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Variant Rule Base Damage
Argon writes "Have you ever been involved in a combat encounter that made you tired of rolling dice? Have you rolled a high attack roll or a critical only to roll a low damage result? Have you hit a creature with your long sword and dealt 1 point of damage while the lucky wizard threw his dagger and delivered 4 points of damage to the same creature? If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions? Then base damage may work in your game."
Secret of the Runes IV
Argon writes "In this treatise, we explore an exceedingly greater knowledge of rune lore. “May Annam enlighten, your path as you take in the runes”."
The Secret of the Runes III
Argon writes "Rune Lore is the formula Rune casters use in the crafting of a rune. Unlike traditional forms of magic in which a caster invokes certain ritual’s to shape the magical weave."
The Secret of the Runes II
Argon writes "In Secret of the Runes, we found out about the origin of Rune Lore. In this long awaited follow up to the Postfest IV article, we will address the lost Joten magic’s and an alternate Wizard class called the Rune Caster, plus some Rune Feats."
Fighter Kits and Class Options Part 1
Argon writes "In this treatise, you are presented with some new fighter kits and alternative fighter classes: The Rhennee Darkhagards, the Sheldomar Swordsman, the Myrmidon and the Swashbuckler."
Monastic Fighting Styles of the Flanaess
Argon writes "We are all familiar with monkish fighting styles based on Asian fighting styles. However much of Oerth, especially the Flanaess are based on western earth civilizations. Therefore the monk class should reflect a more westernized approach to its philosophy and structure.  Or in the least an approach which embraces the many fighting traditions each order may dwell in. Like a complete monk for the westernized campaign..."
Witch of the High Secret Order Prestige Class
Cebrion writes "Among witches, there are those who stand higher in their patrons' favor than all others. These are the witches of the High Secret Order, and they are privy to some of the most powerful magics Oerth has ever known."
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