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    Updated Lineage of Furyondy Kings
    Posted on Thu, July 30, 2015 by LordCeb
    longetalos writes "
    Here is an updated version of the Lineage of Furyondy Kings.

    I thought it would be a helpful base for others to inspire themselves from.

    Furyondy’s lineage of kings dates back to 254 when it crowned the Viceroy Stinvri as King Thrommel Stinvri the First.1 His reign last until the year 265.

    From that day on, all the descendants of King Thrommel took his surname of Stinvri as being the name of the Royal line.

    ·        Thrommel I – 254 to 265
    ·        Thrommel II – 265 to 279
    ·        Thrommel III – 279 to 295
    ·        Hugh I – 295 to 314
    ·        Belvor I – 314 to 342
    ·        Avras I – 342 to 358
    ·        Grandel I – 358 to 374
    ·        Renald I – 374 to 398
    ·        Hugh II – 398 to 421
    ·        Avras II – 421 to 443
    ·        Renald II – 443 to 462
    ·        Hugh III – 462 to 478
    ·        Belvor II – 478 to 504
    ·        Avras III – 504 to 522.
    ·        Thrommel IV – 522 to 527
    ·        Belvor III – 527 to 537
    ·        Belvor IV – to 537
    ·        Regent Throsten – 537 to 542
    ·        Belvor IV – 542 to 597

    King Thrommel’s oldest child, whom he named Thrommel, inherited rulership of the realm in the year 265 when King Thrommel I died.

    King Thrommel II fathered a boy, which he also named Thrommel. King Thrommel II died in the year 280.

    King Thrommel III began construction of Chendl in the year 283.2 In the year 288, the capital was moved from Dyvers to Chendl.3

    From the year 295 CY until the end of the reign of Hugh the Third in 477 CY, the kingdom was embroiled in political infighting between the old Great Kingdom Seven noble families and the Royal family. This era became known as the years of the petty kings. As time went on, the power of the crown was diluted into the seven regional territories with a figurehead for a king.

    A typical ineffectual king from this time period was King Avras the First who, in 350 CY, failed to defend Veluna.4

    As the infighting continued, nobody had the power to stop the vassal states leaving the Kingdom of Furyondy; Perrenland in 400 CY and Veluna in 446 CY.

    The last of the petty kings was King Hugh III. One of King Hugh III final act as king was to grant independence to the Marchland of Bissel in 477 CY.5 He died shortly thereafter and his son Prince Belvor became King Belvor II in the year 478.

    The internal disfunction of Furyondy changed with the coming to power of King Belvor II. King Belvor saw that the greatness of Furyondy was being diluted and destroyed by the political infighting of the Seven families and vowed to restore order to the country. He was aided in his efforts by the rise of Iuz in the year 479.6&7 King Belvor II saw an opportunity to use the external threat to improve his power within Furyondy. 

    King Belvor II had a son, Prince Avras who was 10 years old at the time of Iuz’s rise in the year 479. Prince Avras grew up with the threat of Iuz looming. Over the next two decades, the father and son team consolidated their political power as well as military power to be ready to face and defeat that threat.

    In the year 503, Iuz left the war to his minions. With Iuz off the battlefield, King Belvor II’s task became much easier.8

    King Belvor II died in battle in the year 504 before being able to see the enemy army completely destroyed and his beloved country safe.

    His son, King Avras III continued the battle and fought against Iuz troops until 507 CY7 when Iuz’s troops were finally fully vanquished.

    King Avras III had two sons; Prince Thrommel (the older) and Prince Belvor (the younger).10  

    When King Avras III died in the year 522, his older son Prince Thrommel was crowned as king – King Thrommel IV. But King Thrommel was not well, neither mentally or physically. He relied quite heavily on his younger brother Prince Belvor who for all intents and purposes ruled the country through Thrommel.

    Dyvers, taking advantage of the disfunction in rulership, declared independence in the year 526.9

    Unfortunately King Thrommel IV malady finally took its toll and he died quite suddenly in the year 527 with no direct heirs. His younger brother Prince Belvor became King Belvor III and the last of the direct line from Thrommel I.

    King Belvor III ruled until the year 537 when he passed away in his sleep.10 Although he was king in name for only 10 years, historians state that King Belvor III reigned for the full 15 years seeing as he ruled through his older brother for the first 5 years.

    King Belvor III died with but one heir – his son Belvor – who was born in the year 524.11 At King Belvor III’s death his son was only 13 years old. Therefore until his young son was of age, his greatest supporter was to have the regency – Lord Throsten. Regent Lord Throsten was named to rule the kingdom until such time as King Belvor IV was of age to rule.12&13

    Regent Throsten ruled the kingdom until the year 542 when King Belvor IV became king at the age of 18.

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    6-      Avras III is mentioned as noticing the rise of the demigod in 479. – Greyhawk Wars p3.
    7-      Avras III is noted as fighting Iuz until at least 505. –Greyhawk Wars boxed set.
    8-      Marklands page 3 it states that in 503 CY the current King Belvor II was all too happy to forget about Iuz.
    9-      King Thrommel II allows Dyvers to become independent in the year 526 – p9 of World of Greyhawk 1980 Folio. To make this work with the other canon sources, this should be King Thrommel IV.
    10-   Belvor III is King Avras III son (Greyhawk Wars p3). King Belvor III dies in his sleep in 537 (Marklands p4), after a reign of 15 years (Greyhawk wars p25).
    11-   Belvor IV is 61 years old in 585 CY. Marklands p38.
    12-   Lord Throsten regent for Belvor IV – Greyhawk Wars p3.
    13-   Living Greyhawk Gazetteer p47.

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    Re: Updated Lineage of Furyondy Kings (Score: 1)
    by SirXaris on Mon, August 03, 2015
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    Cool!  Thanks for posting this lineage, longetalos. :)SirXaris

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