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Land of Iuz (reserved, just waiting for text)

by MerricB

There are few places in the Flanaess more despicable than the Land of Iuz. The evil demigod Iuz rules the nation, demanding fealty and devotion from all. His goal is simple: world domination! He has gathered many men and orcs of ill intent to his banner, and his harsh priesthood oversees them all.

However, Iuz disappeared for many years, and in that time, his land rebelled against his rule. Although he was able to retake the heart of his lands on his return, the Hierophants of the Horned Society to the west still hold part of his domain. So, although Iuz often initiates schemes against other lands, first he wishes to bring the Hierophants to heel.

But no land should feel safe while Iuz sits on his throne!

Campaigning in the Land of Iuz is for DMs who want to offer choices to their Players; Do they side with Iuz (evil) or fight against it, either from a Good aligned party or a competing evil force?

Country-Specific Resources:
The Land of Iuz is described most fully in The City of Skulls and Iuz the Evil.

Adventures in this country include:
- Agents of Good attempt to disrupt the plans of the evil demigod
- Servants of Iuz attempt to assume positions of power by outdoing their rivals
- Sabotage Iuz’s fleet as it gathers for an invasion of Furyondy, or protect the fleet from infiltrators
- Seek out an spy who has been causing trouble in the capital – or rescue that spy and his valuable information
- Escort or capture a magic item procured by Iuz’s agents as it is brought to the demigod

Adventures in nearby areas include:
- Raids into the lands of the Wolf nomads, the Tiger nomads or the Rover of the Barrens.
- Adventuring in the Bandits Kingdoms.
- Forest adventures in the Vesve or the Fellreev.
Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)