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    Re: The Greyhawk Adventurerís Atlas Part 8 - Old Aerdy West and North (Score: 1)
    by Braggi (braggi@greyhawk.gates) on Sat, January 26, 2013
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    The software suite used is an old TSR product called Core Rules 2 and Expansion created by the now-defunct Evermore Entertainment. It came on two CDs (not a DVD, they weren't very common at that point in time.)

    Sadly, it's no longer published these days, but was all the rage in the late 1990's/turn of the millennium. It's a useful program too, having all of the AD&D Second Edition core books included in html, text and windows help formats, a character and NPC creator/tracker, a built-in class designer, the overland map maker (which is what these maps were done on), a dice roller, an interior mapper, a city mapper and even an old fashioned graph paper dungeon mapper which could handle regular straight-line geometrical maps and fractal-based uneven rooms for caves and such. Last but not least, a watered down version of Campaign Cartographer 2 was bundled into it and it was expandable to the full version if you went to the CC2 site and purchased an upgrade.

    The software also allowed you to export your CR2 maps (in very small and efficient files, I might add) so other CR2 users could download and use them.  Fully editable as well, so if the original map author got it wrong, you could fix it. When I first started this project around 2002 there were still fan sites catering to the software, in spite of the fact that it had become abandonware at that point. Harvester's Heroes was one such site and that's how I originally got involved with them.

    I chose this for the atlas because:

    a) It is really easy to use with a low learning curve.
    b) It was the only overland mapper I had run into that mimicked the general look and feel of the Darlene maps from the original Greyhawk Boxed Set.

    My only complaints on it are that the symbol libraries for the mappers are very limited (but they are also high quality in terms of art) and there was no function to save a finished map to an image file. So all the atlas maps have been painstakingly pieced together from screen shots, one section at a time. That's one reason why I took so long to get this project out there after its inception 11 years ago - updates during periods where the 'Hawk was published (and was thus changing) were nightmares in terms of construction time.

    Aside from the overland maps you see in the atlas, I still use this software regularly in my pen-and-paper games. It's just too handy not to.

    Hope that helps. Thanks for the good question!


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