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    Up and Comers of Oerth
    Osmund-Davizid writes "There are many great names that populate the world of Greyhawk.  Luminaries that have careers and adventures that span many lifetimes.  Here is a group of personages who are on the cusp of greatness.  These folk are rising stars, increasing in influence and power and may be the movers and shakers of the future."
    Al 'Temlorn
    Kraftwerk writes "Throughout history, many are they that have slaved at easel, wheel, and loom -- giving life and breath to vagrant dreams and unfettered imagination in the form of art.  In turn, such is the greatness of some few of these artistic works that they have indelibly shaped the very history of the Oerth itself.  Two such legendary pieces were created by the Baklunish painter al'Temlorn:  Perhaps the greatest artist to have ever put brush and quill to paint and pigment in a relentless endeavor to bring everlasting beauty to the World of Greyhawk.  Come learn more of his life and times, his work and legacy, here!"
    Vile Roots
    LeahcimTheLearned writes "What makes a Villain?  What events in a being's past brings it to the point of darkness?  Is it a long slow decline or does it happen with one sudden choice? Can someone be born 'evil'?  In the case of Sym'ar Al-bint Hura the answer is yes."
    Postfest XIV(Richfest 2010):The Chanter of Spirits
    Argon writes "“Destiny is not always something we seek, but often something we find.”  - Caswil Gastingil."
    Postfest XIV(Richfest 2010): Nura bint Ramil
    mortellan writes "There are few sights in Ull rarer than a woman who wields power and wealth. In the seedy heights of Kester is one such woman, and though she is not a native of Ull, none dare contest her right to live and prosper in that harsh frontier land."
    Postfest XIV(Richfest 2010): Sir Xaris
    SirXaris writes "Sir Xaris, the Unabashed, Proclaimer of Truth, Defender of Right, Bane of the Wicked, is an accomplished Paladin originally hailing from Furyondy, who has travelled the length and breadth of the Flanness with his adventuring companions, known commonly as the Old Characters.Ever the first with word or blade, he was the natural leader of the group and, thus, was able to moderate the actons of some of the less forthright members of the company and maintain a heroes reputation for the group as a whole."
    The History of Bradock Quasar, Suloise Mage
    Braggi writes "Not as well known is Braduck Quasar, an NPC Paul submitted to the World of Greyhawk Fan club in the mid 1990’s. Braduck was included in one of the two Grimoire collections put out by the fan club. In digging through old sources, I was inspired by Paul’s NPC and decided to expand on his history, adding details and dates. The purposes here are to explore just why the ancient Suloise mages were feared and to answer the question of “What if one of them survived into the modern Flanaess?”  To that end, I submit a re-worked version of Paul’s original NPC, renamed to “Bradock” out of respect for Paul’s original creation. Many thanks to you, Paul, for creating Braduck, his background and his spells."
    Postfest XIII (Brewfest 2009):Bubbagump Grumblefoot–The Halfling Horror Part 3
    bubbagump writes "“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!” –Psalm 127:4-5a"
    Postfest XIII (Brewfest 2009):Bubbagump Grumblefoot–The Halfling Horror Part 2
    bubbagump writes "Watch out for that halfling, he might pick your pocket. Or kill you and eat you. Or worse."
    Postfest XIII(Brewfest 2009):Bubbagump Grumblefoot– The Halfling Horror Part I
    bubbagump writes "There is a deadly and horrifying evil lurking beneath the city of Greyhawk…no, wait, that’s just a halfling. How dangerous can he be?"
    Postfest XIII (Brewfest 2009): Seregith Lithin, Would-Be Olven Lich
    DMPrata writes "No good villain should have to languish in obscurity....  I developed this mid-level NPC for my AD&D® campaign.  Players being what they are, they avoided his lair entirely.  Later, I submitted him for inclusion in a "Rogues Gallery" compilation at Dragonsfoot.  That project never saw the light of day.  Now, at long last, we can brush away the cobwebs to reveal Seregith Lithin, would-be olven lich...."
    Biography of Gustin Longpike
    mortellan writes "This article expands upon my previous campaign article, the Company of the Talon. The information I used if I recall is loosely based on canon sources with the rest filled in liberally from my own ongoing campaign background."
    Company of the Talon
    mortellan writes "The following campaign article was intended to add some depth to the NPC Gustin Longpike, owner of the Blue Dragon Inn from the City of Greyhawk Boxed Set. While this adventuring party is currently defunct, many of its members are still found throughout the Flanaess and have some interesting tales to tell..."
    Postfest VIII(UPF1): One Clear Evening
    Crag writes "Sadly, with the upheaval of the wars, many leaders and scholars tend to forget the common victims who have no one to record their tales of woe."
    Kor Bloodaxe and Otis Benbough: Agents of Hextor in the Gran March
    TwiceBorn writes "The shadow of Hextor lurks in the highlands of the Gran March.  But what makes some folk embrace the path of Evil in a land that is dedicated the virtues of chivalry, honour and justice?  This article provides a background for Kor Bloodaxe, Priest of Hextor, and his halfling henchman, Otis Benbough, two villains that appeared in a “Greyhawk Lite” adventure in Dungeon titled “Evil Unearthed.”"
    Turrosh Mak and his Generals
    BusterBudd writes ""Upon the bloodred sky of a new day, dawned the emergence of the Hordes of Hatred and Turrosh Mak, emperor of the Pomarj, step forward to claim back the lands rightfully owed to orc and the goblin kingdoms"As scribed by Gerren Hurtok, scribe and scholar, Stoneheim, Pomarj.Just a little "flavor" I though could be added to this new Adventure Path, I tried to keep it very open for personal adaptation.  Enjoy.BusterBudd aka The AncientGamer :-) "
    Personalities of Ulek - Derwa Leafsister
    MerricB writes "Adventurers often have need of allies, and Derwa Leafsister, cleric of Ehlonna, is one worth cultivating. Her contacts extend into the Wild Coast and the Pomarj, and she can both set characters on the path of adventure, and tend them after the adventure proves too much!"
    Characters of Jurnre and the County of Ulek
    MerricB writes "Descriptions of eight characters that may be important in seeing the future of the County of Ulek and the World of Greyhawk to a brighter end than now seems possible. Character updates for the Fhoi Myore campaign, set in 591 CY."
    Fonkin Hoddypeak, circa 596 CY
    KelanenPrinceofSword writes "Fonkin Hoddypeak, circa 596 CYBy: KelanenPrinceofSwordsPosted with permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.Fonkin Hoddypeak was one of the company of heroes led by Frush O'Suggill against the giants invading Sterich and their drow masters some 20 years ago, saving the city of Istiven from becoming entangled in the Demonweb Pits. Others among that heroic company included the mighty dwarven fighter Redmod Dumple, the infamous magsman Cloyer Bulse, and the mysterious "Eyebiter", Gleep Wurp. Following their harrowing adventures in the Abyss, the company parted ways. Fonkin continued to adventure in the western Flanaess. He and Redmod Dumple explored the ruins of dwarfholds and giant keeps in the Crystalmists. He once again struck against the giants and their humanoid kin during the reclamation of Sterich a decade ago. More recently, he has fought against the minions of Iuz in the Vesve Forest, and assisted in defending Highfolk when the region was invaded by numerous green dragons.Presented below is a stat block for Fonkin Hoddypeak in 596 CY. It is based upon the stats given for the original tournament player character named Fonkin Hoddypeak in G1-3: Against the Giants, by Gary Gygax. For those who do not have access to this out-of-print module, Fonkin was a high elf fighter 5/magic-user 8 under 1st ed. AD&D rules. The version presented here seeks to optimize Fonkin while retaining the spirit of the original PC. The total value of Fonkin's possessions as presented here are somewhat higher than the average listed in Table 5-1: Character Wealth By Level, on page 135 of Dungeon Master's Guide."
    Mordenkainen: The Unauthorized Biography, Part I
    gvdammerung writes "In Part I of Mordenkainen: The Unauthorized Biography, read how a young Mordenkainen grows to become first an apprentice and ultimately a wizard in his own right with his own apprentices. Not yet an arch-mage, the young Mordenkainen is an adventurer. Yet, it is at this time that Mordenkainen's personality becomes set. In his Wild Coast days, he meets many of his life long companions, including his greatest friend, his most enduring rival and his most persistent enemy."
    Lanolin: The Wicked Elven Infiltrator
    Duicarthan writes "Remember Lanolin from the 1st Edition's Rogue's Gallery? This elven combat mage has wandered the Flanaess since the Hateful Wars. Take a look at the purity of the elves gone bad. A survivor, marred by conflict and corrupted by dark magics."
    The History and Disappearance of Bucknard
    fairylover writes "There is a nearly complete lack of background information about the enigmatic Bucknard; there is no canon reference prior to 571 CY (as far as the author can discover). Pursuing this matter, the author contacted Mr. Gygax, the creator of the NPC Bucknard, who was agreeable enough to provide the following information about the origin of Bucknard: “Bucknard was an NPC I created out of whole cloth. He was based on a neighbor of mine when I was a lad, a Mr. Bucknall. He had a great garden, an apple tree with five different kinds of apples, and he knew astronomy well, assisted me with my 100 power telescope. He did use a small change purse, and from it he would extract a small coin to give to me now and again” (from ENWorld messageboards) The author has attempted to stay true to the “Mr. Bucknall” spirit as expressed by Mr. Gygax, and to the infrequent references in the canon to Bucknard, while creating a rich and interesting character who may, or not, be of much interest or use to others. Thanks to Wykthor, Tedra, the mystical and magical Zavoda index and others who are lost in the ether."
    Anced Math - The Confused Elven Wizard
    anced_math writes ""Any respectable gnome should consider carefully before stealing the mayor's horses and carriage. Not only are the Greyhawk Guard efficient, but mean. They might even reincarnate you into something horrible, say an elf!" the badger said as it reclined back, scratching his back against the table leg."
    NPC Profile: Tasha, the Grinning Mage
    chatdemon writes "The collective body of work related to D&D over the years contains reference to myriad NPC personas, especially mages, and where not otherwise specified, it is generally assumed that these folk call the Flanaess home. Only a handful of these esteemed personages have been detailed in Greyhawk lore however, so what about the rest of them? Join me for a peek into the life of one such Magic-User, Tasha, she of the Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter. This document is presented in Classic D&D format, but should prove easy to convert to any other edition of the D&D game. Includes a Classic D&D conversion of the Tasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter Spell!"
    Postfest III: Jaran Krimeah, Exalted Mage of the Vale
    Duicarthan writes "Laird of the Valley of the Mage, Exalted Prominent member of the Ring of Five. Few (if any) can make the claims of surviving a failed coup of the royal throne in the Great Kingdom. Fewer yet, to lord over the lands of the elves, gnomes, and dwarves of the Vale of the Mage. Feared throughout the Flanaess, respected within the confines of the Vale, that few dare enter. All spies of the Great Kingdom be warned!"
    Postfest III: Gorrg Elfslayer, High Priest of Gruumsh
    Cebrion writes "Within the humanoid infested realm of the Pomarj, amid the warring factions of the despot Turrosh Mak, another half-orc has risen to prominence. Dedicated to the orcish power Gruumsh, Gorrg Elfslayer rallies orcish tribes to the cause of The One Eye, while fighting a shadow war against the cult of the Earth Dragon."
    Postfest III: Seruse
    gvdammerung writes "Seruse - Wheels within wheels. Seruse is a poisonous villain with many secrets, not the least of which is his multi-layered identity. He is several times over not at all what he may seem to be. His secrets conceal secrets. Before the truth may be revealed, one must survive more than one surprise."
    Postfest III: Bruzharag the Misbegotten, Orakhan of Ull
    mortellan writes "Down through history, the unforgiving land of Ull has had more than its share of villainous rulers. Up until recently, his Illustrious Ferocity, Draske, had kept all of Ull in line through sheer cunning by playing tribal khans against one another and manipulating foreigners into his deadly schemes. All that came to a crashing halt when the former Orakhan was assassinated in a swift but bloody coup by his own half-ogre nephew, Bruzharag the Misbegotten. How Bruzharag went from obscurity to become the most powerful half-ogre in recorded history began before he was ever conceived."
    Postfest III: Nossin the Meek
    Argon writes "Ever wonder what it takes to make a man do things ordinary men wouldn't do. It simply is a few key moments of of his life that decide the fate of a man's future. Nossin is one such man, and he is waiting to show you how he decided just how things are suppose to be. Many people say you are born on the day your mother has you. I say they couldn’t be more wrong. - Quote from an unknown author"
    Postfest III: Abi Dalzim
    mortellan writes "Abi Dalzim, whose name in Ancient Baklunish means "Father of Droughts," is both a skilled elementalist and a dreaded practitioner of necromancy. For half a century his villainous exploits have earned him the enmity of not just the locals of Kester but also Alhamazad of the Circle of Eight, the Beygrafs of Ket and clerics of several faiths including Geshtai and Al’Akbar."
    Postfest III: Command Performance- The Thousand Tales of Ivid V
    CruelSummerLord writes "Ten thousand tales told ten thousand times over; all of them have me born to power, chained to a throne, dying in judgement, and all condemn me as a villain - Ivid V"
    Postfest III: Telisha's Shadow - Astrifare Sanguinlin
    firenice writes "Astrifare is most aggrieved by the disappearance of her mentor. Unbeknownst to anyone, even Astrifare herself, while she was out hunting she had a Geas spell laid on her by an agent of Panzuriel. The evil being, on orders from above, quests her to find Telisha and return with her, to the oceans. Knowing that Telisha is a very strong devotee of Deep Sashelas, this agent is trying to keep Telisha from influencing the lands, as she has the seas."
    Postfest III: Sir Anton Palmirian
    IronGolem writes "Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through. – Swift"
    Postfest III: Bortwimn, the Heir to Icespire
    Osmund-Davizid writes "In the Ahlissian city of Trennenport, there is a mysterious wizard, Bortwimn, who is leading a small force of sahuagin in some strange project. These sahuagin are kept busy, fetching odd plaques etched with mystic runes, setting stones below the port’s sea wall, and engaged in bizarre rituals under the waters. What is this sinister wizard plotting?"
    Postfest III: Keth the Golden
    cwslyclgh writes "Keth the Golden was a villian who apeared during my Greyhawk game that was set in the domain of greyhawk, he is presented here for the canonfire audience to use and enjoy."
    Postfest III: Davril Easton; The Sword of Erythnul
    Ivormac writes "This story is a based on a actual events. The names have been changed to protect the innocent."
    Postfest III: Ef’Räeon The Blue
    IvorMac writes "Why did Perrenland really bow out against Iuz in the Greyhawk Wars? I created this NPC to perhaps help explain the real reason why Perrenland may have had to “commit treason” as nations like Veluna and Furyondy would view its actions. Even the people of Perrenland more than questioned their voorman’s decision. At the same time I also want a Non-Player Character that would not be anybody’s ally and very much a loose cannon - perhaps causing a major catastrophe trying to exact his revenge. Otherwise this is Dragon Slayer gone all wrong."
    Postfest III: Syari Silvertip, Bane of the Dim Forest
    donimator writes "Syari Silvertip plagues the small village of Dimhaven on Bissel's southwestern border, along the Dim Forest. Since the beginning of memory she had been blamed for disappearances and foul deeds. Yet, few can agree on who or what she is and even less can claim to catch a glimpse of her and escape."
    Postfest III: Marisuda and The Cloak of Frogs
    grodog writes "Marisuda Jannand of Krestible received a prophetic vision from Johydee three years past, a vision of destruction that she strives to prevent from actualizing. Her vision centers around a strange and powerful Wastrian relic known as The Cloak of Frogs."
    Postfest III: Khuul, Witch Ghoul of the North
    Dethand writes "The tale of Khuul is one of betrayal and revenge, fueled by the demonic double crosses so common in the Abyss. Here the tale of the Witch Ghoul of the North and how he was brought low and now again forments his revenge on the living and his former master. Beware the dreamer denied and the wrath of he who is filled with hatred for not only others but himself."
    Postfest III: Razic'Jewel, Man on Fire
    abysslin writes "Razic’Jewel knew his brother would arrive at this time as some vision his mask had foretold. He allowed Zik’Akim to reach his tower in the middle of the molten lake, unhindered and without obstacle. When the two met again, Razic, now wielding more power than his brother could ever attain, did not even defend himself.He felt he had been upon Oerth for too long. He had an acheing to move on...He had been waiting for this time to come, the time to grow even more powerful amongst his superior, Wee Jas, and she welcomed him with open arms, proud in his accomplishments..."
    abysslin writes "I am one of the Abyss, forever cursed to walk the lands of the mortal Aerdy. Shame and pity have been laid upon me by my brethren and loathe for home I do. Until my impossible task is complete I can never reach home, for it is the great one whose hand holds me here on this land, and in this reality. It is his word, which I must undo. I walk the paths of mortals forever looked upon as a freak, my power feared. Their eyes follow as I pass with curiosity, then with sympathy, then with anxiety, almost in hopes that I will break into a furious rage and display my outer-worldly powers. It is only Drax the Invulnerable who knows me now, for it is he whom also fell into a similar fate to mine own. He too has been scarred by betrayal and false truths. It is to him and him only that I owe my friendship. Together he and I will release ourselves of our individual curses. We have his Death Knight lackey, Andromansis, and Yebzura the gnome lighthouse keeper-scholar, working night and day to this end. Soon, soon Drax will be at peace with death and I will be able to return home and release my vengeance upon those that have tried and convicted me. I am the so-called Fiend-Sage of Rel Astra"
    Postfest III: Carl of the RST Guild, Rel Astran Division
    abysslin writes "The man, the myth, the legend. The Flanaess will never be the same..."
    Postfest III: Wisco Greenhand of Nyrond
    abysslin writes "Asketh life of the land, and the land giveth life. The land is my life, my life is the land's. From the land one is born, and to the land death returns. Tell me a story and I'll play ye a song, life is filled with more riches than gold. Ahhh, but a copper from a friend never hurt. /wink -- Wisco Greenhand, Wanderer of Nyrond"
    King Belvor of Furyondy
    castlemike writes "King Belvor of Furyondy; A summary of our favorite noble hailing from the Marklands."
    Andrui, Apprentice of Bigby
    Wavescrest writes "The character Andrui originally appeared briefly in Bigby's Most Home a short scenario from WGR2 Treasures of Greyhawk that served as a sequel to WGA4 Vecna Lives!. Now the character is updated to 594 CY, and we learn more of his history, and of the involvement of Franzier of Halmarn, the Onnwalon nom-de-plum of one Bigby."
    Xaene the Accursed
    bdpenney writes "A villain to end all! The history, deeds, and statistics of the former Court Wizard to Overking Ivid V are now revealed in their vile glory. Welcome to the tale of Xaene the truly accursed...."
    NPC Profile: Markael Antivadran
    Mario_Greymist writes "Markael Antivadran is the often underestimated, little-known boon companion and Ducal Spy Master of Karll Lorinar, the current Duke of Urnst."
    NPC Profile: Shandra Malth, Sage of Amedio Magic
    chatdemon writes "The Amedio Jungle, with its vast collection of Olman and Amedi ruins, is a veritable treasure chest of unique and mysterious magic items. When adventurers in the town of Luscanport on the Jeklea Coast are in need of information about their newfound treasures, this is the sage they pay a visit to. Note: This article also contains a brief introduction to the town of Luscanport on the Amedio's Jeklea coast. For those interested in learning more about this town, the information is found in the comments attached at the end of the article.Author: chatdemon"
    On Thrommel's Abduction
    tzelios writes "Thrommel’s abduction story is revealed, by the use of a well-established method. In the process we employ the word of the “creator”, aka E. Gary Gygax, to produce logical results. A poem tied to our story brings the old school flavour.Author: tzelios"
    The Thieves of Mitrik - Arcus Stanton
    MerricB writes "Come into the underworld of the fair city of Mitrik, and meet one of its most interesting citizens: Arcus Stanton, merchant, respected citizen, and fence! by Daniel Harrison with MerricB"
    NPC Profile: Menioth The White
    Nellisir writes "A powerful wizard is transformed into one of the undead, under the control of a secret master. Author: Nellisir"
    NPC Profile: Kimba the Damned
    chatdemon writes "Behind every successful priest of Wee Jas, it is said, is an equally successful mage. Shiara of Cryllor is no exception, though few know the identity of her arcanist ally. Here at last are revealed the secrets of this mysterious wizard. Author: chatdemon"
    In the Court of the Count of Ulek - Knight-Marshal Lachlan
    MerricB writes "The overall commander of the County of Ulek's armies is Knight-Marshal Lachlan, who rose to prominence defending the County during the Greyhawk Wars. This article examines his position in the Court of Ulek, as well as giving some notes on the composition of Ulek's defenders. Author: MerricB"
    Guevera's Life Before Mitrik
    MerricB writes "Guevera, an elven fighter/rogue, is one of the most skilled servants of the Church of Xan-Yae. In recent days, he has been one of those charged with the task of discovering where the Lady's servant, Zuoken, has been imprisoned, and with setting him free. This article details some of his early life in the south-eastern Vesve forest, as well as characters that may still be found in the area. Authors: Daniel Harrison & Merric Blackman"
    First Liche of Greyhawk
    geologyrocks writes "The first lich the World of Greyhawk has ever known? ...perhaps... Author: geologyrocks"
    Apprentices of the Circle of Eight: Quag Darkum
    Anonymous writes "Sometimes an arch-mage's apprentice is not whom you would expect him to be. The members of the Circle of Eight are no exception to this. We lead-off this multi-part article with Quag Darkum, one of Nystul's apprentices. Author: Dargarth"
    NPC Profile: Ilbrysis of Cryllor
    chatdemon writes "The Kingdom of Keoland holds many deposits of ancient tomes. Some of them may hold the lost secrets of the Suel Imperium. Come meet the custodian of the Royal Archive at Cryllor, Ilbrysis, the Librarian Corypheus. Author: Chatdemon"
    Neheli's Own - NPC's
    Perhaps among the best known of the Keoish military, the Neheli's Own accepts only the best soldiers among it's ranks. Presented here are two from this proud military unit, which may incidentally shed some light on Keoland's actions during the bloody Greyhawk Wars. Author: MTG

    Note: First Edition, Keoland, Military, Second Edition, Sheldomar
    Thieves of Verbobonc
    Dargarth writes "Greyhawk may be a City of Thieves, but it is not the only city in the Flanaess that is plagued by such problems. Even Verbobonc has its share of criminal luminaries. Author: Dargarth"
    Lord Dorag, The Spear of Iuz
    Is there any worse kind of villain, than a traitor? Find out, in this article which details one of Furyondy's own who became a servant of the Dark Lord of Dorakaa... Author: Dargarth
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