Groskopf has been a source of conflict for generations.  In part due to the need to counter Rookroost, and in part because of troubles on the other borders, Avaerd of Fellands has welcomed the overtures of Baron Skiven from Groskopf. 

The capitol of Fellands, Silverlode, is still a boomtown.  The discovery of new veins of ore every decade or so has ensured its continued existence.  Lord Avaerd has attempted to diversify, however, seeking crops that will grow in the short but intense northern growing season and other sources of revenue (such as timber).  The vaults of Silverlode are famous across the north - no one has ever broken into them and returned.  The broken and mangled bodies of would-be burglars often adorn the walls of the Lord's palace, which includes ore storage, the smelters, and the vaults. 

Lord Avaerd is a refugee from the Pale, narrowly escaping with his life.  He was a successful commander of Prelatal troops until he refused to take military advice from a priest of Pholtus.  The priest removed him from command, and proceeded to get Avaerd's entire company slaughtered.  Avaerd was blamed for the fiasco and fought his way out of custody with the help of a loyal aide.  He then turned his back on Pholtus and began to raid indiscriminately from his hide in the Nutherwood - north to Tenh, south to Nyrond, and (especially) east to the Pale.  When the Theocrat finally sent in Prelatal troops in force, Avaerd led them on a merry chase through the woods, embroiled them with Tenh's frontier guards, and slipped away to a new life in the Bandit Kingdoms. 

The Northern Lands - Greenkeep

Territory Name:  Protectorate of Greenkeep
Ruler:  Lord Yanboli (Half-elf F5/M5/T5)
Major Town:  Greenkeep
Allies:  Fellands,
Enemies: Elves, druids, and rangers of the Fellreev, Abarra
Troops:  Cav 150, Inf 600

Greenkeep is the largest of the Bandit Kingdoms in terms of area, but the actual authority of the Lord is tenuous at best over the forest north of the Artonsamay.  A long-running conflict with the elves, druids, and rangers of the Fellreev has recently (573) become more heated.  Woodcutters and charcoal-makers from Greenkeep vanish regularly.  In turn, the Greenkeep forces raid whatever settlements of the woodfolk they can find.  Additionally, humanoid attacks are on the rise as the forest guardians allow them to filter through to weaken and distract the Protectorate.  This has allowed Freehold to take the lead in timber shipments from the Bandit Kingdoms, even having to ship the timbers overland to the Ritensa (Greenkeep charges exorbitant tolls to allow Freehold logging shipments down the Artonsamay). 

The inhabitants of Greenkeep are scattered more than most of the other kingdoms.  However, in the last few years, most of the settlements north of the river have been destroyed by the forces of the forest with the inhabitants driven south.  As a result, the large town of Greenkeep has a growing refugee population.  Death by disease (in the summer) and exposure (in the winter) has been a problem in the overcrowded shanty town, and unrest is growing.  The town is centered on the Greenkeep, one of a string of castles built in 173 to repel humanoid invasions from the forest. 

The leader of Greenkeep is the a multitalented and amoral half-elf, Lord Yanboli.  Born in Celene, he left as soon as possible to escape the pity of the full-blooded elves over the 'half-man' in their midst.  Yanboli's goal is to build Greenkeep into the foremost of the Bandit Kingdoms by building on its abundant natural resources.  He has deeply angered the inhabitants of the Fellreev due to the extensive harvesting of trees he ordered.  A delegation of rangers, elves, and druids sent to complain was brutally beaten and tortured before being released.  His pride will not allow him to make peace with the elves, and the rangers and druids have sworn to erase Yanboli from Oerth.  His lofty goal will most likely go unrealized.

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