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    Greyhawk Spotting - Pool of Radiance, Ruins of Myth Drannor
    Posted on Mon, March 04, 2002 by taladmin
    manicmidwife writes "Notes on the Pool of Radience/Ruins of Myth Drannor CRPG from a Greyhawker's point-of-view...


    Used with permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission.

    (Utilising the Prima Official Strategy Guide)

    Continuing on from the Baldur's Gate saga, the more recently released PoR game (this time from Ubi Soft) also features a few Greyhawk references. This game follows the 3rd ed Dungeons and Dragons rules (loosely, but interestingly none the less). Given that this game is produced by a different company to that of the producers of the Baldur's Gate series (Black Isle / Interplay), many of the same spells can be cast but the effects are visually different.

    Additions are always welcome.

    Spells that may be cast (with Greyhawk connections) include:
    Melf's Acid Arrow (... and that's about it!)

    Magical Items of note:
    Alaric's Charm (Necklace Con -2, Int +2) (Alaric being one of the guises of Morgorath, the sending of Istus in the Fates of Istus. Alaric was the leader of the Iron Fist Guild of Rel Mord) – Found in the Glim-Gardens of Myth Drannor;
    Fist of St. Cuthbert (+7 Ring vs Undead, Protection from Undead +5, Cast Searing Light Level 20) – May be retrieved from the ioun oracle within Nightingale Court;
    Hextor's Cruelty (+2 Club, +6 Will Save) – Retrieved from the Dwarven Halls of Stone;
    Hextor's Might (+2 Hammer, +6 Fort Save) - Retrieved from the Dwarven Halls of Stone;
    Hextor's Vengence (+2 Axe, +6 Reflex Save) - Retrieved from the Dwarven Halls of Stone;
    Luther's Protector (+3 Staff, Init +3) (? named after the Rogues Gallery character, most recently seen as a Heironean monk in Bastion of Faith) – Retrieved from lizardfolk within the Deep Halls;
    Olidammara's Whisper (Ring +2 Dex, Casts Invisibility Level 10) – May be retrieved from the ioun oracle within Nightingale Court;
    Roderick's Walking Stick (Staff that fires poisonous missiles) (? named after the Bastion of Faith character Roderick Docamald: priest of Heironeous, and companion of the late Valdaresse Sharn and Artur Jakartai. He assisted Katarina with the restoration of Critwall) – From the entrance to the Knights Tomb in Nightingale Court;
    Wand of Melf's Acid Arrow (for completists) – May be found within the Dwarven Halls and within the Prisons of the Elven Catacombs

    Not many, but as with the Baldur's Gate there is a definite Greyhawk influence on the Realms drow. A senior drow warrior is named Greyanna (as was a mercenary drow in service to Eclavdra beneath the Halls of Snurre) and drow members of House Kilsek also lurk about, causing trouble.

    Stingers (not Greyhawk related, but worth knowing about ;-):
    Arrows of Dire Flatulence (+3 to hit, cast Stinking Cloud Level 10) – Retrieved from a very secret room beneath the Elven Catacombs;
    Crypt Cleanser (Mace +4 against Undead) – Also found beneath the Elven Cellers;
    Ghoul Stopper (Amulet Protection from Undead +4) – Found within the Dwarven Halls;
    Meat Cleaver (Axe +2, +4 vs Orc and Orog) – Found within the Elven Catacombs;
    Pigsticker (Spear +3, +5 against Orc and Orog) – Found within the Prisons of the Elven Catacombs

    Note: Melf, Hextor, Olidammara"
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