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    Re: Politics in Perrenland (with maps!) (Score: 1)
    by Kirt on Mon, June 12, 2006
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    My take on it is that the Quagflow has always been a Flan-dominated region, in language, culture, religion, customs, etc.  This did not change even when the region was conquered (mostly in name) by the Overking.  However, since that time there has been established a strong immigrant community of Oeridian craftsmen around Schwartzenbruin.  After the lowlands were conquered by Furyondy and Veluna, an Oerid noble-and-warrior class was established.  Some of these actually supported Perren's revolution, so that Perren (a Flan) had both Flan and Oerid generals, vassals, and ultimately subjects.  He used two different systems of titles to refer to Flan and Oerid vassals, and this convention has continued to this day (with those of mixed descent being treated as Oerid because the most salient feature is that they are non-Flan.

    Currently, there is little differentiation in Schwartzenbruin, and racial mixing is common there.  The importance of race and clan have faded in the city and a new identity based on nation, social class, and profession has emerged.  The politics of race are seen by most city dwellers as both old-fashioned and unsophisitcated - a thing for country-folk to worry about.  Outside the city in the lowlands, farming villages tend to be either predominantly Oerid or predominantly Flan.  This is a legacy of a segregation that once applied but no longer is terribly important.  The closer one gets to Schwartzenbruin the more mixed the communities are and the more Oeridians there are.  In the remote rural lowlands Oerids are generally a few trade families in each village.  In the highlands the population is almost entirely Flan, and this distinction matters.

    Any mention of race by an Ootlander (non-citizen of Perrenland) is usually seen as very impolite.  Among fellow nationals, the subject of race is best discussed abstractly, without reference to specific people.

    For more details, see both The History of Government in Perrenland and the Religious History of Perrenland (links above).   

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    Re: Politics in Perrenland (with maps!) (Score: 1)
    by Iuz on Wed, October 07, 2009
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