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    Re: Suloise Relics I: Lightbringer (Score: 1)
    by chatdemon ( on Wed, June 26, 2002
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    I don't believe there is anything wrong with my 3e mechanics. If you see something I erred on, please let me know.

    As for the Lhiannon Shee, I haven't converted her to 3e, since there hasn't been one in my campaign yet.

    In my 2e game, I used the Lhiannon Shee write up from Ravenloft (one of the RL monster compendiums, cant recall which of the top of my head) and applied the Monster of Legend 'template' from planescape, creating a unique, but very powerful monster.

    Without bogging down in details, for 3e I'd probably start with a high level (around 15) bard, apply the vampire template, and tweak the special abilties to depict her song draining power.

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    Re: Suloise Relics I: Lightbringer (Score: 1)
    by chatdemon ( on Wed, June 26, 2002
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    And yet, one is left to wonder what became of the spear since? And how has the story of the spear been preserved so well, for this information to be passed ultimately into the hands of our players?

    The Spear was customarily granted to the ranking cleric or paladin of the Sun Maiden order in the town of Zeltra before the twin cataclysms. After that it was lost to history until recent years when Yeoman expiditions into the desert rediscovered the ruins of that town. Alfirin Owen, a Lydian paladin from Sterich, heard rumors of the discovery and gathered a party of adventurers to aid her in going to reclaim the relics of her faith's temple in the city before looters could despoil it. To make a long story short, she eventually recovered the spear after passing tests of faith and courage, and brought it back with her to Sterich.

    During the war she fought bravely against the forces of the giants, most notably at the doomed Last Stand at Istivin just before that city fell. After that she spent the war in and around Flen, working the morale of the troops with her songs and stories of glory and triumph against all odds.

    Alfirin is now a close advisor to Marchioness Resmond and is working diligently to rebuild the country and personally investigates any reports of the restless dead within Sterich's borders.

    The story of the spear and all of its bearers is part of the Lydian faith's canon, and is passed down through the generations through poetry, prose and lyric. Most Sheldomar bards versed in ancient history and Suloise culture know one or two songs or stories of the spear and its history.

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    Re: Suloise Relics I: Lightbringer (Score: 1)
    by chatdemon ( on Wed, December 18, 2002
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    For those using 3rd edition D&D, I found the official Lhiannon Shee write up on WotC's Monster Mayhem section of their website, they're calling it the Leanan Sidhe now though, same critter. Have fun!

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