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    Nakimas, Elemental Spirit of the Hool Marshes
    Wolfsire writes "Nakimas, Elemental Spirit of the Hool Marshes is an AD&D Cthul-hool-ian interpretation of the foundational, yet until now undefined, creature from the canonically accepted module I7, Baltron’s Beacon."
    More on White Plume Backstory Development I
    Tamerlain writes "I read Erik's bit on Whitle Plume and thought that I had the three documents that I worked on in developing the "history" for this module...I dug around and found them. The first three articles (composed on July 15, July 16, and Aug. 2 of 1998) were my contributions (as they developed in conjunction with Erik and Lisa) and the Final is Erik's copy that was sent to Bruce (dated December 16, 1998). Note that the "earlier version" referred to in my notes is the compilation of material arising from the discussion between Lisa, Erik and I. Also note that the "Tam" Erik is referencing is short for Tamerlain, my AOL screen name. The final set of Notes is Roger's reply to Bruce's early MS (dated early 1999). I hope that Erik and Roger don't mind me submitting notes to a published item that they worked with that ultimately was sent to Bruce. The "genesis" of the White Plume Mt. backstory is a nice journey of development...discusion, composition, revision, more revision until final product. These are five documents that went into helping create the back story of the module that Bruce ultimately produced (quite nicely, I might add!) It is amazing it takes so much development, at times, for such a short portion of a module! And you wonder if Erik and all pay attention to detail!"
    More on White Plume Backstory Development II
    Tamerlain writes "The continuation of the first presentation behind the development of the history behind White Plume Mountain..."
    Return to White Plume Mountain Backstory Synopsis
    Iquander writes "A "from the vaults" copy of the extensive World of Greyhawk background provided to Greyhawk Brand Manager Lisa Stevens written by Greyhawk Fan (and of late Dungeon Editor) Erik Mona (after consultation with Lisa and Steve Wilson over emails and Instant Messages). Enjoy!"
    Artifacts of Oerth Article: B-Sides and Errata
    grodog writes "Unpublished information from the Living Greyhawk Journal 10 article "Artifacts of Oerth" (which appeared in Dragon 294, April 2002) Author: grodog"
    Places of Interest on Oerth, Part Three
    tamerlain writes "The continued descriptions of interesting places on Oerth, by Finnobhar Aodhin, bard and owner of the Star of Celene in Greyhawk. This installment looks at some places of interest in the Thillonrian Peninsula and in Old Aerdy (west and east). Author: Tamerlain"
    Places of Interest on Oerth, Part Two
    tamerlain writes "The continued descriptions of interesting places on Oerth, by Finnobhar Aodhin, bard and owner of the Star of Celene in Greyhawk. This installment looks at some places of interest in Old Keoland and one from the Baklunish Lands of the West. Author: tamerlain"
    Places of Interest on Oerth, Part One
    tamerlain writes "This is a sampling of some of the Mysterious places of Old Ferrond that were scheduled to appear in the never published Greyhawk Hardback that was intermittantly worked on by members of Team Greyhawk in 1998-2000. All of the following were composed by Steve Wilson and may not be reprinted without his permission, and arguably that of WotC as well. The following (a first installment) includes places of interest in Old Ferrond. Finnobhar Aodhin is a character of mine, further, albeit old, information about him can be found in WotC's "The Adventure Begins" by Roger E. Moore on page 90 as the owner of the Star of Celene Inn. Author: tamerlain"
    Ancient History: Myth of the Cairn-Builders
    iquander writes "The City of Greyhawk was built from the wealth of looted tombs that litter the Cairn Hills and the southern shores of the Lake of the Unknown Depths. While a great many of these have been plundered over the years by the greedy and the foolish, it is not uncommon to find one that retains at least some of it's valuables. But, exactly who did all of this buried wealth belong? Some, undoubtably, came from the Flan and the Suel, but not all. So who were these other cairn-builders, and what were they like? What did they leave in their tombs? Read on, and find some of this out... Author: Erik "Iquander" Mona"
    Ancient History: The Great Embarkation
    iquander writes "Myths tell of a time in the distant past when the elves were newcomers to the Flanaess, and great wars which raged across the landscape between the olvenfolk and those lizard-like species which lived here before them. During the final days of these wars, it is sometimes told of how the kuo-toa were driven from the land into the oceans about the subcontinent. Some of these tales go on to tell of elvish pleas to their gods to let them follow the kuo-toa into the watery depths to exterminate their enemies. Few even among the elves know the truth of these ancient tales, and they know better than to speak of them, espically to strangers. And, yet, the tales still spread. Maybe they are true... Author: Erik "Iquander" Mona"
    Ancient History: Reflections in Silica
    iquander writes "In the distant past, the lands that now make up the Bright Desert were once less hostile to life. Within them flourished the less than peaceful kingdom fo Sulm, and it's rival, Itar. Little is known of these two lands today, which lay buried beneath the shifting sands of the desert, and are roamed over by hostile nomads and troops loyal to Rary the Traitor. But some clues as to the nature of these long-dead lands have been found, as have some hints of what the forgotten god of Itar, Atarra, was like. These hints, handed to us by Savant Iquander, may even tell the truth about these ancient and savage lands. Author: Erik "Iquander" Mona"
    Ancient History: The Mystery of Exag
    iquander writes "The Flanaess has been home to a variety of civilizations and races over the ages, with the Flan being among the earliest of the humans to settle on the subcontinent. But, even they may not have been the first. Occasionally, a site is found which was a ruin when the Flan first walked the land. In the fog-shrouded Mounds of Dawn exists one such site, a city built of baked and hardened clay. Who knows what secrets out of the dim past are held beneath it's dusty streets, right under the noses of the Flan who live there today? Author: Erik "Iquander" Mona"
    Ancient History: Vecna’s Realm
    iquander writes "Vecna's name has lived on for a thousand years after the fall of his empire, a name of dread and fear. But little else about the horrific lich-king is known to scholars today, for what records of those ancient times do exist often conflict with one another, and are polluted with exaggerations and outright lies to mask things the authors felt were best left buried. In the face of this, Savant Iquander has compiled a history of the lich-lord, and it may even be true... Author: Erik "Iquander" Mona"
    A Partial, Annotated Bibliography of the Works of Robert J. Kuntz
    grodog writes "A listing of Rob Kuntz's published and unpublished Greyhawk campaign adventures, with adventuring details and notes never before revealed! Author: Robert J. Kuntz"
    Rob Kuntz's The Three Artifacts of the Demon Senders
    grodog writes "First published in Wargaming #2 in 1977, Rob Kuntz has given permission to repost the text of this long-lost Greyhawk article on Canonfire. Author: Robert J. Kuntz"
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