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Description: Type: Scenario
Edition: 2nd Edition AD&D
Locations: Admundfort, Walworth Isle, Shield Lands
Era: Post-Wars

A major lieutenant of Iuz wants to defect. Can the party trust him long enough to see him to safety?  A short scenario for characters of levels 9 to 11.

Version: 2E AD&D Filesize: 68.00 Kb
Added on: 12-Jun-2010 Downloads: 2054 Rating: 3 (1 Vote)
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  CGA1 - A Case of Meazels 
Description: "CGA1 – A Case of Meazels" is an introductory first edition AD&D adventure set in the Free city of Greyhawk in the years before the Greyhawk Wars. It is compatible with the City of Greyhawk boxed set and draws heavily from that work for details and information.

The Great Burn is a slum within a slum – a fire scarred wreckage deep within the Thieves Quarter of the Old City. Seen as reminder of an unpopular war between the Thieves Guild and the Beggar’s Union, no one has bothered with the place for a decade. So why has a Guild courier now been murdered there?

An adventure for 5 to 7 characters of 1st level.

Version: 1E AD&D Filesize: 1.23 MB
Added on: 08-Jun-2010 Downloads: 1836 Rating: 9 (1 Vote)
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Description: Locations: Vesve Forest
Era: Post-Wars

Explore the massive ruins of Delvenbrass and prevent the followers of Nerull from finding what they seek in its depths. A 10-level dungeon-based adventure for characters of level 14+.
Version: 2E AD&D Filesize: 532.00 Kb
Added on: 13-Jun-2010 Downloads: 2025
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  Dimensions Lost 
Description: Secreted away in the Yatils lies the ruins of another recently unearthed temple of Tharizdun. New converts vie for favor from their god by abducting the local gnomes. The adventure begins when the PC's enter the Gnomish Vale. At which time they will be summoned to a private meeting with Laird Gwaylar.
Version: 3.5e D&D Filesize: 536.00 Kb
Added on: 12-Apr-2005 Downloads: 3963 Rating: 8 (3 Votes)
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  Gibbering Gate 
Description: Locations: Barren Plains
Era: Post-Wars

Explore the terrifying citadel of insanity - the most dreaded prison in the Flanaess. An adventure for characters of level to 9 to 11.
Version: 2E AD&D Filesize: 516.00 Kb
Added on: 12-Jun-2010 Downloads: 1579 Rating: 10 (1 Vote)
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  Grabford Forces 
Description: Type: Scenario
Locations: Grabford
Era: Post-Wars

On behalf of Furyondy your group must infiltrate Grabford and slay Iuz's Lesser Boneheart commander to make way for a larger liberation force. A high-level scenario for characters of levels 9 to 11.
Version: 2E AD&D Filesize: 280.00 Kb
Added on: 13-Jun-2010 Downloads: 1570
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  Greenreach by Paul Rokuskie 
Description: A post-Greyhawk Wars adventure for character levels 8 to 10. Set in Panshazek's tower in the town of Greenreach near the edge of the Vesve forest, this high level fan module will see the PC's tackling one of Iuz's Lesser Boneheart - the cleric Panshazek and his personal forces.

Note: There is no map of the tower included in this version of the adventure.

Version: Filesize: 344 bytes
Added on: 24-Jul-2012 Downloads: 1127
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  Molag Forces 
Description: Type: Scenario
Locations: Molag, Horned Society
Era: Post-Wars

Rescue precious artifacts from the Shield Lands on behalf of the Count of Crystalreach. To do so will require that you enter the halls of Molag itself. A scenario for characters of levels 10 to 13.
Version: 2E AD&D Filesize: 656.00 Kb
Added on: 13-Jun-2010 Downloads: 1555
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  PC13 Dimensions Lost 
Description: Locations: Yatil Mountains
Era: Post-Wars

A new cult of Tharizdun is active in the Yatils. The gnomes of Gershoogan have suffered from its depredations. Something must be done! And adventure for characters of levels  5 to 7.
Version: 1E/2E AD&D Filesize: 1.59 MB
Added on: 12-Jun-2010 Downloads: 1512
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  PC14 Bandits! 
Description: Locations: See of Medegia
Era: Pre-Wars

Spidasa has spoken - banditry in the See of Medegia must be put down.Can your fledgling group succeed? An adventure for level 1 characters.

Version: 1E/2E AD&D Filesize: 460.00 Kb
Added on: 12-Jun-2010 Downloads: 1602
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