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The Battle Against Spirits, Ghosts, and Blink Dogs: The Missing Player
Dark_Lord_Galen writes "These opponents no DM has the power to control.....Often past the assembly and maintenance of a campaign a singular challenge common to all "worlds" exists.... The Absent Player."
To the Manor Born: Fief Generation in the World of Greyhawk Part II
gvdammerung writes "Following is the second installment of "To the Manor Born: Fief Generation in the World of Greyhawk". Part II of Fief Generation presents Advanced fief development."
To the Manor Born: Fief Generation in the World of Greyhawk Part I
gvdammerung writes "Congratulations! Your character has reached a point in her adventuring life when she wants to buy land - a fief. You could use the rules to create fiefs in expsensive supplements. But they are too complex. Or, you can use this adaptation of the fief generation rules from the D&D Companion rules set. Read on to see how easy a fief can be developed in your campaign."
Agents of Balance
basiliv writes "All on Oerth are the pawns of Balance, good and evil, lawful and chaotic. Today's ally may be tomorrow's enemy, but PCs will never oppose them directly. These Agents of Balance distract with the left hand while spinning new plots with the right. This document provides suggestions on using these characters as recurring players in your campaign."
Meta-Analysis of sword and bow use in 1st & 2nd Ed.
Kirt writes "This article compares the average damage done per round by swords vs. bows under various rules systems. It demonstrates how the weapon specialization rules of Unearthed Arcana are biased in favor of bows and those of Second Edition are biased in favor of swords. It suggests a few rule changes, compatible with either edition, to bring weapon specialization into balance. It is intended for DM’s, but can be used by players to pick the weapon that takes best advantage of their PC’s individual stats under each rule system."
Furyondian Spreadsheets
Longetalos writes "Here are two files to help DMs generate villages for and regulate fiefs in their Greyhawk campaigns. Author: Longetalos"
Tracy writes "I posted this earlier on Greytalk in response to something Ubiquitious said, and I thought it important enought to re-post on Canonfire. But it begs the question, on how difficult it is to convert Greyhawk to the HackMaster(TM) system, and is it worth it? Author: Tracy"
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