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    A history of religion in the Flanaess
    rasgon writes "Being a survey of the development of religious traditions and holy texts among the Flan, Oeridian, Suloise, and Baklunish peoples."
    The lovers of Eru -Tovar
    CBorg writes "Youngsters in love are taken from home by the elemental blight."
    The Legend of Pyremius and Ranet
    Chevalier writes "The secret story of how the Poisoner murdered the Lady of the Hearth, and the unholy legacy of that dark deed."
    The Paternity of Heironeous and Hextor
    smillan_31 writes "The story of how Heironeous and Hextor were fathered, at last."
    Tragedy and The Grey Friar
    Dark_Lord_Galen writes "A tragedy, a tale, and "Bobbies"."
    Castle Ravenloft in Greyhawk
    masterarminas writes "Ravenloft is one of the most beloved AD&D adventures.  Here, we look at how it might be fully integrated into the Greyhawk Campaign Setting. "
    Postfest XIII(Brewfest 2009): The Haunt of Gol Usan
    mortellan writes "“Our band was on the trail of a coward thief hiding near a wooded lake when we came upon the hovel of a strange old hermit. Before we had a chance to question him, he began to threaten us! He told us that we should leave the woods before night fall or else forfeit our lives. Of course we ignored the fool. We couldn’t turn back now for the Orakhan would have our hides instead. The hermit wouldn’t speak anymore even after we sacked his home searching for the thief. He just stared and smiled. Then our dogs picked up a new scent so we set off into the woods once again just as the sun was setting and an ill wind began to blow across the mesa. What happened over the next several hours was a nightmare. If only we had known the legend of the Haunt of Gol Usan; the old hermit was trying to warn us.” - Testimony of Khurai, sole survivor of the Teeth of Ulakand."
    Mellifleur and Kyuss
    rasgon writes "Who is Mellifleur, and what is his connection to the legendary Kyuss?"
    The Fall of Shakark, Thillonrian myth.
    cwslyclgh writes "It is said that long ago the Thillonrian peninsula was a land of endless winter's night, ruled by a demon lord named Shakark. Here then is the tale told in the barbarian long houses, about the hero Sirgnir Eydarson and the loosening of that beings icy grip."
    … and the heart of Vecna…
    Galliskinmaufrius writes "This is a fictional essay about Vecna’s youth and the reasons that might have led him towards evil. A story of passion and sadness. Freely inspired by "The Flanae Tally of Years” from Oerth Journal 1, by Steven B. Wilson."
    Legends and Folklore of the Flanaess: The Rat Tower
    smillan_31 writes "A ghostly folk legend of Old Almor that can be used as a basis for a short adventure, which I have included an outline of. I adapted the story from the German legend of the Mouse Tower of Bingen. It can be easily changed to many locations in the Flanaess for use in individual campaigns."
    Legends and Folklore of the Flanaess: Naerid and Zelren On the Bridge
    smillan_31 writes "A tale from the golden age of the Great Kingdom of the heroes Naerid Jestik the Knight and Zelren the War Priest."
    The Legend of the Lost Seagreen Elves
    wolfsire writes "The Legend of the Lost Seagreen Elves is told here by Oceanus of the Manaan as translated by Kellin and Elmorth. It may be the first time it has been spoken in any language other than the Olven tongue. Most recountings amount to little more than parents warning their children to behave or else the Great Pirate might get them. When provided to stalwart heroes, it could make all the difference for justice and mortality."
    Scrying the Ancient Races of Oerth
    gvdammerung writes "When a a professor of history disappears, his lecture notes are compiled for lodging in the library. Those notes discuss attempts to use scrying to uncover information concerning the ancient races of Oerth's primordial pre-history. The notes are cautionary. They may, however, spark more than one adventure or may satisfy the overly inquisitive player."
    The Lords of Geometry - The Platonic Solids Revisited
    gvdammerung writes "Think you know about the Balance in Greyhawk? Think Mordenkainen and the Circle of Eight keep the Balance? Think they are on your side? You might want to reconsider. Meet the amoral and mysterious Lords of Geometry, the secret masters of Balance. Learn why so many extraplanar entities seek to influence events on Oerth. Its all connected."
    The Gnolls of Raef - The Begininng
    IvorMac writes "In Elven year 975, the Gnolls of Suss Forest, backed by Bestial Clerics of Yeenoghu, conducted raids into Celene in order to capture Elven sacrifices to their deity. On one of these raids, an Elven Noble Maiden was captured. No Elven noble had even been captured and certainly not a noble female! Yeenoghu came before his worshippers just before she was to be sacrificed. In an act of complete disrespect, Yeenoghu raped the noble Elf. Just after Yeenoghu had departed this foul act, the Elven army arrived in full force. They killed almost all of the Gnolls unfortunate enough to be present. They hunted the bestial clerics, attempting to wipe them out. The young Elven noble, though barely alive, managed to survive."
    On the Home Plane of the Fhoi Myore, and its Relationship to Oerth
    MerricB writes "Legends from the time before the Twin Cataclysms, Old Secrets Revealed, and more information on a New Threat Looming! Author: MerricB"
    Bardic Lore - The Fomorians
    MerricB writes "Adventures seeds for use in the Sheldomar Valley region - a lost city, magical artifacts, and more! by MerricB"
    Bardic Lore - Secrets of the Elves
    MerricB writes "Cirrem, the Dreamer-Minstrel, reveals the dark history of the elven race...lore that they would prefer to keep hidden from the rest of the world... Author: MerricB"
    The Twin Cataclysms - Gates of the Oerth
    CruelSummerLord writes "How did so many Suel manage to survive the Rain of Colorless Fire? How did so many of the inhabitants of the lands beneath the Ocean Tor arrive to that bizarre realm? Author: CruelSummerLord"
    Tale of the Twin Cataclysms
    Hunter writes "This is something I wrote for my upcoming campaign. My take on what could have started the war between the ancient Suel and Baklunish empires. Author: Hunter"
    Bardic Lore - Riddles of the Maze
    MerricB writes "Three riddles collected by Cirrem, the Dreamer-Minstrel, during his travels into the Great Kingdom of the Aerdy. Their meaning is obscure to modern scholars, but may be a vital clue to the final days of the Great Kingdom. Author: MerricB"
    Damalaxilliametzius the Black
    orion writes "Sit back and hear the tale of a villain most foul. Dametzius, as he is sometimes known, is a vile half-dragon lost to the mysteries of time, here is his tale. Author: Orion"
    Kyuss' Ascension to Divinity
    chatdemon writes "Few folk dare to whisper the name of the lord of the undead, much less tell his tale. But for those of sound faith and curiousity, here is one version of that story. Author: Chatdemon"
    Excerpts from the Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Fraz-Urb'luu and the Rod of Absolution
    grodog writes "Fraz-Urb'luu is perhaps the most infamous of all demonkind, rivaled only by Abaraxus in that regard. The legends that describe the Lord Of Subversive Imaginings hint that he may be one of the most powerful of all demons, and that his "disappearance" and "capture" by Zagig are more likely myth than substance . . . . Author: grodog"
    The Origins of Kyuss
    basiliv writes "Ancient High Priest, Demigod, the diseased Sons of Kyuss, the Wormcrawl Fissue...but what other knowledge have you of this corrupt creature? Author: basiliv"
    The Diggers: A Tritherite Anthem
    Kirt writes "In CY 549 a village of Tritherion-worshipping peasants was attacked and disbanded by local lords in Furyondy, eager to destroy such an example of freedom and independence. This is their story, and this is their song... Author: Kirt"
    Excerpts from the Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Tiamat, Demon Queen of Dragons
    grodog writes "Tiamat. A name that inspired terror among the Lords of the Abyss. Tiamat. Mother of Dragonkind, and first consort of Abraxus. Slain in the year 589 CY by a mortal adventurer, who crushed the mystique and awe of the Firstborn into derisive contempt forever-after. Or so it seems . . . . Author: grodog"
    Bardic Lore - The Bardic Colleges
    MerricB writes "In the days before the Two Moons rode in the sky, the seven Bardic Colleges were established. Here is the tale of their beginning, as well as much lore of the original Flan people that has been forgotten except to the wise. Author: MerricB"
    Excerpts from The Demonomicon Of Iggwilv: Abyssal Genealogy
    grodog writes "An excerpt detailing four of the six Firstborn of Demonkind, including the Broods of Abraxus, Alrunes, Baphomet, and Gresil. Author: grodog"
    Cirrem on the History of the Scarlet Brotherhood
    merricb writes "The history of the Scarlet Brotherhood is one that is shrouded in dark mystery. Here is the tale according to one of the Flanaess' greatest bards: the Dreamer-Minstrel. Author: Merricb"
    Atar and the Taker
    Nellisir writes "Thieves haunt the wealthy of the Flanaess, constantly threatening to relieve them of their wealth. One such thief was Atar, who was among the greatest of them. But, in the end, his final act of theft proved to be his undoing... Author: Nellisir"
    Dargarth of the Axe: Beginnings
    Dargarth writes "Legendary heroes of Greyhawk seem to be few and far-between, and even then they tend to be wizards. Since Fighter is probably the most chosen class in the game, it seems only fair that more warriors be represented within Greyhawk's legends. Author: Dargarth"
    Kelanen: Prince of Swords
    Dargarth writes "Little is known of the history of Kelanen or the trials that he endured throughout his life. This multi-part article is an attempt to chronicle Kelanen's life and explain why this Greyhawk hero really is worthy to be a demigod. Author: Dargarth"
    Bardic Lore - the Rainbow Portal
    MerricB writes "Tales of the fallen Suloise Empire have fascinated children and scholars for generations. Bardic tradition keeps the stories alive, if not unchanged. Human nature being what it is, embellishment is a way of life for the story-teller. Here is another of Cirrem the Dreamer-Minstrel's tales of the days before the Rain of Colourless Fire. Author: MerricB"
    Bardic Lore - The Treasure of Acherak
    MerricB writes "The bards know many legends of the Elder Days. Many have been changed over the years by a teller wanting a slightly more appreciative audience - and a better fee. This tale is one of the favourite of Cirrem, called the Dreamer-Minstrel, and should be at least slightly familiar to many readers... Author: MerricB"
    Excerpts from the Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Baphomet
    grodog writes "The background and powers of Baphomet, the Demon Lord of Minotaurs, as researched and recorded by the Witch of Perrenland. Author: grodog"
    The Defeat of Vecna
    rasgon writes "Even The Chronicle of Secret Times fails to reveal what is scribed herein ... Author: Rasgon"
    The Birth and Childhood of Iuz
    rasgon writes "Feared and hated across the northern Flanaess, the demonic god Iuz's history is shrouded heavily in myth, speculation, and outright falsehoods. His true story may never be known. Author: Rasgon"
    Excerpts from the Demonomicon of Iggwilv: The Cabrir
    grodog writes "The Cabrir is a demon, though this is in question among most other demons. The Cabrir appears as silvery-black mirror shards floating suspended in space. Author: grodog"
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