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Duchy of Tenh

by Buster "Ancientgamer" Budd

Campaigns in the Duchy of Tenth, now part of the Empire of Iuz, are limited only by the DM's imagination since there is little left of the old Tenh to interfere with the direction the DM wants to take this country.

Tenh was where the first blood was drawn of the Greyhawk Wars by the Stonehold and their barbarian hordes, supplanted with planar evils courteously provided by Iuz. Needless to say, the lands of Tenh were ravaged, its people dispersed, condemned to slavery or exile. Forces, few and scattered, loyal to the Duke of the old Duchy of Tenh, continue to fight against the numerous invaders over the last decade. The Duchy in essence, is no more, divided between the Pale, the Stonehold and the forces of Iuz, who seek to steal and fight each other over the remnants of wealth which remains of Tenh.

Espionage, sabotage, small party raids are the daily words of the day. The Duke, who escaped to the County of Urnst, has yet to return to the war-torn lands of Tenh, which weakens the resolve of forces that remain which are hoping for his return with a mighty host to drive the invaders away and make Tenh safe once again.

Country specific resources:

Adventures in this country include:
- Player Characters can assist in either small raids or missions that help the loyal Tenh forces. Be it in the Phostwood against Palish soldiers or the capital of Nevond Nevnend held by the Stonehold.
- Retrieving artifacts or important symbols of the Tenh military (battle honors, a magical weapon, etc.).

Adventures in nearby areas include:
- Helping the Duke himself rally enough of a force amongst the friendly neighboring countries to retake Tenh.
- Acting as agents of Iuz in the County of Urnst, looking to capture or assassinate the Duke.
- Creating trouble in the Stonehold lands, pulling military resources away from Tenh.
- Explore the Phostwood, an ancient forest, with secrets of it own, now disturb by the war.
- Convince Nyrond, which is on the cusp of either helping the Duke/peoples of Tenh or ignoring their calls and strengthen their own fortifications, to select one choice or the other.
Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)