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    Omnipotent View - Aratheas' background
    longetalos writes "In the Dwellers of the Forbidden City, an NPC named Aratheas is found among the mongrelfolk. This article is how she got there based on my campaign."
    Greyhawk Adapts: Adventures from Dungeon Magazine, Part 1
    Braggi writes "The continuation the Greyhawk Adapts series on 1E and 2E modules from Dungeon and Dragon magazines. This entry is the first of two covering Dungeon Magazine, drawing adventures from issue #1 to #38 with party levels, location suggestions, adaptations ideas and module codes for reference.Part 2 of 4"
    Greyhawk Adapts Part 1: Adventures from Dragon Magazine
    Braggi writes "There is a wealth of adventuring just waiting to be tapped in the 1E & 2E Dragon and Dungeon magazines. Given hereafter are listings of the Dragon Magazine adventures with party levels, location suggestions, adaptations ideas and module codes for reference. Part 1 of 4."
    Dragon Quest, the Grandwood Edition
    Abysslin writes "In the heart of the Grandwood Forest lie mostly creatures and beings of good inclination. From the great tree fortresses of the Grugach to the lowly mounds of rabbit holes, the Grandwood is a sanctuary for many seeking refuge from the surrounding evil and oppression of the country that it lie within. There is however, one locale that houses a great evil – Spikerift, an evil that has lied dormant for centuries. The denizens of the Grandwood are wise to avoid it and only the ranger, Fiona Goldhand and her companion Auruma dare patrol the rift. They have informed Queen Sera of the Grugach that this evil is awakening. The Grandwood is in need of heroes indeed!"
    A New Greyhawk Campaign is Coming!
    woliver writes "When is the last time your heard those three words put together?  "New," "Greyhawk," and "Campaign." Well, it’s true: A new 1st Edition AD&D Greyhawk campaign is coming and it begins on March 24, 2017 at"
    Lost Treasures
    baronzemo writes " Years have passed since the crown jewels of the gnome King Warren ap'Hiller was stolen. Rumors are abundant of who did the job and why. The thieves were never caught. As fate would have it, a clue to the jewels whereabouts has landed in yourhands! A new Greyhawk adventure for characters of levels 5-7"
    Postfest XVII (Richfest 2012): Rangors Roving Rest
    baronzemo writes "Rangor's Roving Rest is a magical inn that appears along a weary road or path one day and is gone the next. Some say the inn is cursed, others say it appears when a adventurer needs a hot meal and a dry bed the most. This cozy rest could appear along the road that leads into Greyhawk city and the next day in the middle of the Dry Steppes. Be weary when you step into "Rangor's Roving Rest!""
    Postfest XVII(Richfest 2012): The Sign of the Gibbeted Goblin
    smillan_31 writes "The friendliest inn... well, really the only inn, in the village of Pelgaryn on the Wild Coast."
    Cave of Ungutu
    Abysslin writes "Long ago there was a vast empire overseen by Emperor Zotlatlan. He was a tyrannical ruler in every sense, but his people led full and bountiful lives. When Zotlatlan moved his ambitions to the conquest of the surrounding tribes, they rallied together under the leadership of the Lizard Tribe, whose chief slayed Zotlatlan. When Zotlatlan was killed, his people built a minor burial tomb and laid him to rest. Soon, without any form of solid leadership, the Broken Bat tribe (Telanites) fell into a state of ill repair as a society. Many of their people died of famine and disease."
    Postfest XV: All Dried Out, Part II
    Argon writes "Things are dire a Sunn'sebb snowfall prevents travel and a disease seems to be turning the good people of Shandalanar into blood thirsty zombies that cannot be turned. Rumors persist the dead have risen from their graves and a missing farmers son may be the answer to such fell deeds."
    Postfest XV: All Dried Out, Part I
    Argon writes "In the great peaceful theocracy of Veluna, lies a small town named Shandalanar.A land who has known peace almost from its simple beginnings. This resurrected old miners town sports fertile soil and a peace loving people. When one of the farmers sons is arrested for stealing drinks at the local tavern its big news. Unfortunately for the people of Shandalanar things are about to get much more grim."
    Postfest X(Needfest 2009) Wolf’s Howl Inn
    MikelAmroni writes "“Let me tell you friend, when you’re on the road from Henrich to Verbobonc and beyond, there’s nothing so sweet as the Wolf’s Howl, save the warmth of your own sweet home.” - Butch, smith and merchant of the hamlet of Henrich."
    Night's Dark Terror, Part 2 - Chapters 1-4
    Flint writes "Crops are being blighted in southern Verbobonc and adventurers are needed to investigate the lair of a cult long thought dead. But, is an even darker power at work here?"
    Postfest VIII(UPF1): The Undersea Alliance Adventure Path
    wolfsire writes "This article provides for an adventure path between U2 Danger at Dunwater and U3 The Final Enemy. Alternatively, by may be used simply to explore off-shore Salinmoor without connection to the U-series of adventures."
    Madness Beneath the Flanaess
    MerricB writes "What lies in the dungeons beneath Greyhawk? This article presents a few sample encounters to confuse and disorient your players, as well as the places where they may be found."
    Night's Dark Terror, Part 1 - Background
    Flint writes "Servants of the Demon Prince of Wrath have found the valley of Esmerin in the Lortmils and now they've lost it again. Only a slaver ring can help them and only heroes can stop them."
    Escape from Prymp
    scottenkainen writes "Escape from PrympAn AD&D AdventureFor 3-6 PCs of 1st-4th levelFor over 200 years, only a handful of individuals have ever known that there is a system of caves under the free town of Prymp.  Water from Relmor Bay once flowed into a subterranean river from the beach here, but the beach entrance to the caves was long ago caved in and built over (it is now part of the Dock District).  Gnomes were hired long ago to examine the tunnels for stability and safety.  A secret entrance was dug from town hall, in case officials needed to be smuggled out of town during a seige, fire, or other disaster.              Unfortunately, just such a disaster might be impending.  With the Provincial army closing in, Prymp officials are making evacuation plans.  But they've encountered a problem.  It's been discovered that there are some monsters which have taken up residence in the tunnels under the town.  Someone needs to discreetly clear out the monsters."
    Postfest VI: Hired Help
    gord writes "This is an adventure I wrote for a 1st edition campaign that never got underway. Well, hopefully someone might be able to integrate it to their own individual campaigns.The party receives a mysterious sending from a magic-user...a token with the wizard's sigil (the number 10) containing a magic mouth spell that voices in rich deep baritone: "I've need of an intelligent and capable band to perform a service unto I, Aronis Tenspells. You will be adequetley compensated with gold orbs, essential provisions and my esteemed gratitude for completion of said mission" the rest of the message will leave instructions and directions to get to (insert city/town of your chosing) the instructions say to enter a tavern and order three shots of whiskey, leave the first and third shot-glasses downward with the middle one raised. Once done, the bartender will give the party the address to the wizard's abode."
    Postfest VI: Planes of Retribution
    mortellan writes "Adventure Background: Few but his most ardent worshippers know that Trithereon the Summoner, god of Individuality and Retribution will take up the pursuit of villains that think themselves safely beyond the reach of law and the vengeance of those they have wronged. With his legendary Baton of Retribution, Trithereon can find his quarry anywhere on any plane eventually. When those he chases are found the Baton warps the surrounding area so there is little chance of escape; what the Baton has in fact done is draw them into a newly created pocket plane that is entirely alien to Trithereon’s foe. It is said that once face-to-face on this strange plane Trithereon asks but one question of his intended foe, and if it is not answered truthfully then the answerer will surely be left trapped on his own personal prison plane for a sentence of 100 years. That is unless a means of escape is found…"
    Greyhawk Adventures by Level - New Listings
    Braggi writes "This article is intended as an update for the "Greyhawk Adventures by Level" index which I submitted in 2004. The index is located on the main page of the site, under the Special Features heading. The updates are from different sources that were not available to me at the time the index was first created. Any notes on the adventures will be included for clarity. All of the updated material comes from back issues of Dungeon magazine, as I am able to track them down. I still do not have all of them, but there is more then enough to do a substantial update. Also note that in the index I assigned each adventure an old-style letter code. This was to fit it in with a map set which is still under construction here at Canonfire!. This update will omit those codes for brevity and to keep the original accurate to the map set."
    Refitting I9 Day of Al-Akbar for Greyhawk
    Braggi writes "One of the things that has always annoyed me a bit is the module I9. It was a good enough adventure for the time it was published, but it did Greyhawk a disservice by removing two of its milieu-specific artifacts and throwing them into the limbo of the generic. Not only was this done, but the geography of the adventure is largely incompatible with the Baklunish territories, both modern and pre-cataclysm, which are the logical setting. In fact, the adventure setting is largely incompatible with Greyhawk’s geography in general. This article is aimed at “reclaiming” the module, to try solve these problems and bring it into line with the game world."
    The Haunted Mine of Blackstone
    cwslyclgh writes "Another 3.5 edition Mini-adventure, this time for 6th level characters, the haunted mine of Blackstone, takes place near that small mining town in the Cairn Hills (north east of the city of greyhawk)."
    Return of the Ur-Flan Pt I
    gvdammerung writes "The Return of the Ur-Flan is an adventure and resource document for introducing the Ur-Flan into a campaign. Included is an adventure, background on the Ur-Flan, one new prestige class, one new spell, three new magic items and three new monsters. This is Part 1"
    Return of the Ur-Flan Pt II
    gvdammerung writes "The Return of the Ur-Flan is an adventure and resource document for introducing the Ur-Flan into a campaign. Included is an adventure, background on the Ur-Flan, one new prestige class, one new spell, three new magic items and three new monsters. This is Part 2"
    Death at Dawn
    cwslyclgh writes "Here is another mini-adventure, in the style of the 1e book of lairs, or the adventure cards from the CoG or FtA boxed sets. Taking place in the Mounds of Dawn a shadow out of Perrenlands past returns, in this adventure for 6th level characters."
    Bad Times in the Good Hills
    cwslyclgh writes "I have seen a lot of requests for adventures and modules recently, so i thought I would make a short one and place it on canonfire for the communities use. I based the format for the adventure on the 1st edition Book of Lairs (also used for the adventure cards in FtA and CoG), although the adventure itself is a 3.5 edition adventure. I am interested in hearing what you think of my adventure, so please comment and critique it."
    T1-4 - adventure hook for starting the module
    donimator writes "Most of us have struggled at one point or another with the problem of how to fit a published adventure into our game and get the story going in an interesting fashion. This article explores that topic, relating the tale of an unlikely group of strangers brought together by fate to face the challenges of Hommlet and the Temple of Elemental Evil."
    Murlynd´s Early Adventures & Subsequent Ventures: The Epidemic, and Heads Down!
    tzelios writes "A high level adventure presented in 1e format. Action takes place before the rise of Temple of Elemental Evil, and involves the passage of the mythical holy sword Fragarach from Tir-nan-Og to Oerth."
    Little Trouble in Big Greyhawk
    Coldpenguin625 writes "A mischevious thief, some magically enhanced pets, and one wierd pet shop. An adventure for 1st level characters set in Greyhawk City. Author: Coldpenguin625"
    Trials of Sin, Part One: Kor-Alj Termain
    MichaelSandar writes "When a test for the ancient paladins of Pholtus of the Blinding Light is uncovered in the Crystalmists, groups of adventurers are sent to discover the truth of the tests. In Trials of Sin: part one, we journey to the ruined city of Kor-Alj Termain on the western edge of the Crystalmists... Author: by MichaelSandar"
    Adventure Seeds: Stories of the Sheldomar III
    chatdemon writes "Folks in the Yeomanry are quite often what they seem, honest and simple, but can the party trust a young bard when she becomes suddenly eager to join in their journeys?Author: chatdemon"
    Adventure Seeds: Stories of the Sheldomar II
    chatdemon writes "The canopy of the great Dreadwood Forest hides many mysteries from the rest of the Sheldomar valley, can the party solve but one of these, a tale of broken hearts, ancient druid circles and a restless protector of the forest?Author: chatdemon"
    Adventure Seeds: Stories of the Sheldomar I
    chatdemon writes "Every city has its tales of young lovers and broken dreams, and Cryllor is no exception. Can the party help two frightened young newlyweds seek their future in spite of the objections of a powerful noble family? Author: chatdemon"
    Postfest I: The Thing That Should Not Be
    The PC's aid is requested by a small village several days travel west of Greyhawk. The inhabitants claim a giant, furry dragon flew down from the sky a week ago, and has been devouring the local landscape ever since. They beg the PCs assistance in dealing with the monster before it eats everything in the region... Author: Nathan Irving

    Note: Greyhawk City, Spelljammer, Zagig Yragerne
    Postfest I: The Waystation
    In ancient times, the Dwur (dwarf) nations constructed a network of underground "roadways" and canals to facilitate travel without having to expose themselves to the dangers and discomfort of travelling beneath the stars and being away from their beloved rock-homes for too long. This particular waystation, however, is under new management... Author: Jason Farina
    Postfest I: Law Unending
    Some people say this temple was ruined before it became the battleground of two gods of death. But as the adventurers find out, hell still has a warm place for this spot. Author: Nathan Irving
    Postfest I: Aerie of Qilau'nn
    Above the paths winding below, only those with the keenest of eyes can discern the aerie of Qilau'nn. The tumble of rocks provides no easy path, and the cascade that spills down the north facing cliff is a further impediment to entrance, yet Qilau'nn flies above it all. For she is beloved of Phaulkon though his brother Phyton too spirits her devotions.... Author: Marc Tizoc Gonzalez
    Postfest I: The Kuo-Toan Temple
    Oh, so you stumbled upon their home and you're supposed to apologize? I say, Squish the Fish! Just make sure you survive that last surprise they have in store... Author: Scott "Volstagg" Casper
    Postfest I: Sanctuary of the Bloody Hands
    Taras writes "When are adventurers going to learn to respect the religious practices of others? So what if they happen to spill a little blood in the process... Author: Taras Guarhoth"
    Postfest I: The Ghost of Kelios
    Long dead travelers who followed the goddess of Death and Magic and never lived to see their destinations seek to repay the favor as your adventurers stumble upon their final repose. Author: Ron Carey
    Postfest I: The Amethyst Crag Mine
    The Amethyst Crag Mine is situated in a small canyon deep within the Kron Hills and is owned and operated by Baronet Albruce of House Artim. A fine operation to be certain, well run and staffed. But could it be that they have a problem, only "outside" help can solve? Author: Dargarth
    Postfest I: Nea Tramul's Tower
    An Ogre awaits his chance to avenge the honor of his family against the Lord of White Plume Mountain. Will the curious adventurers end up screwing up his plans? Author: Justin Hilyard
    Postfest I: Two for the Road
    A couple of short encounters for a party in need of action: Temple of Ehlonna Dereilon and Red Dragon. Author: Mike McKweon
    Postfest I: Hastur’s Folly
    When a party of adventurers stops to investigate a lonely tower...they learn that sometimes being a good samaritan is a bitch. Author: Adrian Paterson
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