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POSTFEST: Postfest XVI(Needfest 2011): Psychic Phenomena of the Flanaes
Argon writes "When we think of psychics many see mystic guru's or followers of Zuoken from the baklunish lands. Many of us never think of haunted locales or psychic impressions . . .
POSTFEST: Postfest XVI(Needfest 2011): The Order of the Illumination of
MasterArminas writes "Psionic powers and the practitioners who use them are not unknown in the World of Greyhawk. Often referred to as mind-mages by the common people . . .
POSTFEST: Postfest XV: All Dried Out, Part II
Argon writes "Things are dire a Sunn'sebb snowfall prevents travel and a disease seems to be turning the good people of Shandalanar into blood thirsty zombies that cannot be turned. Rumors persist the dead have risen from their graves and a missing farmers son may be the answer to such fell deeds."
POSTFEST: Postfest XV: All Dried Out, Part I
Argon writes "In the great peaceful theocracy of Veluna, lies a small town named Shandalanar.
A land who has known peace almost from its simple beginnings. This resurrected old miners town sports fertile soil and a peace loving people. When one of the farmers sons is arrested for stealing drinks at the local tavern its big news. Unfortunately for the people of Shandalanar things are about to get much more grim.
POSTFEST: Postfest XV: Pyert
ragr writes "An unassuming shop in a quiet town. A pleasant young man. A less than noble lord. A personal hurt that must be salved."
POSTFEST: Postfest XV: Sanctigaard and the Demesne of Sir Xaris ab Yust
SirXaris writes "Ever needed a higher level base of operations for your characters than the Keep on the Borderlands?  Welcome to Sanctigaard, Eastboro, and the Demesne of Sir Xaris!  If your campaign is pre-Greyhawk Wars, your heroes can use this village as a base from which to make assaults upon the humanoids and other mysteries of the Pomarj.  If you wish to incorporate the Greyhawk Wars into your campaign, Castle Sanctigaard is a great place for your characters to make their last stand in an Alamo-like finish.  If you simply need a new and exciting NPC benefactor for your PCs, this is the place. :)"
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