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    Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map
    Posted on Thu, December 26, 2002 by Legate
    eanondson writes "A marvelous (and detailed) new map of the region including the Bandit Kingdoms, Shield Lands, Western Tenh, northern County of Urnst, and most of the Fellreev.

    Author: eanondson

    Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map
    by Eric Anondson (

    (Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.)

    I've created a decent quality drawn map of the greater region that includes the Shield Lands and Bandit Kingdoms. Original source was a hand drawn pencil map, which was scanned in. I used photoshop to give it the look it has now.

    I have been frequently updating the map as I uncover ever more specific information of locations of tiny hamlets, ruins or roads, depending on what is developed in the Living Greyhawk campaign by regional triads. Here's a preview (click on it for a larger version):

    Bandit Kingdoms / Shield Lands Map

    A complete collection of the files that constitute the map can be downloaded here in a zip file: Bandit Kingdoms / Shield Lands Map

    The zip file contains two larger versions of this same map. One is paper-sized, the other poster-sized. Fair warning: THESE ARE LARGE FILES! Append your comments and questions to this article!

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    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by Delglath on Thu, December 26, 2002
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    My... God... that is simply... beautiful. You must've put a lot of work into that and for sharing it, I thank you greatly. At last, some topography!

    Please, oh please, do a map of the (former) Great Kingdom, c. 585-591! I will become your eternal love slave if you do... wait, no, that'd most likely make you NOT want to do it... ok, how about, I WON'T become your eternal love slave if you do it? :)

    Seriously, fantastic work. I'll be definitely using these... hell, I think I might even make a trip to Kinkos...

    Thanks! (Score: 1)
    by eanondson on Thu, December 26, 2002
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    It did take a lot of time, not only drawing, but in research equally as long. It started as pencil sketch of just the Shield Lands on graph paper that I taped to an old wooden board that I'd display to my gaming group. I eventually scanned them in, tweaked them here and there in Photoshop.

    The original that started this is being used by the Shield Lands' Triad. (The Shield Lands is my region in LG). I had a player from the Bandit Kingdoms region ask if I wouldn't mind doing one that included their region... I had the time, and much of the BK was already on the first map, so I did it, and this is the fruit of that.

    Coming Soon: the Thillonrian Peninsula. I've already sent the Western portion of the peninsula to Gary, and it ought to get on the site soon. The eastern end is still being worked on as I type this.

    In my spare time, the next place I was headed was to get a regional map of Pale, Ratik and Bone March. Who knows where I go from there... ;)

    Eric Anondson

    Stupendous! (Score: 1)
    by Coreyartus on Sun, December 29, 2002
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Eric, this is really fabulous. I went to the Shield Lands website and downloaded your map there as well. Congratulations on a job well well well done! There is a new Kingdoms of Kalamar atlas out that makes my mouth water, but your work is just as stupefying! I am dying to find out what your step by step process was--any chance that you might post a webpage that shows us how you did it? Excellent!


    Re: Stupendous! (Score: 1)
    by eanondson on Tue, December 31, 2003
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    A How-To? Hmm, that would be a bit troublesome. I wouldn't know where to start, maybe though...

    Well first, I can easily say this, I made judicious use of layers in Photoshop. One with the background, a second with forests/swamps above that, a third with coastlines/rivers above that, and the fourth for roads/cities/landmarks.

    For the texture of the ground, I would use the Brush Tool set at a very large size, draw one level at a time, darker and darker as I wanted to give a sense of "elevation" or "ruggedness". As I drew darker and darker, I would shrink the brush size when I meant to give a sense of a ridge line.

    With the open water, I would just select the open space from the Coasts layer, then switch to the Background layer. Gradually use the "Contract Selection", and then "Feather" the selection. "Fill" it with a slightly darker blue, and repeat. Wait until you see this effect with the Thillonrian Peninsula maps. Can you say "Underwater Topography?" :)

    With the forests, I have two different shades of green for coniferous and deciduous forests. Started by Color selecting the particular green. I also have two different pattern which I "Filled" via an alternate mode (I honestly can't remember how) into the forest color so that only a faded aspect of the pattern would imprint into the green. Then I "Contracted" the selection, "Feathered" it, then used History Fill at 30% opacity, "Contract" again, "Feather" again, then History Fill at 100% opacity.

    Hmm, oh, the topography in the forests. I just went to the background layer, used the "Magic Wand" to select the elevation colors, "Feathered" the selection. Switched to the Forest layer, and would alter the Contrast to lighten it. Switch back to Background layer and "Deselect" then "Feather" lighter and lighter elevation layers, each time furthering the Contrast more to give the appearance of topographic change that is there.

    Adding the pattern and topography texture to the forests are highly tedious. But the most tedious is doing the Mountains. You'll see what I mean when the Thillonrian maps get up.

    I hope this is even slightly helpful. What helps most though is expertise in advanced Photoshop... with a good academic foundation in Geography ;) (my major in college).

    Eric Anondson


    Thank-you! (Score: 1)
    by Coreyartus on Thu, January 02, 2003
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Eric--that's exactly what I was interested in! It is so encouraging to see a finely done map in a program I recognize! All this CC2 stuff doesn't work on Macs... You have just provided me a shortcut to creating my own maps that would have taken me months and months to piece together on my own! THANK-YOU! THANK-YOU! THANK-YOU! If by chance you have any furthur helpful hints, that would be great...

    And you can certainly tell that you have an excellent grasp on Geography! Congratulations! You should find a publishing company that would be interested in paying for your skills in this field--not many people could render such a fine looking piece of work. You may have shared a how-to, but no one will be able to duplicate the creativity behind it. Very well done, Eric. Thank-you!!!



    Re: Thanks! (Score: 1)
    by Thuffer on Thu, January 23, 2003
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Beautifull work

    I as well am looking forward to your new maps. One thing though. Do you have a "Ledgend" for the map?


    Legend (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Thu, January 23, 2003
    I really should have put a legend in, but I never could come up with a place I felt was okay to cover up with it. One thing, I tried to make as much as possible "intuitive". I'll probably put one together soon. Anything stand out as needing clarification?

    Eric Anondson


    Re: Thanks! (Score: 1)
    by vvincent on Sun, February 23, 2003
    (User Info | Send a Message)

    The map is absolutely wonderful - I just came across it after all this time.

    A couple of questions:

    1) What software did you use to generate the map.

    2) I play Living Greyhawk in the Verbobonc region - do you have a map of Verbobonc/could you make a map of Verbobonc?

    Again - simply excellent work!

    Vernon L. Vincent


    Re: Thanks! (Score: 1)
    by eanondson on Sun, February 23, 2003
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Q1). I used Photoshop. There is another comments-post of mine which I responded to where I go through a sort of "how to".

    Q2). Believe it or not, I will soon. As of today, the whole Thillonrian Peninsula is completed. A regional map of Ratik/Bone March/Pale is essentially completed, but I have someone in the Pale region doing some research for me on places and settlements. I'm also waiting for Gary Holian to send me any more info on the Bone March.

    While waiting for the research to trickle in, I have begun a Greater Sheldomar Valley project. From Pomarj, to Fals Gap, to Hornwood to the Sea Princes. I just completed a quarter in which Verbobonc fits mostly. When completed, all of Verbobonc will be done. Researching all of the locations take just as long as drawing the map because I want the Living Greyhawk development to be represented. If things go as planned, it should be available by April.

    Eric Anondson


    Re: Thanks! (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Thu, May 08, 2003
    Any possibility of the Verbobonc map? Your work is absolutely great and I can't wait to see it.


    Re: Thanks! (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Mon, March 03, 2003

    I had been looking for a better map of the BK also.

    Well one more Triad may start using this one....

    - Michael Garis
    Bandit Kingdoms Triad - Meta-Campaign


    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by Ecthelion on Thu, January 30, 2003
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    This map is absolutely gorgeous! (My favorite touch is White Plume Mountain. It's almost as if we are hovering over the continent looking down on it!) I can't wait to see more of your work. I agree with whoever said that you should consider freelancing. Your cartography is much better than anything I've seen in print recently. But even if you do start getting paid for your work, please don't stop posting a freebie every once in a while back here at Canonfire! :-)

    Thanks again!

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Thu, January 30, 2003
    I must join in the praise of such a truly beautiful work. Thank you so much for your effort!


    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by carlanco on Tue, November 25, 2003
    (User Info | Send a Message)

    I assume you do a lot of research before drawing the maps, so I'd like to ask you about something. What information do you have about Edge and Camp Arnsten? I searched through the web but couldnīt find anything.


    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by castlemike on Thu, May 06, 2004
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Excellent work. Thanks for sharing it.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by Cymraegmorgan on Tue, November 23, 2004
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    That is a truly spectacular map! Kudos!

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by CBorg on Thu, May 18, 2006
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    I can't seem to find Reyhu on the map.  Where should it be?

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by CBorg on Sun, July 02, 2006
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Your map really inspired me so I did a little digging. Dragon Mag #63 has 1 page with the 'capitals' of the Bandit Kingdoms as of spring CY 589. On the old Darlene map, here are the coordinates of where the numbers lie, though of course you've already got a several of them marked.
    1 Warfields - Y3/70
    2 Wormhall - Y3/66
    3 Freehold - V3/62
    4 Kor - V3/65
    5 Tangles - V3/68
    6 Rift(crag) - O3/65
    7 Reyhu - Q3/69
    8 Redhand - S3/72
    9 Artonsamay - L3/64
    10 Stoink - I3/64
    11 Dimre - I3/61
    12 Johrase - M3/61
    13 Midlands - S3/63
    14 Greenkeep - S3/61
    15 Rookroost - N3/58
    16 Fellands - L3/54
    17 Groskopf - H3/51

    Thanks again for such a beautiful map!


    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by CBorg on Sun, July 02, 2006
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Sorry, that should be spring CY 579.


    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Thu, August 06, 2009
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    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
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    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
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    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
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    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Thu, August 27, 2009
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    Growing confidence may where buy generic viagra [] be good news for Chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of federal elections on 27 September.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Sun, August 30, 2009
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    The James Murdoch of Corporation of Buy Viagra in Toronto [] news said that a dominant BBC threatens the independent journalism in United Kingdom.
    The president of the media giant in Buy Viagra in Edmonton [] Europe that possesses the Times and Sun also blamed to the government of United Kingdom for adjusting the medias "with taste." "The expansion of Buy Viagra in France [] state journalism sponsored is a threat to plurality and independence of provision of news", it said the Edinburgh Television Festival.
    The extent of the Buy Viagra in Calgary [] activities of the BBC and ambitions cooled, he/it added.
    Organizations like the BBC, Buy Viagra in Sweden [] strengthened by the price of the license, as well as Channel 4 and Ofcom, made it harder for the other broadcasters to survive, he/it discussed.
    "The BBC is dominant", M. that Murdoch Buy Viagra in Belgium [] said. The other organizations" can increase and fall but the income of the BBC is guaranteed and grow."Corporation of news that possesses the Buy Cialis in Edmonton [] television of the Sky lost $3.4bn (?2bn) in the year at the end of June that his/her/its father, Corporation of News boss Rupert Murdoch, said Buy Viagra in Melbourne [] had been "the most difficult of recent history." the Other media organizations also fight as to make the advertisement for the incomes dropped during the decrease.
    Sir Michael Lyons, president of the Buy Viagra in Hong Kong [] Confidence BBC, said tonight to the World of the BBC in this M. Murdoch had minimized the importance of Sky like a competitor.
    "The sky continues to grow and to become Buy Viagra in Sydney [] therefore stronger and stronger the whole time that is not a true set of minnows and a big big BBC", Sir Michael said.
    The M. that Murdoch told free news on Buy Cialis in Dubai [] cloth provided by the BBC made it "unbelievably difficult" for organizations of news deprives to ask that people pay for their news.
    "It is essential for the future of Buy Cialis in Sydney [] independent numeric journalism that a just price can be charged for news to people who value it", it said.
    The Corporation of news said that it Buy Cialis in Montreal [] will begin to put on line customers for content in charge of news through all his/her/its Web site.
    BBC previous director Greg general Dyke said Buy Viagra in South Africa [] the discussion of Murdoch to M. that the BBC was a threat to independent journalism was "fundamentally pain." He/it said the Radio 5 to BBC living: "The journalism Buy Viagra in Dubai [] crosses a very difficult time - not only in this country but every country in the world - because newspapers, radio and television in the commercial world are all to have a very rough time."

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Fri, September 04, 2009
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    The boss of United Kingdom the dog on buy generic tadalafil online [] duty financial sustained some propositions to make the plan of banks for their own sudden fall.
    Authority of the Services financial preside purchase levitra online [] Lord Turner sustained of the international propositions to simplify structures of the tax and to create "living wills" for the banks.
    In an interview with the Financial Canada online pharmacy viagra [] Times, he/it admitted that the plans would be very contentious.
    The countries discuss how to buy propecia without prescription [] reform the bank codes to warn future cures of bank failures.
    To "live will want is a device of the buy low cost tamiflu [] forcing for the enlightenment and simplification of legal structures", Lord that Turner often told the FOOT the Banks structures themselves in the different territories to benefit from the system of the tax of a country that often middle that the authorities don't know the true level of risk they cope of a bank based in his/her/its country.
    The propositions of "wills" would force the Cheapest levitra price online [] big international banks that the system counts on to undertake as they are structured in the event they miss and have need to be rolled up downwards.
    The movement nearly comes one year Buy Cialis lowest price [] after the sudden fall of bank of the investment American Brother Lehman that shocked investors and nearly cheapest cialis online Canada [] paralysed the financial system.
    Since then, the governments spent the Buy levitra in Australia [] billions that leave banks that had been judged "too big to miss." "In the past, the authorities around the world tended to be tolerant of the proliferation of complex legal structures" conceived to lower projects of fiscal law, Lord that Turner said.
    We can must to ask "now for purchase sildenafil citrate online [] legal structure clarity."The propositions would force presumably in top the projects of fiscal law of a lot of biggest banks of the world.
    Turner Lord entered in the debate Mail order propecia online [] lately on the big bonuses in the banks.
    He/it said that he/it would be happy to Best price tamiflu online [] consider a tax on the banks to warn some excessive payments of the bonus.
    But he/it said later than that was "ridiculous" to Low cost tadalafil online [] think that he/it would propose a new tax on London and not the rest of the world.
    The M. that Liu told the perspective for Buy viagra in Melbourne [] the world economy was even vague, while the recuperation of China was either in a stable nor balanced.
    "However, the CSRC will try to maintain the Buy viagra in London [] continuous, steady and healthy development of the market of the titles" with difficulty, he said.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Sat, September 05, 2009
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    The pressure of this year on the places buy low cost levitra [] of university be come hardly to one worse time for the government.
    In the other circumstances, buy generic acyclovir online [] the ministers could welcome the jump in the admissions of university.
    After all, he/it tried for the purchase generic viagra online [] decade passed to increase the number of people that longs for an education of university.
    In 1999, to widespread ridicule viagra no prescription needed [] of adversaries policies, Prime minister Tony Blair put the ambitious target to catch 50% of young people in superior studies by 2010.
    Although this target looked for cheap viagra without prescription [] out of range of the time, the jump in applications of the student this year would have can be seen like defense of the government's ambition.
    The ministers could have raised Cheap Generic Viagra Online [] the flags to celebrate a strong rise in the numbers of young people that want to enter the superior studies.
    Therefore he/it must scrape in Canada no prescription cialis [] particular for them that this year spends the pressure is put to warn what would have been otherwise a really cheapest propecia price [] considerable jump in the rate of the involvement of the university.
    However, he/it is worth the that buy lowest price viagra [] notes that what turned in derision the 50% target like "social engineering" - big sections of the conservative Party and the media - is the very same that sustain today the reason of these students that will lose outside" in the hustle for the places this summer.
    They are also the same that complained Buy Viagra in Calgary [] that he/it became too easy to arrive to university.
    Logically, they should greet Buy Viagra in Edmonton [] the situation of this year like a return welcome to a process of the harder selection.
    After all, the critiques of buy generic tadalafil online [] politics of the government didn't debate it a long time everybody should be capable to go to university.
    The irony of the situation, yet, is not a consolation for the government.
    The ministers are returned to Buy Viagra in Toronto [] look at the ways to try to get that the universities offer more places this year but - crucially - doesn't offer them again in addition to money to make therefore.
    But, between beating advertising current on Buy Viagra in Montreal [] a crisis in the admissions of university, what the biggest picture is? Most commentators put the responsibility of the recession for the pressure of this year on the places, to discuss that youngest people apply to university because there are not any available works.
    While it can be a part of Buy Viagra in Ireland [] the reason, the fact is that the applications increased regularly now for some years.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Mon, September 07, 2009
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    The high workers of the sector buy generic levitra online [] publics winning should have their covered pensions to ?50,000, a Ploughing that MP told the BBC.
    Terry Rooney, president of the lowest price sildenafil citrate [] Work of the Townships and Committee of the pensions, said the pensions of some personal eldest had gone up lately to the canadian pharmacy viagra online [] "excessive levels."Civil servants and local workers of the government paid ?250,000 of them per year get some pensions of roughly ?150,000, he/it said.
    But the first Association of buy cialis no online prescription [] Division, while representing civil servants of the summit, said the pots of the pension agreed should be honoured.
    Jonathan Baume, of the union, said: buy cialis 20mg pills [] There is a debate to be had about to sustain the provision of the long-term pension, but I don't think he/it helps as making these of the wrist notices that this MP made.
    "And I think that people will Buying Viagra Online no prescription [] sincerely be annoyed if they feel that the contract they signed - which followed them through their careers - is ready to have come back on."M. that Rooney told BBC breakfast: "Some buy no prescription cialis [] people who win ?200,000 to ?250,000 per year can see a pension in the range of ?150,000.
    "I think that most people would think order sildenafil citrate online [] that that was excessive. Maybe he/it should have a cap there of, say, somewhere around ?50,000."Last month the accounting that firm PricewaterhouseCoopers said the "generosity" of plans of the best price tamiflu online [] pension of the sector publics could stop people works in movement.
    He/it asked for the bosses should Buy Viagra blue Pills [] contribute until 35% of a salary in the plan of their generic cialis in Canada [] employee's pension to equal some pensions in the public sector.
    The International Monetary Fund is buy cialis in Singapore [] Zimbabwe giving $400m to help his/her/its reserves of the foreign currency.
    However, a supplementary $100m will be kept in buy cialis in Hong Kong [] a special account and the government of Zimbabwe won't have access to it until it solved $1bn in the debts.
    Zimbabwe has need buy cialis in France [] terrifying of money to rebuild his/her/its ruined economy.
    BBC corresponding of South Africa that Karen Allen mail order cialis online [] says that the financial crisis of Zimbabwe has partially been put the responsibility on bad management of central bank fund.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Fri, September 18, 2009
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    Furniture Swedish gigantic Ikea liked purchase Acyclovir online [] record sales of 21.5bn euros ($30bn; ?19.1bn), in spite of to slow down the increase.
    Ikea said some sales for the year to purchase Amoxil online [] August 31 increased by 1.4%, at the bottom of 7% increase in the previous year.
    "He/it was a challenging year in which purchase Clomid online [] we should have adapted to changed market conditions", said the new general manager Mikael Ohlsson of Ikea.
    His/her/its predecessor cut 5,000 purchase Crestor online [] works to manage with the drop in demand due to the financial crisis.
    The company said that it had purchase Diovan online [] opened 15 new stores universally since the last September.
    "We know that a lot of our customers purchase Doxycycline online [] have less money to spend and our low price concept is therefore more applicable than ever", M. that Ohlsson said.
    Ikea that is domestic and is not purchase Effexor online [] written down on the purse of values, use more than 120,000 people and has 267 stores in 25 countries, with another 34 coins agreements of the exemption.
    The owners wait for the rate of purchase Famvir online [] inflation to remain steady in the future year, according to an election by the Bank of England.
    The predicted inflation was 2.4% in the purchase Lamictal online [] survey led in August - the same number foresaw outside in the same election range in May.
    The Consumer Index of the Prices real purchase Lamisil online [] (CPI) fell to a yearly rate of 1.6% in August of 1.8% in July.
    The Bank of goals of England to maintain purchase Lipitor online [] the inflation to roughly 2% to keep the prices and the stable of the more general economy.
    The governor of the Bank, King Mervyn, said purchase Norvasc online [] the Committee Chosen to the Treasury that was "possible lately that the inflation was volatile" on the neighbors six months, while falling farther initially below the 2% target, to increase it above then.
    The survey of the Attitudes of the quarterly purchase Paxil online [] inflation that got of the votes 2,075 people aged 15 of them and on through United Kingdom, the predictions of people also asked for the future movement of interest rate.
    A few 48% of defendants waited for the rates to purchase Propecia online [] increase on the neighbors 12 months, compared with 44% in May, with 8% of defendants that wait that the interest rates bend in four the neighbors 12 months, compared earlier with 10% three months.
    The survey and his/her/its publication are purchase Topamax online [] among a variety of methods aim to explain to the public the role of the Committee of the Monetary Politics in to put some interest rates to meet the target of the inflation.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Sun, September 20, 2009
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    The main lawyers of the education and generic tadalafil online 20mg [] charities ask for a change in the law to protect young vulnerable people of extreme who brutalize in England and Wales.
    The head teachers are not held sildenafil citrate generic 100mg [] responsible for the violent and abusive pupils and anti to brutalize instructions should be fortified, they ask.
    The Legal of the Children the Center generic viagra 100 mg [] said that more of parents had looked for the legal advice.
    But the National association of Head mail order viagra online [] teachers (NAHT) said the existed "hyperactive responsibility" already.
    Schools of England that Minister guaranteed cheapest viagra [] Vernon Coaker said that the government's measures worked, but the procedures recognized for the parents had need to be fortified. He/it said a ticket to address this was already in parliament.
    The call comes after the government buy viagra generic pills [] of Westminster launched a campaign to help attack yourselves to brutalize against children with the special needs.
    Mike Charles, a lawyer of the cheapest place to buy viagra [] education, said the schools try to avoid the responsibility too often.
    "I see a rise in the number of people viagra pills online Canada [] that turns to the law, the heads are not held responsible", he/it said.
    He/it wants that the heads are Canada pharmacy cialis online [] forced to return and to act on all cases to brutalize, and an independent referee to reach every school.
    In one BBC breakfast News Debbie Buy generic cialis no prescription [] report (the name changed to protect his/her/its children) said it didn't have any choice but to consider the legal action against school it it two teenage children attended.
    She/it asks for the professors loan generic cialis online Canada [] and watched like his/her/its son has been attacked - before her - by roughly 40 other pupils.
    "They had these temporary road buy Canada cialis online [] signs of metal the triangular and they attacked it rightly with him, while beating it.
    To "look at your existence of the cheapest cialis generic online [] youngsters persecuted for no reason - it is distressing", she/it said.
    Every school has an anti to brutalize purchase cheap cialis online [] the politics but they can vary very in detail It says her/its children have been let out class for nearly one year because of to brutalize physical and emotional by the other pupils.
    The school says the child of Debbie that the where buy generic viagra pills [] special needs were behind a lot of the problems, and to brutalize took place outside of it of the school.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Tue, September 22, 2009
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    The years to save would be required canada online pharmacy viagra [] to return wealth of the house to pre-recession levels, a report by the Bank of England suggests.
    If the houses had saved Buy Viagra in Switzerland [] 10% of their income, he/it would take nine years to return wealth until the average of the last 20 years.
    The quarterly revision of the Buy Cialis in England [] Bank returned that the decisions of owners as saving could affect the economic perspective.
    However, history provides no "clear guide" how they will react.
    "It is difficult to Buy Cialis in France [] distribute how much, so to all, the houses can try to rebuild their wealth", the report said.
    The theoretical largely report found that Buy Cialis in Ireland [] the ratio of house that saves to spend fell between 1995 and 2007 to the historic low levels.
    The falling interest rates, easy access Buy Cialis in Singapore [] to believe, the increasing asset values - as values of the property - and the economic stability meant people have been tempted more to spend that economy.
    But the financial distress of recent times Buy Viagra in Cyprus [] reversed a lot of these tendencies, as well as to return the works of less sure people. He/it can be afraid as of future tax there increases, the report said.
    "The houses can answer while Buy Viagra in France [] increasing to save them preventive", the report said.
    However, "all these effects are very uncertain. Buy Viagra in New Zealand [] History doesn't provide a clear guide."In the recession of the 1990s, to save increased suddenly and remained high for some time, but in the 1970s recession there was small change.
    To slow down in to spend would have Buy Viagra in Singapore [] in its whole an effect on the increase of the economy and, thereafter, individuals essence income and their capacity to save.
    Is possible that "all attempt to reduce the buy cheap generic viagra [] consumption lowers the production and of where incomes of the house. It could make he really harder for the houses to increase to save them - an effect knows as the paradox of economy."The buy cheapest generic viagra [] numbers gotten lately by the BBC showed that the houses of United Kingdom saw their wealth passing an average of nearly ?31,000 every last year, because of the crunch of the credit and the recession.
    The gathering that the economic and financial crisis buy lowest price viagra [] undermined the house values and investments of purse.
    But for the majority of people that doesn't Buy Cialis in Belgium [] project to touch in on the value of their house, this fall in the prices of the property would have had small impact on their lives.
    Bank of numbers of England published this month earlier showed cheapest viagra price online [] that in July the total amount of personal debt in United Kingdom succumbed to the first time since the registers began in 1993 as people reduced their loan of the mortgage.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Thu, September 24, 2009
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    The Reserve federal American Buy Viagra in the United States [] said the economic activity takes but that he supposes to keep some interest rates close to zero for one "extended time." His/her/its commentaries came as he/it confirmed he/it kept the rate to his/her/its file low level seen since December.
    The economists predict that the Buy Viagra in Germany [] rate will remain to this level everywhere in the rest of this year, and maybe in 2010.
    In the commentaries earlier this Buy Viagra in Cyprus [] month, the federal Reserve that Ben main Bernanke said that he was confident USA was out of recession.
    The policy maker federal Reserve Buy Cialis in South Africa [] voted to the unanimity to hold some rates, They promised to continue a program also with $1.45 billion to help keep credit that flows to the purchase generic viagra [] market of the lodging and other segments of the economy while buying titles of the mortgage and other assets.
    Earlier this month, M. that Canadian pharmacy viagra online [] Bernanke said that the economy American would feel again "very weak" to Americans worried about work security.
    The unemployment that is put to displace Canadian generic Cialis Pharmacy [] 10% above this year can drive on behaviour of the consumer, the federal Reserve warned.
    The amount of money given to the buy lowest price levitra [] good reasons fell by 11% in the year to April as the decrease hits some charities, a new survey suggests.
    Although half of all adults in Mail order cialis online [] United Kingdom gave to the charitable reasons in 2008-9, the middle amount that they gave fell by ?1 per month to ?10 per month.
    The report, based on a survey of buy tadalafil no prescription [] 3,316 people, found that the drop in to give was in part due to the fall in big donations made by the high professionals winning.
    Most people give donations of money, purchase generic levitra online [] although biggest amounts tend to be given by direct debit.
    "Although there are the welcome signs buy generic sildenafil citrate [] that the recession finishes technically, the economic decrease drives some charities again severely a lot of that should have cut works while facing demand increased for buy cialis in Singapore [] their services", said John Low, general manager of the Foundation of the help of the Charities.
    "If all taxpayers nick the box of the buy cialis in Hong Kong [] help of the gift, or give through give as you win, he/it would go a long way to create the deficit in to strengthen Canada online Pharmacy Viagra [] without costing them a penny more."The order of the Charity that supervises the sector said that his/her/its research showed that 56% of charities inspected said that they had been affected by the economic decrease.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Fri, September 25, 2009
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    The general manager of HSBC, cialis in Australia buy [] Michael Geoghegen, will move to Hong Kong from London as the group of the bank tries to concentrate on Asia.
    However, the bank accentuated that cialis in Belgium [] it didn't pull far from London" and the two centers were "also important." HSBC, founded in Hong Kong and Shanghai in 1865, will also remain based in United Kingdom for tax and goals of the regulation.
    HSBC hopes to become one of the cialis in Denmark [] first companies to write down overseas on the purse of values of Shanghai.
    There is not absolutely no cialis in England [] question of HSBC that pulls far from London. We will operate two also strategically important centers for the company", said president Stephen Green who will remain in United Kingdom.
    HSBC tanned the financial cialis in France [] crisis of his/her/its rivals better than some and didn't take money of the taxpayer as part of United Kingdom that transfers the guaranty of the sector outside.
    Australia said that he welcomes cialis in Germany Buy [] the investment resounding Chinese in his/her/its economy but prefers foreign pickets in the big mining companies to cialis in Spain [] remain under 15%. the Investments in the new projects should be under 50%, said the director of the committee of the revision of the investment, Patrick Colmer.
    He/it said that China was the cialis in Ireland [] third big investor in Australia, after USA and Britain, and would go presumably higher.
    The China Australiennes cialis in Italy [] relations were these last full months after a business string and quarrels policies.
    Mining company that Lynas told an cialis in New Zealand [] enterprise Chinese exit on the news of a multimillion-dollar investment.
    M. Colmer, the head of the Committee of cialis in Singapore [] the Revision of the Foreign investment (FIRB) that applications of the investment of the studies and makes a recommendation to the treasury.
    But to welcome of more than investment yet, Buy propecia in Australia [] M. that Colmer said that Australia looked for "business commercially concentrated" true and preferred an engagement early and CO in force on the considerable projects.
    "Speak with us early... and negotiate buy lowest price propecia [] with us the path that we like to negotiate with you that are in confidence" that he/it said.
    Several offers Chinese are currently before the FIRB, buy generic propecia online [] including a $2.8bn (?1.75bn) offer of Yanzhou Coal for Resource Felix who Cialis in Switzerland [] would be ever the biggest takes power of an Australian company by an enterprise nationalized Chinese.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Sun, September 27, 2009
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    The number of new cars made in buy cheap cialis no prescription [] United Kingdom cut down 31.5% earlier in August of the same month one year, the numbers of the industry showed.
    There were 56,737 cars made buy tadalafil online no prescription [] last month, the Society of Manufacturers of the Motor and Negotiating (SMMT) says.
    But the number of cars low cost cialis online [] constructed for the market of United Kingdom reaches a high near quinquennial as the plan of the scrappage of the car helped some sales.
    The SMMT asked for the buy Viagra in Italy [] plan that has been introduced in May to be spread, as saying the recuperation was even fragile.
    The drop in production buy Viagra in Germany [] was bigger than the 17.9% fall seen in July, but a lot of plants of car spread closings in August.
    United Kingdom car Canada online Pharmacy Viagra [] scrappage intrigues wage a ?2,000 incentive to new purchasers of car who throw a vehicle that is more that 10 years.
    It is currently due to end cheapest place to buy viagra [] in February, or when the ?300m the government allocated outside toward the shoppings of the plan - which happens in first.
    The SMMT said that was buy Viagra in France [] possible that the fund ran outside by the end of next month.
    The specific action is required to Canada online Pharmacy levitra [] address the confidence of the business and to encourage the investment in the new vehicles of the business "The plan of the incentive of Buy Viagra Pills Online [] the scrappage had a positive impact on production of car with one in three cars constructed last month in United Kingdom for the home market and total volumes that begin to stabilize", said general manager Paul Everitt to SMMT.
    "However, the underlying demand buy Viagra in Sweden [] remained weak and the recuperation is again extremely fragile. A continuation of the plan of the incentive of the scrappage through to the original near date of 28 February 2010 online Pharmacy sildenafil citrate [] to sustain increase and uncertainties of bridge associated with the end of discount of the VAT would help."Thursday, the Rover of the Earth of the Canadian Cialis Pharmacy Online [] Jaguar said that he would close one of his/her/its plants Midlands Ouest in the next decade as he tries to strengthen the production.
    The numbers of the SMMT showed that buy Viagra in Montreal [] 19,173 cars have been constructed for the home market, a third of the total number produced. The cars for export were downwards by 37%. The number of vehicles commercial product fell by 48.5%, although it was the smallest drop of the year for the sector.
    The SMMT said the fall sustained in cheapest viagra price online [] commercial production reflected the "progressive weakness" in the market.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Tue, September 29, 2009
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    He/it said the plan that began in May and gave buy viagra 100mg online [] consumers ?2,000 of a new car if they make the trade in an at least 10 years, lacked money.
    The secretary of the business announced news, online order generic viagra [] asked by the industry of car, in his/her/its speech to the conference of the party of the Ploughing.
    He/it said that "we cannot make all but it mail order viagra in Canada [] doesn't mean not to make anything" and to say the plan would be spread to cover 100,000 more of cars and vans.
    The ?300m initiative had been due to end in buy viagra soft tabs online [] February, or when the limit of 300,000 vehicles that is thrown has been reached.
    227,750 orders passed so far through the plan - Canada viagra cialis online [] which to a cost to the government of ?1,000 by car wants to say ?227m buy generic viagra Japan [] has been spent. The extension means a total ?400m will be been himself hired to the plan that will finish again in February to the most belated.
    The other modifications to the plan will see the buy generic viagra Canada [] qualification of age changed by six months in all car recorded before 29 buy generic viagra Dubai [] February 2000, and cut the minimum age of vans that is thrown from 10 years to eight years.
    In his/her/its speech to the delegates in Lord Brighton buy generic viagra Singapore [] Mandelson said: There are encouraging signs in top that the economy where to purchase viagra online [] chooses. But the recuperation remains fragile and uncertain, especially in to manufacture and one of his/her/its corner stones, cialis generic tadalafil 20mg [] the industry of car."He/it said: "It is not a virgin check the automotive manufacturers' but recognition that a challenge of the short term has again to where to buy viagra on line [] help demand and confidence in the sector."The Society of Manufacturers of the Motor that general manager Paul Everitt said that it was a "extremely important decision that will inspire consumer and confidence of the business." He/it added: "The 100,000 supplementary vehicles should help to thwart the negative impacts possible of a return to the highest rate of VAT and the introduction of first year VED rate."United Kingdom of Nissan general manager where can I buy viagra online [] Paul Willcox said the plan had provided a "vital increase" to the industry of car and they were happy to see that the Government placed the industry of car generic levitra viagra order [] understandably in the summit of the economic agenda where it belongs." as well as to announce the extension of the plan he/it promised the government would be behind workers Vauxhall in Port Ellesmere buy generic viagra Australia [] and Luton where the manpower themselves were the main driver of change. And the same also" goes for Rover of the Earth of the Jaguar.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Sat, October 03, 2009
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    The businesses are warned buy viagra in Cardiff [] that they could rape the law so watch of the staff living television on their computers when the enterprise doesn't have license of the television.
    The stores, offices and other buy viagra in Glasgow [] workplaces could be condemned to a fine until ?1,000, the television that Allows the authority says.
    The shelters of the law on line buy viagra in Manchester [] living transmissions and don't apply to the services of correction as those on the iPlayer.
    If to watch by mobile and buy viagra in Montreal [] portable that is battery operated, they will be covered by the license of the television of the owner's house.
    The situation changes if the buy viagra in Vancouver [] material is plugged - as it is usually in the offices. "To this point, you have need of a license", said Ian Fannon of authorization of the television.
    People can now watch on a PC or buy viagra in Edmonton [] portable, or even on some cell phones and PDAses", he/it says, "and it is the responsibility of the business to make the sure staff obeys to the law."Paul Wells that possesses two stores in Bognor Regis received two l buy viagra in Sydney [] etters of the authority that warn it he could need a license if his/her/its computer had been joined to the internet.
    He/it contacted the News BBC to buy viagra in San Francisco [] say that he/it had found the rules that confound and had found it difficult to get clear information.
    "We make a lot of on line work for our buy viagra in Los Angeles [] business of the internet, but we don't have of time during the day to watch the television", says some Wells to M.. It should put it in the clear, but he/it wonders again if buy viagra in Perth [] he/it should get that a license is on the sure side. He/it worried in particular about customers who enter in the store with the cell phones buy viagra in Cyprus [] and was no clearer after having sounded the helpline of the License of the television.
    "I have been said that if people enter in buy viagra in San Diego [] my places with a cell phone, they would be covered home by their own license, but information on the Web site says that the business premises have need to have a license if all devices reach living television", it says.
    "You need a license if you watch some programs buy viagra in Spain [] as they are broadcast. To a business, the same rules apply."He/it says M. that the customers of Well will be covered by their own licenses if they use the mobile. Is what he/it only has need to worry about devices like buy viagra in Melbourne [] desktop computers that are plugged in the main, as making them installed" "legally. Therefore will the businesses be let alone if they don't ever insist their staff watch the television to work? Not necessarily, M. that Fannon says.
    Bosses who declare that they don't have buy viagra in Netherlands [] need a license could be inspected without warning whenever: "We pursued people to watch on a computer."

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Wed, October 07, 2009
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    A frost of the salary of the public buy Viagra in Tokyo [] sector and a rise in the age of the pension of the state are among the measures had need to sort out the finances of United Kingdom, George Osborne said.
    The chancellor of the shade buy Viagra in Dubai [] also sketched of the plans to aim some Whitehall costs and to suppress funds of the child's confidence for the best closed.
    He/it said the conference Tory Buy viagra Norway [] "us is together" all in this and said that the measures would save ?7bn one year.
    The Nick Robinson of the BBC Buy viagra France [] called it a "calculated risk" that they would be rewarded for honesty about pain.
    But, said Robinson, they know that when the Buy viagra Italy [] shade of alorse chancellor John Smith tried the same tactics in 1992 it has been applauded for his/its honesty - but blamed finally for the defeat of the election of his/her/its party.
    M. that Osborne said that it wanted Buy viagra Melbourne [] to be right with the voters about the scale of cuts had need and said time and again that the lucky must take their part of the pain.
    Repression on the Whitehall wages - Buy viagra Vancouver [] that that wants to pay more that the PM has need of approval of the Treasury that "I don't believe in the fact to balance the budget on the backs of the poorest", Buy viagra Sydney [] he said the party faithful to Manchester.
    His/her/its frost of the salary of the Buy viagra Calgary [] public sector proposed - which exempt the military frontline and that that wins less that ?18,000 per year - goes farther than the one announced per Monday Ploughing that will be Buy viagra Edmonton [] restricted to the GPses, the judges and the other high salaried.
    M. that Osborne said that the measures contained Buy viagra Hong Kong [] in his/her/its speech want, by the end of the next Parliament, is saving ?7bn one year in expense of the government.
    He/it said that he/it could not think about Buy viagra New York [] to abolish the new 50% rate of the Ploughing tax on the rich "while at the same time I ask that a lot of our workers of the sector publics accept a frost of the salary to protect their works." In a set of possible measures to form the Buy viagra Montreal [] backbone of the manifesto of the election Curator, M. Osborne proposed a frost on the salary of ministers of the government and sides Buy viagra Singapore [] of the sidewalk on the "excessive wages in the summit of Whitehall." All new public employee with a bigger salary than the Prime minister's level the special authorization would need the Treasury.
    And he/it said that the time had come to Buy viagra England [] "find paths to impose a ?50,000 yearly cap on the dimension of final payments of the pension of the sector publics." He/it also swore to cut the cost of Whitehall - to propose to cut departmental budgets by a third during the life of Parliament, a movement that it said would save ?3bn.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Fri, October 09, 2009
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    The recuperation to the United Kingdom viagra Australia [] that accommodates the market was enough strong to survive the slowing of the traditional summer, said the National association of Property agents.
    He/it said that sales, and the number viagra Edmonton [] of potential purchasers that records with an agent of property, was in September compared with the previous month.
    He/it considered the numbers like "a viagra Los Angeles [] source of optimism." But arranges the solvencies that the Evaluation Fitches said that the recent rises of the price of the house were a "temporary respite." He/it estimated that the values of the property would fall by a supplementary 17% due to increasing unemployment and a lack of availability of the mortgage.
    The NAEA that represents agents of property viagra in NYC online [] said that the middle number of house hunters appeared to every branch increased from 238 in August to 294 in September.
    the economic principles don't viagra New York [] make auger well for a strong recuperation sustained to the United Kingdom that accommodates viagra in Hong Kong [] the market The middle number of sales by rose of branch of 7.6 in August to 8.5 in September.
    But the proportion of first time purchasers viagra Chicago buy [] fell and the middle number of properties on the market - a key factor in the recent rises of the price - descended also.
    The president of the group, Gary Smith, viagra Toronto buy [] called on the government to spread the feast of the duty of the stamp to help continuous the recuperation. The properties viagra Singapore [] valued between ?125,000 and ?175,000 will only be free to owe the stamp until the end of the year.
    The two he/it Concerning the whole viagra Winnipeg buy [] country and the Halifaxes returned this United Kingdom house pink price in September compared with August, by 0.9% and 1.6% respectively.
    But the Evaluation Fitches discussed that viagra in Quebec City [] the prices would fall again - to lead finally to a total fall of 30% of their summit in October 2007.
    "In spite of the fact that a global economic viagra Vancouver [] recuperation is under way, the economic principles don't make auger well for a strong recuperation sustained to the United Kingdom that accommodates the market", said Alastair Bigley, head of viagra in Liverpool [] United Kingdom mortgage titles moved back residential in the Evaluation Fitches.
    The agency of the evaluations said that, with the viagra in Belgium [] middle United Kingdom salary to ?25,000, to save for a deposit was hard for in first time purchasers and would choke the demand to lodge.
    The shareholders of Avianca will get 67% for viagra in Greece [] hundred the reserve in the new holding company while the invetsors of Taca will take the rest.

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    by mooner on Wed, October 14, 2009
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    The sale of the telecom nationalized buy viagra in Dallas [] of Ghana returns farm in the Vodafone of United Kingdom was "unconstitutional and illegal", a report of the Ghanaian government had a flight says.
    The mobile company Based in United buy viagra in Las Vegas [] Kingdom bought a picket of 70% in Ghana Telecom (GT) and his/her/its assets for $900m (?570m) last year.
    The report, seen by the BBC, said GT buy viagra in San Francisco [] has been underestimated and finally the price paid for GT was less $267ms.
    President John Atta Mills had promised to buy viagra in Houston [] inquire into the controversial business before his/her/its election the last December.
    The David Amanor of the BBC in the capital, buy viagra in Chicago [] Accra, said the party of National Democratic Convention of Moulins Atta to M. (NDC) had protested against the $900m price buy viagra in Manchester [] labels while they were last year in opposition.
    The critiques said that it was too small buy viagra in Tokyo [] for the assets that included terrestrial, mobile and fiber-mirror networks of the cable and an academy known like Ghana Telecom University.
    The report says the parliament of Ghana had acted buy viagra in Norway [] unconstitutionally in to ratify the business without due process.
    And he/it pretended it "through a set complicated buy viagra in Sweden [] of financial arrangements" the published real price was less $267ms - far less the potential yearly salary of GT.
    He/it questioned why the offer of Vodafone has been buy viagra in Denmark [] approved when the other undertaken like Telkom South Africa offered higher offers for a least picket, and says the government didn't receive a value for money.
    The report, compiled by a committee of buy viagra in Korea [] the government's revision presided by a retired appeal court judge, recommended a renegotiation of the business with Vodafone.
    He/it also said "good that the strong allegations buy viagra in Melbourne [] have been made about corruption and corruption" the committee "didn't have the powers and resources to inquire into these demands." The report comes following a scandal of buy viagra in NYC [] the corruption that saw two ministers of the government resign on the weekend.
    George Sipa Yankey that was minister of health buy viagra in Glasgow [] and Seidu Amadu, a minister of state in the presidency, are pretended to have accepted bribe of a company of the British construction.
    The enterprise, Mabey and Johnsons, have buy viagra in Sydney [] been ordered last month by a British court to pay for more $7m in the fines after having admitted it corrupted some civil servants in Ghana in the 1990s, when the NDC was in to can.

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    by mooner on Thu, October 15, 2009
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    USA sell to the detail the sales fell buy viagra in London [] in September by the biggest amount in 2009, driven by sales of car that dive at the end of the plan of the scrappage of the country.
    The Department of the Trade said that buy viagra in Birmingham [] the sales slipped 1.5%, not as bad as waited, but biggest drop since December last year.
    Past sales of car 10.4% but when the buy viagra in Belfast [] vehicles have been disassembled outside, the retail trades really increased by 0.5%, better than the 0.2% which had been foreseen.
    The consumer to spend composes more that two third of activity economic American.
    A feast of the day of the belated buy viagra in Liverpool [] Manpower helped some retailers last month because the consumers bought some articles in September that they would normally have bought the August, the analysts said.
    The 1.5% drop in the sales of the buy viagra in Edinburgh [] September retail trade followed a rise of in August 2.2% that have been reviewed downwards of a previous assessment of 2.7%. It came like demand for the new cars surged in August as purchasers buy viagra in Amsterdam [] benefitted of the last month of the government's incentives of until $4,500 to make the trade in the old models for the fuel-efficient cars.
    The numbers of the Department of the buy viagra in Winnipeg [] Trade showed that the sales in the stores of the furniture jumped 1.4%, while reflecting the rebound in the industry of the lodging. During this time, sales to stores of the general's merchandise as Wal-Mart and Aim, increased 0.9%. buy viagra in Italy [] "Certainly the numbers were better than waited", said the economist Brun, main to Scott to Raymond James Associates.
    The money of the BBC Importe Roadshow buy viagra in Quebec City [] comes back with a host of experts prepare to tackle the questions of the money of people.
    This time the event will be resulted from the buy viagra in Montreal [] Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow of 0800 in 1830 BST Wednesday.
    Hundreds of people the first roadshow buy viagra in Hong Kong [] attended Manchester in February, after United Kingdom the recession entered only officially.
    This time, the experts will be ready to answer buy viagra in Sweden [] the questions about questions of the use as well as other financial concerns.
    In Manchester the most popular question was savings. buy viagra in Belgium [] There was a very sensitive of hunkering below and survive - people wanted the security above for their money something else.
    During the course of the day, people succeeded in buy viagra in Japan [] speaking to one advisers of their money worries around 500.
    Since February, unemployment increased, the buy viagra in Dubai [] interest rates remain low for the saviors, and in spite of a few more of products that come on the market of the mortgage many find it again extremely hard to borrow.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Tue, November 24, 2009
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    But the report identified some buy cheap Famvir [] concerns on schools - including weaknesses in to learn it have a particularly harmful impact on the children of private origins.
    There is that too much is mediocre and with buy cheap Flomax [] persistence therefore", said chief Ofsted.
    There were also the warnings that the buy cheap Fosamax [] inspectors had found five Academies to be inadequate and five satisfactory - out of a total of 30 this year inspected.
    The report also had some concerns on the English level and math in the primary school.
    "With the death of the national strategies, buy cheap Hoodia [] it is vital that the importance of the acquirement of good expertises of basis is not diluted", said Miss Gilbert to the publication of the report.
    The schools Rescue Vernon Coaker said national buy cheap Lamictal [] strategies for English and math had worked but that it was time to "displace below buy cheap Celexa [] far from this summit approach." On the quality to learn, M. that Coaker said didn't have "any excuse for all child who doesn't become the best possible buy cheap Clomid [] teaching - you only get a stroke to education." "The new License to Practice the plan puts the teaching on a par with others high professions of the statute. He/it will drive to learn the quality, while giving the support to staff buy cheap Doxycycline [] they have need to improve, and weeded underperformers outside."The Minister of the Schools of the shade, Nick Gibb, said a lot of children much too much were disappointed by the quality of education on offer.
    "The problem of literacy in the primary school buy cheap Acyclovir [] keeps thousands of pupils, especially those of poorer origins, and sows the seeds of absenteeism and disruptive behaviour later.
    "We sketched plans to raise the statute of cheap Allopurinol online [] professors while increasing the "professor's quality, he/it said.
    "Under a Conservative government the requirements of buy cheap Amoxil [] entry would be increased and the quality to form improved."The schools would have buy cheap Crestor [] offered themselves more of liberties to pay good professors more.
    Spokesman of the liberal Democrat that David Laws said: buy cheap Avapro [] "He/it upsets that after more of 12 years of a government of the Ploughing, nearly a third of schools don't provide a good education.
    This "government's failure to drive some buy cheap Celebrex [] levels in all our schools will be one of his/her/its during inheritances."He/it added that Ofsted risked to buy cheap Diflucan [] be diverted from his/her/its goal of the heart by the agenda of the child's protection.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Wed, November 25, 2009
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    The Supreme court will give a cheap Acyclovir online [] judgment Wednesday that could lead to billions of books that are repaid to millions customers of bank.
    Phillips Lord will reveal the buy cheap Allegra [] decision of the Court on a call by seven banks and the real estate society Concerning the whole country.
    They want to stop the Office of buy cheap Allopurinol [] Trade Rightly that uses the consumer's protection governs to inquire into the justice of their loads for the non authorized overdrafts.
    The decision follows more buy cheap Diflucan [] two years of litigation of the case of the test.
    So far the banks lost at the buy cheap Doxycycline [] High Court and the Appeal court organizes the case of the test.
    The two of these courses buy cheap Effexor [] OFTEN agreed with the that he/it has the power, under the Unjust terms in Consumer Contracts some Regulations (UTCCR), to scrutinize the justice of price of the overdraft.
    More of a million of people asked buy cheap Amoxil [] for the return of their overdraft for non authorized load but their cases are on the influence If the banks win their most belated call, these people are buy cheap Elavil [] unlikely to recover all money If the banks lose, then the legal discussions should pass to the next stage - a case to determine if these loads were just or not If the OFTEN wins then he/it will buy cheap Famvir [] open the door for him to announce that the loads of the overdraft are indeed unjust, when he/it reveals the result of his/her/its parallel investigation soon in them.
    In theory it should trigger an buy cheap Avapro [] automatic repayment of all loads of banks that has been raised since July 2001.
    Some militants discussed that all buy cheap Celebrex [] repayments should stretch same behind farther, in the beginning of 1995, when the UTCCR regulations entered in first the law of United Kingdom.
    The banks, OFTEN, judiciary and the authority buy cheap Celexa [] of the Services Financial (FSA) agreed the procedure of the case of the test to solve these legal questions in July 2007.
    But this agreement also considered a buy cheap Clomid [] supplementary circle of legal auditions in the High Court.
    It would decide if the was OFTEN just to say buy cheap Crestor [] banking expenses had been unjust in the past, and would decide what level of loads precisely can be just in the future.
    The government is awful that this second stage buy cheap Diovan [] of litigation could last until 2015, and on the been asked the two sides publicly to go up with an a lot faster way to solve the question.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Wed, November 25, 2009
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    He/it added: "The public authorities buy cheap Lexapro [] clearly have need to make more to tackle the increasing threat to the public understands science of beliefs creationist-inspired buy Propecia 5mg [] and other pseudoscience." the evolution is already learned in high schools and a lot of primary school, but under the changes of the buy cheap Elavil [] school program, it will become obligatory for the fundamental pupils, with the recommendation that they are learned the topic in their more belated years in school. The new school program says that buy cheap Lipitor [] the schools must investigate on and to explain like plant and the animals is interdependent and is various and adapted to their environment by natural cheap Diflucan online [] selection." Professor Sir Martin Taylor, vice-president of the Royal Society, said: "We are taken pleasure to see evolution included explicitly in the fundamental school program. "One of the most remarkable exploits buy cheap Lisinopril [] of science on the last two hundred years was show as the human beings and all others organisms occurred on the earth through the process of evolution."Next year cheap Diovan online [] Sats results for the schools of England will be published along the evaluations of professors of the work of pupils. The movement could avoid a buy cheap Lopid [] boycott threatened with the national tests by the professors and the heads. Education that Secretary Ed Balls said buy cheap Norvasc [] that the change didn't signal the end of the tests but it didn't close the door" on the supplementary reforms. The heads say that the drawn present buy cheap Paxil [] league above results of tests valued by olds of 11 years don't reflect the exploit of a school. Earlier the group of the government's buy cheap Plavix [] expert as testing advisable ministers watches to improve the professor's evaluation to see this year, if it would be possible buy cheap Doxycycline [] to move away of on the outside marked tests, in the future. The professor's evaluation in this case wants buy cheap Prednisolone [] to say when the professors say they believe what level individual pupils to work to. M. that the Bullets told the journalists buy cheap Prevacid [] today: "I don't absolutely close the door on long reform of the term, but we would only displace far from on the outside buy cheap Effexor [] marked tests if we were 100% confident us could provide to the needs of the parents that objective evaluation and validation."

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Thu, November 26, 2009
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    Facebook, the biggest site of buy cheap Lamisil [] the network of social software of the world, created a structure on behalf of double class to give the full control to his/her/its owners on the company. Several enterprises in deprives possessed, buy cheap Lasix [] including Google, introduced a similar structure before been written down publicly of the companies. But Facebook said that he didn't have any cheap Lexapro online [] plans to go public "to this time." The site has more 300 million of monthly users and now win money, very early. "We introduced a structure of the buy cheap Lipitor [] reserve of the double class because the existing shareholders wanted to maintain the control on to vote on some questions, to help assures the company can Cheapest propecia Price [] continue to concentrate on the long term to construct a big business", said Larry Yu to Facebook spokesman. The analysts said that without the new buy cheapest Lisinopril [] structure, the new shareholders could force through decisions of the business rather based on gain of short length that interests long-term. The profits to the Stock market of values buy cheapest Lopid [] of London fell after the global economic decrease dented the investor's confidence. It led to lower volumes of the trade buy cheapest cialis [] that helped to cut profits of the half-year to the exchange by nearly 40% in ?79m ($132m). order propecia Canada pharmacy [] Raised the competition composed the business loss, with to exchange the existence spread more in thin slices. The LSE, as other European for a longtime order cheap generic Cialis [] exchange, continued to lose the part of market to the other systems of the trade. Two years ago, the changes European low price generic propecia [] Large to the exchanges of path have been adjusted opened in top the market to the newcomers. The declaration of the LSE said that the Cheapest Sildenafil Citrate Price [] competition was intense: The "new places of the trade with aggressive pricing contributed to lower fairness that exchanges some incomes."The monthly part of the company Buy Cialis in Singapore [] to exchange the business fell dramatically since the market was open in 2007. In January Buy Cialis in New Zealand [] 2008, his/her/its United Kingdom market part was 96%, it is now until 58%, according to Thomson Reuters. He/it said the pipeline for offers public mail order Sildenafil Citrate [] initials where a company offers in first to the parts to the general public, appeared to promise for 2010.

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    by mooner on Thu, November 26, 2009
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    The Dubai government said in a buy cheap Paxil [] declaration that the demand to defer repayments of the debt applied to property promoter Nakheel, a World filial Dubai, also. "He/it upsets because for the buy cheap Plavix [] past months the news that leave gave the investors comfort this Dubai would be capable to fill his/her/its obligations of the debt" the most probably, Canadian pharmacy Effexor [] said analyst Shakeel Sarwar, of SICO Investment Pays. Dubai is one of the seven buy cheap Prednisolone [] autonomous emirates or declare it create the united Arabian Emirates. The analysts say that the Dubai buy cheap Prevacid [] government paid the price for an economic model blazing centered on foreign capital and projects of the construction giants. The questions are now raised about the cheap Propecia online [] capacity of Dubai to repay his/her/its debts, told Jeremy Howell to the correspondent of Middle East of the BBC. speculated that is possible that he/it buy cheap viagra pills [] turns at the economically conservative Abu Dhabi emirate to free it under guaranty. Agency of the global solvency that cheap sildenafil citrate online [] Standard & Poor that governs on the capacity of a company or government to repay his/her/its debts said the opinion can be considered a [debt] by default." Our correspondent said: "Standard & Poor and Moodys immediately Canadian pharmacy Plavix [] retrogressed all six state corporations moved back in Dubai, as while retrogressing some to throw the statute.Rubbish is the term used commonly to describe the attachments that are estimated level of the investment below by the agencies of the evaluations. The Dubais that the World opinion has Buy sildenafil citrate 100mg [] been made on the eve of the al-Adha Eid Muslim festival that will see a lot of agencies of the government and companies close in Dubai until December 6. The financial health of Dubai came under cheapest viagra price online [] meticulous exam after an adult, the company of the government investment possessed asked for a delay of six months while repaying his/her/its debts. Dubai world that has total debts of $59bn (?35bn), free pills viagra online [] demand to the creditors if he/it can put back his/its next payments next year until May. Le Monde Dubai also named the group of the where can I purchase viagra [] accounting global Deloitte to help with his/her/its financial restructuring. The demand for a delay in the repayments led to Canadian pharmacy Levitra online [] specialize agencies of the solvencies that retrogress moved back several state companies. Following six years of Canadian Cialis Pharmacy Online [] fast increase, the Dubai economy subsided since the second half of 2008.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Fri, November 27, 2009
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    Defense the Systems gigantic buy cheap Acyclovir [] BAE project to cut 642 works of United Kingdom on the next two years because of a decrease in his/her/its work. Works will enter to eight buy cheap Allegra [] sites through United Kingdom in his/her/its Business of the Technologies of the System Integrated that surveillance and systems of the order produced. The affected sites are buy cheap Allopurinol [] Portsmouths, Chelmsford, Christchurch, Island of Wight, Filton, Frimley (Surrey), Hillend (Fife) and west southbound London. The System BAES made several cheap Amoxil online [] work cut some opinions this year because of a lack of future contracts. In September, he/it said that cheap Celebrex 200mg [] 1,115 works would enter in its military plane unit. It followed an opinion in April that 500 works would go from his/her/its vehicles of the fight and division of the weapons. The business of the systems Celexa 40mg online [] affected in the most belated opinion uses 3,700 workers in 11 sites through United Kingdom. "Us a responsibility to address a buy Flomax online [] reduction in our work of the forecasting and to direct our basis of the cost to remain competitive and to satisfy to "the requirements of the future of our customers, said Fisher Rory of System BAE. "We will work with our employees and order Cialis Canada pharmacy [] their representatives to explore some ways to attenuate these potential losses of work and we will assure that the employees are supported completely everywhere in this process."The naval Construction Confederation and Unions Of the engineer expressed its concern. "The staff in Insyte produces the Buy Cialis Spain [] technology of the tip, these are the very clever works that United Kingdom cannot take the liberty to lose", said secretary Hugh general Scullion. BAE uses 105,000 people world, with buy plavix online pharmacy [] 32,600 those based in United Kingdom to a total of 80 sites. M. that the Love said that all revelation buy tadalafil online pharmacy [] or flight of the operations would have put seriously in danger in his/her/its whole the financial stability of the system. He/it emerged Tuesday that the two banks have buy propecia online pharmacy [] been given ?61.6bn secretly last fall to keep them to stream. The chancellor of the shade, George Osborne, cheapest place to buy viagra [] said that was important that the Bank of England has been allowed to carry away his/her/its function as lender of last recourse. But he/it added that he/it "raises the question of Buy cheap sildenafil citrate [] as... these banks came therefore close to sudden fall in the first place." He/it said that he/it underlined the need for fundamental reform to increase the power rather held by the Bank of England that regulating. Spokesman of the Democrats liberal Treasury that the Cable best price for sildenafil [] Vince said that he agreed in principle with the action but wanted to know why the government had waited long so to announce the details of the loans in public.

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    by mooner on Fri, November 27, 2009
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    The worries on the problems of the debt buy cheap Topamax [] of Dubai drove the markets below on behalf of Europe for the second race of the day.
    The indexes of the part principals buy cheap Toradol [] in London, Paris and Frankfort all opened more that 1% lower before easing behind slightly.
    The falls follow news of the World buy cheap Valtrex [] state-controlled Dubai that he/it would differ to repay some of his/her/its debt of it. Earlier, the markets of Asia were downwards suddenly.
    The reference mark of Tokyo Nikkei knocked buy cheap Wellbutrin SR [] 3.2% to 9,081.52 down. IN Hong Kong, the Slope the Seng index finished 4.84% below to 21,134.5. the prices of oil buying low cost cialis [] also fell. USA raw let fall 4.5% to $74.51 a barrel and London Brent Crude was below $1.26 to $75.73. biggest underlying fear is the problems of this Dubai mail order propecia [] would be able to reignite the financial agitation of the crisis of the credit. It would lower the global demand for a whole range of commodities, including oil.
    He/it has a central role in the buy cheap Xenical [] direction of the economy of emirate and has four main regions of operations: Transportation & Logistics, Drydocks & Maritime, Urban Development, and Investment & Financial Services.
    His/her/its assets include the World DP, buy cheap Zithromax [] one of the biggest operators of the terminal sailors in the world that triggered a debate of the national security in USA when he/it displaced to take more than six of the ports of the country.
    Home, his/her/its own maritime ambitions buy cheap Zoloft [] are driven by Dubai Maritime City that has the intention to change Dubai in a hub of the major boat-building.
    Maybe the region the most easily visualized buy cheap Zovirax [] of operation is Nakheel, the promoter of the property behind projects as The Islands of the Palm and Le Monde.
    His/her/its fourth region of the main business is buy cheap Zyrtec [] World Istithmar that is the arm of the investment of the group.
    He/it said Wednesday he/it would ask that the buy low cost tadalafil [] creditors of the World state-controlled Dubai and Nakheels agree to a stop on billions of dollars of debt like a first step toward to restructure.
    David Buik, partner main to BGC Partners, said: purchase generic tadalafil [] "You cannot say rightly to the world: 'I don't want to pay for my debts. There is not income that comes in in these properties. I think that it is shocking PR."The mail order zovirax [] state of Gulf that has less money of oil that a lot of his/her/its neighbours became a trade and hub of the tourism with the global ambitions.
    Le Monde Dubai, the conglomerate that led the best tadalafil price online [] expansion of emirate, had $59bn (?36bn) of responsibilities as August, a big proportion of the total debt of Dubai of $80bn. His/her/its subsidiary Nakheel was the entrepreneur of the palm of the reference mark shaped developments of island of Dubai.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Sat, November 28, 2009
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    Many that the professors lately lasix buy online [] competent fight to find sure places in the schools of England, a survey suggests.
    Just under 45% of new fundamental lexapro buy online [] professors in England find permanent posts, the survey for the Formation and Agency of the Development for the Schools says.
    It compares with 25% of secondary lipitor buy online [] professors, said research on 13,000 new professors who qualified in 2008.
    The school closings and fusions are lopid buy online [] thought to force new professors to take temporary or work of the provision.
    However, the survey showed that 95% norvasc buy online [] of new professors were in some shape to learn work.
    But there were some big regional variations, paxil buy online [] with only 33% of fundamental professors lately formed that find permanent work in the North East compared to 73% in London.
    The numbers also showed 30% of fundamental plavix buy online [] professors lately formed had arranged the term contracts, while a supplementary 10% had taken to learn contracts of the provision.
    It compared respectively to 15% and 6% in the high schools.
    Been also arranged there more the term contracts prednisolone buy online [] in the north East of England, with 45% of lately competent professors on these here compared to 14% in London.
    A few 22% of lately competent professors in the West prevacid buy online [] North had arranged contracts of the term compared with 105 in the East.
    And nearly half of all trained so-called topamax buy online [] secondary professors lately that they worked a coping school challenging circumstances compared to 43% of fundamental professors.
    The results of the survey come rightly one week after Buy low cost cialis [] the TDA said that he had passed the government's whole recruitment aims for the first time, even in math.
    A TDA spokesman said that his/her/its survey showed the low cost viagra online [] vast majority of new professors had found works and that it was not exceptional for the professionals to begin on the contracts of Buy Cialis in Edmonton [] short length "the room to rent Total esteem to learn some posts increased really on the last two years.
    "And the survey of new professors watch that on Buy Cialis in Cyprus [] average they only make three to five applications before getting a work. There is held to be regional variations in the market of work.
    "We strongly always advise people to be supple when to Buy Cialis in Hong Kong [] consider that the region of the country offers the best occasions. It is entirely good news for everybody, including related and young people that to learn is now competitive.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by mooner on Sat, December 05, 2009
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    They are already irritated by the buy CHEAP Acomplia [] billions of dollars spent on the exits of the guaranty of the emergency for banks and buy cheap Lamisil [] carmakers, begun under one their own, President George W Bush.
    To run in top deficits of the buy CHEAP Diflucan [] budget to be paid for by the future generations has a bad name in Washington. Makes the "big government" therefore. But an economist on the conservative side (he/it recommended the Republican presidential candidate, John McCain in 2008), Mark Zandi of, says the deficits are a big concern, but not something that we can take the liberty to worry about right now.
    "It is not a problem for 2009, buy cheap Diovan [] not for 2010. It is a problem for 2011, 2012 and beyond", he/it says.
    "We must insure that we don't buy cheap Doxycycline [] come back in a recession, because if we come back in recession, the cost to the taxpayers will be bigger even.
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    Another region where M. like that Zandi buy cheap Fosamax [] smells that the government can make an unique contribution provides the credit to the small and size average businesses.
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    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by dymond on Sun, April 10, 2011
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    This link to the big map hasn't worked in awhile.. Did anybody happen to get this map before the link got broke? I am basing my campaign in the Shield Lands and this map is exactly what I was looking for.  I hope somebody finds this post under the 100 pages of spam.

    Re: Bandit Kingdoms/Shield Lands Regional Map (Score: 1)
    by Anondson on Mon, October 24, 2011
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    Here is a working link to these maps. It will continue to work until June 2012. I hope this link finds you in time for your campaign!

    Yeah, it would be nice to get that spam purged from the thread! 

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