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    Re: Spells of the Lydian Faithful, part 2 (Score: 1)
    by chatdemon ( on Wed, July 03, 2002
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    Song of the dance is woefully underpowered. A 4th level spell that only affects one person, only grants a +4 bonus, and requires the caster to devote essentially all her time to maintaining it?

    Gah! That was supposed to be a free action each round to maintain the spell, not a full round action. Now that I take another look at the spell though, you may be right about it being underpowered. I would probably beef it up a bit by allowing the caster to affect a number of dancers equal to his cha modifier, letting him affect a small troupe. I don't like letting spells grant more than about a +4 or +5 bonus to skill checks though. IMO, dancers (in this case) should not rely on magic to perform their art, and giving them access to spells that can seriously help their skill checks might encourage players to spend their skill points on other things unrelated to their class or character concept.

    Likewise, song of dalt seems very weak. higher level casters are almost better off sending the rogue away before they cast this spell.

    In my game this spell allows the rogue to instantly take 20 (as opposed to the spirit of the take 10/20 rules, which imply that the rogue is being extra slow and careful)on their next check. I thought that might be a little overpowered for the masses though, and downgraded the spell's effect. I do see what you mean about the spell making the rogue obsolete in the lockpicking department though, the spell is meant to help out a party who doesn't have a rogue, or whose rogue has a low skill level in lockpicking. Assuming the party works happily together, the cleric or bard should avoid using this spell in situations where the rogue could handle the job, saving their spells for more important matters, like combat or healing for example.

    Song of bralm might be reworded to affect non-intelligent or low intelligence vermin? Also, what about summoned vermin (re summon swarm)?

    That is what I intended (the verbiage of 3e still throws me now and then). The spell potentially effects any insects, insectiod vermin, or insect like monsters, at the DM's discretion.

    For skill-affecting spells, consider jump. Affects creature touched for 1 min/level, grants +30 bonus to Jump skill.

    Yes, and I think that is insanely overpowered for a spell, especially a first level spell. First level spells should not allow the target to perform (theoretically) DC 54 tasks. I've toned down the power of 3e a bit here and there, and some of the spells reflect that.

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