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    Re: Legacy of the Olman Empire 1: Tamoachan and the Origin of the Olman People (Score: 1)
    by Crag on Tue, April 26, 2005
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    Yes I read the article and it was well done, I was simply trying to "square the circle" with the various cultural problems brought up by myself and others particularly GVD while retaining the core elements of your theory without making it an issue of Canon vs Article. I was hoping to find a plausible middle ground between the two for both.

    As for Olman and Flan, OTTH.
    1) Vastly different culture, one nomadic, other sedintary city state which shows the diametically opposed values of the societies.
    2) Flan even if they migrated so far south, why would they flee further south into a hostile unknown enviroment like the jungle by ship which the flan are hardly renowed for rather then simply head north or west or even east via ship towards the flan kingdoms of the east and remain among common flora and fauna.
    3) Different deity set and method of worship, did they just abandon all flan influences and what just happened to discover a new pantheon of deities when they arrived within the Amedio.
    4) Olman culture is relatively advanced in some areas: Building and agriculture to produce a thriving society within a jungle enviroment even if it is a pale decayed shadow of its former greatness but the flan tribes had yet to discover advanced agriculture, building or rudimentary fortification abilities at the time of the Oeridian and Suel migrations well after your articles time period.

    I still look forward to reading the other Olman articles.

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