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    Ratik’s Military 576-586 Common Year APPENDICES 1 through 4
    jamesdglick writes "(Endnotes & Bibliography  included)"
    Ratik’s Military 576-586 Common Year Part II
    jamesdglick writes ""
    Ratik’s Military 576-586 Common Year Part I
    jamesdglick writes "The archbarony’s survival was due in part to Lexnol III’s talent as a diplomat, but he needed an effective military to back it up. "
    Updated Lineage of Furyondy Kings
    longetalos writes "Here is an updated version of the Lineage of Furyondy Kings.I thought it would be a helpful base for others to inspire themselves from."
    A Vecna Timeline
    Daytripper72 writes "Often wondered about Vecna's history and what made him the lich that he became? When did he meet Kas? What wars did he fight? This timeline has been culled from various sources to give you that historical perspective.  Of course, it doesn't explain everything and there are still many mysteries to be explained..."
    Dawn of a New Age - CY 706
    akavir writes "129 years have passed since the end of the Greyhawk Wars. The realms of the Flanaess have changed much in the generations since, as the great battles and terrible tragedies, the acts of heroism and cruel betrayals that shaped the land had passed into history and legend. Yet their effects and consequences are still being felt to this day. And now, as the realms of the Flanaess stand on the edge of a new age, ancient conflicts and hatred continue to make themselves known."
    Famous Gems & Jewels of the Flanaess - Part II
    gvdammerung writes "Herein continues the roll call of notable gems and jewels of the Flanaess, including crown jewels of Furyondy, Nyrond, Keoland, the elves of Celene, the dwarves of the Principality of Ulek and others."
    Famous Gems and Jewels of the Flanaess-Part I
    gvdammerung writes "by GVDammerungThis article will look at notable gems and jewels in the Flanaess. Part of the romance of history are the accouterments of power and prestige, that while playing no great part in the pageant of events themselves, yet become associated with historic times, places and persons.  King Edward's sapphire.  The Black Prince's ruby.  Mazarin's diamonds.  The Crown Jewels of England and of France.  Precious and semi-precious gems have frequently been symbols of power and prestige.  The destruction of the English Crown Jewels by Cromwell during the English Commonwealth and Protectorate periods and the theft of the French Crown Jewels during the Revolution, these were minor but deeply symbolic events.  The loss of these symbols of monarchy resonated beyond the mere value of the jewels themselves.  Of course, the value of gems and jewelry has been not inconsiderable at times and the hocking or pawning of ancestral jewels or of crown jewels has financed more than one army.  Presented for your use -the glittering stones of the Flanaess."
    A History of the Bandit Kingdoms to CY 576
    Oerthman writes "This is the history of the Bandit Kingdoms I put together for a campaign from the mid-80's.  I felt it was necessary as a backstory to explain how a 'nation' of feuding, essentially independent city-states could exist when surrounded by major organized nations like the Pale, Tenh, Urnst, the Shield Lands, and even Furyondy.  This expanded the scope far beyond the local area of the Bandit Kingdoms, touching on the history of the Great Kingdom and all the lands surrounding the Nyr Dyv. The material in this history and the accompanying gazetteer has its origins in a campaign from the mid-1980's.    At the time, all I had available was the 1983 boxed set and some of EGG's columns in Dragon.  The Dragon articles helped detail the area and set the stage for future events.  Later on I added some items from EGG's Gord novels.  I've made minimal effort to go back and reconcile this with officially-published canon beyond a few minor details (name changes, mostly); in particular, the Greyhawk Wars haven't happened yet (though a major war was in the air) and much of the detail in _Iuz_the_Evil_ is excluded.  So, sit back, relax, and return to the days of yesteryear, before the Wars, before the Eight had to return, and (thank goodness!) before Puppets and Gargoyle!"
    rasgon writes "Being an account of the ancient city-state of Erlacor, where humans and Winged Folk once allied."
    rasgon writes "Being an account of the legendary holy city of the Flan, said to be the home of the Throne of the Gods."
    The Chronicles of Keoland - Malv I
    gvdammerung writes "Called "The Defender" for his role in supressing political dissent within the Kingdom of Keoland, Malv I truly earned his sobriquet not by prosecuting war but by having the wisdom to know when to avoid conflict.  As much as Nyhan I may be regarded as the "Father of Keoland" by virtue of being the First King, Malv I deserves almost equal credit for preserving the nascent realm when it might too easily have been destroyed by forces internal and external to the young kingdom.  It was a close matter. "
    The legacy of the Carashast
    rasgon writes "This is the story of the vile Graeki tribe of Oerids and the carnage they wrought. Also, it's the story of the Flan youth Tehan and his quest for a draconic artifact."
    The Battle of Emridy Meadows
    mortellan writes "This is the first in a potential series of articles detailing the known military history of the Flanaess. The Battle of Emridy Meadows begins this survey because its location near Greyhawk makes it the best known and most comprehensively written battle in canon (Out of over 50 listed battles and wars). All battle articles will attempt to cover the conflict in three parts; the prelude to battle, the battle itself and any possible aftermath. Maps and figures on troops strengths and casulties when possible are taken from canon or otherwise inferred from secondary sources. -mortellan"
    The Chronicles of Keoland - Introduction
    gvdammerung writes "The Chronicles of Keoland is a history of the greatest surviving bastion of the Suel told reign by reign from the founding of the kingdom. The Kings of Keoland form the organizational structure for each entry but within each entry is found a history much broader than that associated with the ruling monarch. Each reign is a separate post, 30 some in all. This first is a general introduction, acknowledgment of those who have contributed to Keoland's development and certain details that are germane to each of the entries to follow."
    The Founding of Midmeadow
    Greyson writes "The city of Midmeadow knew happy times, especially at its founding. The city was a cooperative effort amongst men and elves. For centuries it thrived in northern Nyrond, never noticed by the conquerers and other threats that roamed the Flanaess. Below is one bard's tale of how this once happy place was established, and what kept it vibrant for many years."
    Upon Hidden Lore of the Flanaess: Forgotten Histories of the lands of Good
    CruelSummerLord writes "History is the most powerful of tools,” Iquander noted, lighting his pipe. “What we remember and what we forget, will affect us both for better and for worse. It shapes who we are, our thoughts, our passions and our beliefs. In the right hands, it can be a tool of healing and reconciliation…and in the wrong hands, it can be an implement of hatred and bigotry."
    The Chronicles of Acererak
    Luz writes "There are few names that evoke more fear than the dreaded Acererak. The notorious Tomb of Horrors is his only legacy, yet it has forever scarred Oerth with its lingering evil presence. Very little is known of the tomb's occupant and the site only raises more questions than answers, much to Acererak's amusement. Here is a brief glimpse into his mysterious past before the tomb."
    Summer Breeze: The Urakan and Yorodhi of Sybarate
    wolfsire writes "“Summer Breeze:  The Urakan and Yorodhi of Sybarate” is a portion of the memoirs of Equinus Melaine of Gryrax discussing the history of the isle of Sybarate as discovered within Porpherio’s Garden."
    The Forgotten History of the Southern Lorridges: Vecna, the Mara, and Ashardalon
    TwiceBorn writes "This article sheds light on the dramatic, but little known history of the southern Lorridges.  The narrative weaves a thread between King Welnarek IV, Lord of Burgred and of the Mara confederacy, the only ruler brave enough to challenge Vecna when the latter became the undisputed power of the Sheldomar; the Mara king’s alliance with his rival, Gulthias, and the dragon-worshipping Cult of Ashardalon; and the legacy of those conflicts and alliances, as witnessed in the landmarks and settlements of the southern Lorridges.  The article incorporates key elements and events from certain generic or “Greyhawk Lite” adventures (e.g., some of the modules in the WotC adventure path, and a 3E Dungeon adventure titled “Evil Unearthed”) into the history of the Flanaess.    "
    The Flanaess of the Sheldomar Millenium
    samwise writes "As part of my development of the Sheldomar, I decided to advance the date to around 650 CY, which would be the 992nd year of Keoland with the working name of Sheldomar: Millennium. This is a brief look at the rest of the Flanaess, built on a theme of getting rid of all the old enemies and creating new power blocs."
    On Plars: A Squire’s Tutorial
    wolfsire writes "In an effort to find out as much as I could on the Plar of Hool, I researched the canon and fan work on the title of Plar. There is very little on either the Plar of Hool or the title generally. What can you say about a title held by a Flan in the North and a Suel in the South? Why it is Oeridian of course!"
    The Euroz and Jebline Migrations
    samwise writes "Very little is known of how and when Orcs and Goblinoids entered the Flanaess. Recent research has uncovered some hints gleaned from comparing the legends of those creatures, and comparing them with old stories and decaying records of the Great Kingdom."
    Rhizia: a History of the Northeastern Flanaess
    Hunter103 writes "The Thillonrian Peninsula and environs have a rich yet largely ignored history. This article covers the Cold Barbarian nations, Ratik, and Stonehold from prehistory to the present, and presents my take on the major events that shaped this corner of the Flanaess, with a few of my own thrown in to spice things up."
    The Olman Invasion of the Suloise Imperium: Cause of the Twin Cataclysms?
    wolfsire writes "Vellip, I attended this lecture on a lark, half drunk I will admit, thinking it was a spoof. Everyone knows Master Norgyr is something of a crackpot. But sitting through it, I was quite sobered and seriously think it could have been true. The Olman may have invaded the Suloise Imperium and caused the Twin Cataclysms! Thankfully, my valet was there for transcription.- With Lendor’s Patience, Zeba."
    The Pre-Cataclysm Era in the Sheldomar
    samwise writes "Although the history of the Flanaess before the Twin Cataclysms is nearly unknown, certain general assumptions and events can be traced to it. Those events, however sketchy and undetailed, provide insight into the history that has been developed from it. This essay provides a look at those events, and serves as a foundation for the Grand Sheldomar Timeline and Revision, and the related essays, written and developed with Gary Holian."
    Grand Sheldomar Timeline Expansion and Revision, Part III
    samwise writes ""The apocryphal expansion and revision of the history of the Sheldomar Valley presented as a timeline. The base timeline was created by Sam Weiss (samwise), and expanded by me in consultation with Gary Holian (psmedger), the primary author for the Sheldomar Valley in the LGG.With the end of the Tavish Imperium and the Neheli Revival, the modern era of the Sheldomar began. Come and explore the time of Kimbertos and the Greyhawk Wars. On to Part III!""
    Grand Sheldomar Timeline Expansion and Revision, Part II
    Samwise writes ""The apocryphal expansion and revision of the history of the Sheldomar Valley presented as a timeline. The base timeline was created by Sam Weiss (samwise), and expanded by me in consultation with Gary Holian (psmedger), the primary author for the Sheldomar Valley in the LGG.Like the legendary Chronicle of Secret Times by Uhas of Neheli, the timeline exposes some of the darkest secrets of Keoish history that have only been hinted at previously, as well as others never before revealed. It also delves into the dark hearts of some of the conflicting canon regarding the region, and offers explanations and resolutions for them.And so on to Part II!""
    The Yaheetes and Tyrus: The Wars Against the Hand and the Eye in the Sheldomar
    samwise writes "Although Vecna was brought low by Kas before the Kingdom of Keoland came into being, two wars have been fought against the legacy of the Whispered One in Sheldomar. Those wars left indelible marks on the character and culture of the Sheldomar, and the political fallout from them echoes down to the present, more than half a millennium after the last (human) veteran of them died."
    The Development of the Common Tongue
    smillan_31 writes "Ever wondered why the common language spoken in an Oeridian-dominated world is a combination of Ancient Baklunish and an Old Oeridian dialect? This explains it."
    The Rhola and the Toli: the Battle for Jeklea Bay
    samwise writes "One of the more significant additions to the history of the Sheldomar by Gary Holian is the conflict with the rulers of Port Toli in the third and fourth centuries of the Kingdom of Keoland. For nearly two hundred years a series of wars occupied the main focus of the two nations. This article will explore the background of that conflict and how it affected Keoland."
    The Return of House Neheli and the Plague of Madness
    samwise writes "Following the Death of Tavish IV the Lion Throne again passed to House Neheli. While a return to inward looking policies was needed, it came at a bad time, as a plague swept through the House, killing many, and leaving the survivors insane. What went wrong in House Neheli, and what impact did it have on the Kingdom Keoland?"
    The Imperial Era and the Tavishes
    Samwise writes "Imperial Keoland. The very name conjures so many images. But there is so much more that is overlooked as people focus on what ended the era rather than what started it. In doing so, people miss the grand tragedy of the entire era, the lives spent, those who kept faith and those who broke faith, and how both contributed to the tragedy. More, people often overlook that the Tavish era was the second major period of expansion for Keoland, the first having occurred during the period of the Explorer Kings before the Slumbering. This article will try and address those factors, pulling them out of the general history, and highlighting their significance."
    The Firstcomers
    Samwise writes "During the early history of Keoland and the Sheldomar Valley, a question has always lingered about the Suel were who came to the area before the Rhola, Neheli, and others that passed through Slerotin’s Tunnel after the Rain of Colorless Fire. There are no details about these people, although various Greyhawk books have characterized them as evil, cheating, and otherwise debased. In lieu of detailing them specifically, the term “Firstcomer” has been coined to to refer to them as a group, reflecting on their status as those who were the first non-Flan humans to come to the Sheldomar Valley. The following essay expands on their background."
    The Flanaess in 645 CY
    woesinger writes "It is 60 years after the end of the Greyhawk Wars. Many of the great and the good of that time are gone to their graves. The Great Wheel of Time turns as it always had, carrying heroes, villains and nations up to the zenith of their glory and casting them down again. The nations of the Flanaess, though they do not tire of warring among each other, now reach out to embrace the wider world. And for the first time, the wider world has begun to take an interest in the affairs of eastern Oerik...."
    Origins of Knighthood: The Knights Protector of Aerdy
    CruelSummerLord writes "Wherefore did the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom come? Born at the dawn of the kingdom, tied to its soul. One linked to another, bonded in blood, sharing fortune and sadness. As one grew ill, so too did the other. Great overkings begat great knights; fool overkings begat fool knights. Aerdy's fall from grace was ne'er marked so well as by the fall of its greatest and brightest. - Lord Crown, King Sun: A History of the Aerdy Empire, iv.iii.502-509."
    Upon the Rivalries and Conflicts of Knightly Orders, Part III
    CruelSummerLord writes "From where did the Knights of Holy Shielding come? Who were they? What were the sources of their conflicts?"
    Upon Knightly Rivalries and Their Origins, Part II
    CruelSummerLord writes "A background and overview of the history of the Knights of the Watch, their conflicts, and their future..."
    Feuds and Rivalries of Knights and Their Orders, Part I
    CruelSummerLord writes "It is noted in canon that the Knights of the Hart, despite their less militant outlook, have rivalries and hatreds with groups such as the people of Dyvers, some of the Nyrond nobility, Perrenland, and so forth. Other tensions and rivalries exist between the Knights of the Watch and the elves of the Sheldomar Valley, the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom and the Flan, and so forth. Where do these rivalries come from? Why have they developed?"
    A History of Government in Perrenland
    kirt writes "The development of government in the Quagflow is described, from the wandering bands of Flan nomads led by Headmen to the present day federation of noble Canton leaders supported by clan and clergy. The historical factors that caused the transformation are detailed, as is the development of the unique titles of nobility used in Perrenland. The loss of the traditional Flan matriarchy and its replacement by male leaders is explained."
    Grand Sheldomar Timeline, Part I
    Samwise writes "The apocryphal expansion and revision of the history of the Sheldomar Valley presented as a timeline. The base timeline was created by Sam Weiss (samwise), and expanded by me in consultation with Gary Holian (psmedger), the primary author for the Sheldomar Valley in the LGG. Like the legendary Chronicle of Secret Times by Uhas of Neheli, the timeline exposes some of the darkest secrets of Keoish history that have only been hinted at previously, as well as others never before revealed. It also delves into the dark hearts of some of the conflicting canon regarding the region, and offers explanations and resolutions for them. And that's only in Part I!"
    The Drive East
    abysslin writes "A grain of sand in the history of the Aerdy's conquering of the now known Kingdom."
    Origin of the Northern Barbarians & the Sons of Winter
    wykthor writes "Fleeing from the Rain of Colorless Fire, a large wave of suel refugees became trapped in the highest passes of the Crystalmists. Listening to the plight of the suelites, the forsaken god Vatun showed these tribes a way to survive if they embraced winter and migrated far north as his chosen people. Those who followed the North God's call migrated and colonized the Thillonrian Peninsula, eventually becoming today's snow, frost and ice barbarians. There was a small group, however, who chose to stay in the mountains and not only adopt Vatun's vision, but fully study the philosophy of ice and snow becoming one with the frigid season. From these hardened scholars became to form a monastic order know as the Sons of Winter."
    History of the Tusman Hills
    donimator writes "The Tusman Hills on the border between Ket and Tusmit has always been an unknown quantity. The human-folk of the hills, reclusive but skilled warriors, have thrived in this region, independent of the petty differences and political intrigue prevalent in this corner of the Flanaess. This article describes how they came to inhabit these rugged hills and touches on their relations with the demi-humans that have lived in these hills since their creation."
    Inscriptions found in The Suel DragonLord Crypts
    Damren writes "These inscriptions were translated from two crypts found near the Kron Hills on the borders of Celene. When adventurers attempted to enter the crypts, they only managed to bypass the outer wards. Great losses were suffered to bring this information to light, the parties ranger lost both his weapon and most of his arm to a disintegration affect, and the party withdrew. Come discover what exciting discoveries were made by these bold heroes."
    A History of Blue and its Circle of Mages
    setanta writes "Visit the City of Blue! Famed port and haven on the notorious Pomarj Peninsula. Pirates, slavers, and those who wish to delve into the darker side of magic... discover the history and intrigues of Blue!"
    An Alternate View of the Greyhawk Wars: Continued Observations
    CruelSummerLord writes "Several months after the initial dispatch chronicling the end of the Greyhawk Wars, the Brother of the Cruel Summer writes to Respected Savant Iquander and Respected Sir Pluffet the Younger with further observations... Author: CruelSummerLord"
    The Legend of Alaric Torquann
    fallon writes "At the beginning of the Age of Sorrows, a hero appeared among the Aerdi. The Overking even conspired against him but could not thwart his ideals and faith. Even when banished to the far reaches of the empire, his legend grew. But all legends must fall and so did Alaric Torquann, in a moment of weakness ... Author: Fallon"
    An Alternative View of the Greyhawk Wars
    CruelSummerLord writes "Varying historical accounts arise of the Greyhawk Wars, many deriving from the official version. How else did the history of this dangerous time turn out...?Author: CruelSummerLord"
    rasgon writes "Being the saga of the wizard Tsojcanth, his terrible sacrifices, and the wretched banes for which he is most unfairly blamed. Author: Rasgon"
    Brief History of the Knights of the Hart, Part 3 - Witch Queen, Demon Lord
    Kirt writes "In which is described the true role played by the High Forest Branch in the downfall of Iggwilv, as well as their early, unheeded warnings about Iuz. Author: Kirt"
    Brief History of the Knights of the Hart, Part 2 - High Forest Branch (350-460)
    Kirt writes "In which is related the early years of the High Forest Branch, its near dissolution following the invasion of Perrenland, and its recovery under the guidance of Thiladorn Meneldor. Author: Kirt"
    Brief History of the Knights of the Hart, Part 1 - Origin and Founding
    Kirt writes "Part One in this series explores the geopolitical threats facing the Marklands for the first century of their independence (CY 256 - 356). The early history of the Knights of the Hart as a secret cadre of informants to the King of Furyondy is detailed. Author: Kirt"
    History of the Frutzii
    Flandall writes "A history of the Fruztii (e.g. The Frost Barbarians), from the days of the Suel Imperium to the current era of good relations with Ratik, written in a year to year format over the thousands of years of existence of the House of Fruztii. Author: Flandall"
    The Fate of Eclavdra - A Poem Translated from Flan
    CruelSummerLord writes "A poem thought to be a prophecy made in the early days of the Great Kingdom, that speaks of what will come against Lolth and the priests of the Elder Elemental God... Author: CruelSummerLord"
    The Religious History of Perrenland
    Kirt writes "A socio-economic-religious history of Perrenland, detailing the tensions between the Flan and Oeridians. It also explains why (in my campaign) the Flan in Perrenland are ancestor-worshippers. Author: Kirt"
    Timeline of Aerdi Grand Princes and Overkings
    Taras writes "Upon reading through the collective mess known as Greyhawk Canon, it is quite easy to get confused about who ruled Aerdy when. This is an attempt to forge something coherent out of the chaotic morass of 'Hawk lore. Thanks go to Gary Holian for help with parts of this timeline, and to "Issak the Pale" for pointing out an error in the timeline that I missed. Author: Taras Guarhoth ("
    A History of Sunndi
    rasgon writes "From the hunger of the bullywugs to the god-kings of Enki, this history reveals the glorious past of the Vast Swamp. Author: Rasgon"
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