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    Restorers of the Triune Mother
    Posted on Thu, October 11, 2001 by Toran
    Dedicated to the heretical cause of restoring Wee Jas' ancient position in the Suel pantheon, before she assumed the role of goddess of death, the Restorers are spread out across the Flanaess, gathering information and tools for their cause. Often, their goals are unknown to outsiders, and their motives less than pure, the Restorers may help one day and hinder the next.

    Author: Sam Weiss

    The Restorers
    The Cult of the Triune Mother in Greyhawk

    by Sam Weiss (
    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    Despite its rather radical departure from conventional modes of thought and worship, the Cult has managed to establish itself through most of the Flanaess west of the Great Kingdom, though not in any form above that of a secret society, or at best an exclusive debating society. Their common name, where public, is usually some variation on The Restorers of the Triune Mother. (e.g., The Society for the Restoration of the Divided Mother). They are usually, and hereafter, referred to as Restorers.

    The Restorers typically organize themselves in cells of three, though a rare individual will function alone for extended periods of time, especially the male members. Likewise, an overwhelming majority, 80%+ of the members are women, though the current head, and some of the most powerful members historically have been men.

    A typical cell is composed of a Seer, a Caregiver, and a Shaper, respectively following Istus, Beory, and Wee Jas. The Shaper is always a mage, as no priest of Wee Jas can serve the Balance (DM note: be True Neutral), though strangely, several cell Shapers are well disciplined and even anti-weal. (DM note: LN or LE). The Seer is either a priest of Istus or a mage specializing in divination, about half of all members being each. The caregiver is most often a priest of Beory, though occasionally one will be a mage, typically an elementalist, though no more than 1 in 10.

    Each cell typically resides together or in very close proximity to each other, usually in a small village or town, though every major city has at least one cell in permanent residence. The members are typically freeholder housewives in smaller communities but may be of any social class, especially in larger cities. Several noblewomen are part of the Restorers, and indeed, a few cells are composed of only noble ladies). As for individual Restorers, they come about in a variety of ways. Mainly they are people who have not yet found a cell to join, or whose cell has been destroyed in some manner. More rarely, they are people who are simply acting independently of their cells for a time. Most rare, and perhaps the most romantic of them all, are the complete independents, those who never joined a cell other than for training. These also tend to be the most powerful members of the Restorers. As well, they comprise a great majority of the men within the group, (over 90% of all men in the Restorers are Loners) and a significant number (over 80%) of the more anti-weal female followers of Wee Jas within the organization. These Loners comprise perhaps one fourth of the overall membership, yet account for perhaps a full half of the raw power it can muster.

    Unlike cell members, Loners present a much more varied range of appearances, especially the men and extremist women. Anyone from a hag in a swampy hideaway to a layabout rake in a major city may secretly be a member.


    For agents of the Balance, Restorers are quite active, though not in the ways many would consider real "action". Primarily, and especially for cells, they try to improve the lot of the three faiths their members support and the position of women in general. They also engage in extensive research, trying to both discover the secrets behind what happened to corrupt Wee Jas, and to always enhance their own powers so they may better serve their cause. They prefer to do this through constant study rather than adventure, and use money they gain either from performing small magics for cash, or through being supported by Loners or richer cells. (DM Note: use the x.p. for spell research rule in the DMG2 under awards by class for such NPCs as a guideline for both their level and the number of spells each is likely to know. The organization does have access to the funds so that even small village cells can have wizard members of 5th level and higher if appropriate to your campaign).

    City cells will supplement both of these activities with spying on and subverting the governments of their cities, often by extremely questionable or surprising methods, namely blackmail through sex. They will also support rural cells with the funds to do research, and fund expeditions to recover materials from ancient ruins.

    Loners are typically the prime agents used for such expeditions, and the principal means of communications and transfer of funds. However, a few Loners are capable of managing not only themselves, but also full fledged cells around them. Despite its image as a "women's group" many have been shocked to find a male Loner, usually having set himself up somewhere as a stud, managing several cells of women in a city that appear to be his private harem. But such a thing happens perhaps once in a generation if that often.


    There are two main works that lay out the philosophies and beliefs of the Restorers. These are The Twenty-Seven of the Pits and Restoring the Triune Mother, both written by Aineias Lerakos.

    NPC Profile

    Aineias Lerakos
    Neutral human 21st level Druid (old style Numinous Hierophant)

    HP: 95 Str: 14 Dex: 13 Con: 15 Int: 19 Wis: 20 Cha: 19

    Age172 (physical) 879 (chronological)

    Aneias Lerakos is the founder of the Restorers, though perhaps 3 other members of the organization, as well as the Heirophants of the Cabal are aware of this. between the longevity granted a Hierophant Druid and his ability to hibernate, he has remained alive and overseen the activities of the group he founded since its inception.

    When not hibernating or writing a new treatise on the organizations beliefs, he will typically be poring over some newly recovered tome, looking for information to further his plans for his organization. Rarely, he will be mentoring an aspirant within the organization.

    Note: Balance, Restorers, Suel, Wee Jas
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    Re: Restorers of the Triune Mother (Score: 1)
    by Man-of-the-Cranes ( on Sat, April 13, 2002
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    I had never imagined treating the faith of Wee Jas or indeed Istus or Beory in this manner. Talk about girl power!

    Man of the Cranes

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