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Posted on Mon, July 19, 2004 by Farcluun
Galiana writes "A short article done in LGG format describing the nation of Komal on the western side of the Gulf of Ghayar, across from the Bakhoury Coast.

By: Galiana
Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

Author's special thanks to Thanriyon in regards to the 'Merran.'


Proper Name : The Komal Confederacy

Ruler : The Seven Matriarchs (exact descriptions unknown)

Government : Hereditary Confederacy, with a Matriarch from each principal town and city meeting in a Council.

Capital : Komal

Major Towns : Komal (pop 79, 700), Tuarzir ( pop 38, 300 ), Kfeya (pop 33, 000), Mairber (pop 34, 000), Ras-Khande ( pop 72, 000 ), el-Zulaf (pop 29, 900), Tawre (pop 57,000)

Provinces : Same as Major Towns

Resources : Fish, Fish by-products, Pearls, Glass, Ships and Naval technology, Coral, Herbs & spices

Coinage : Maelstrom (pp), Whirlpool (gp), Wave (sp), Current (cp)

Population : 677,000 ( 74% Human, 25% Merran, 1% Other )

Languages : Komali, Ancient Baklunish, Common, Aquan

Alignments : CG, NG

Religions : Geshtai (State Religion), Eadro, Tsolorandril

Allies : Bakhoury Coast (sometimes), Istustan (sometimes), Janasibs (sometimes), Dry Steppes Nomads (sometimes), Merfolk of the Gulf of Ghayar

Enemies : Zeif, Bakhoury Coast (sometimes), Janasibs (sometimes), Dry Steppes Nomads (sometimes).

Overview : The nation of Komal is perhaps the oldest continuous nation on Oerik. The Seven Matriarchs, whose original names are never uttered once they take office, have ruled with a benign hand since it's formation, meeting at the Well of Geshtai regularly to decide policies for the Confederacy. Beneath them is a bureaucracy run mainly by Priests and temple followers of Geshtai.
The nation’s borders are defined by the Seven Cities within, amd the fertile land around. Where the fertile lands meet desert is where the Komali decree their borders end. Until recently, the only fortified border was the one with Aghrapur. The border has always been lightly defended, although the Komali are experts at marshalling forces quickly to repel nomad orcish raiders.
The Komali have always conducted trade by sea, although caravans from the Celestial Imperium, and now Istustan, are a growing part of their economy. .
Of note is the large proportion of the population descended from water elementals called ‘Merran’. These peoples tend to black hair with blue or green highlights, blue through green and grey eyes, and tend to dress in colors of the sea. They tend to be sailors, corsairs, or sorcerors. Komali sorcerors enjoy a mastery over the element of water, and this is rumored to be due in part to this interesting mix of bloodlines. It is even rumored that at least one of the Matriarchs is a Merran.
The Komali keep a small, but elite army, consisting mainly of mounted archers/cavalry, and well trained infanry/crossbowmen. The Navy however is extremely large. Naval technology here is very high, with superbly constructed zebecs being the ships of choice, each holding its own force of marines. Merran and Merfolk units, and scouts also aid the Komali forces, giving it an unprecedented maritime advantage. Recently, the Komali have begun to increase the size of its army, in response to the formation of Istustan.

History : The nation now known as Komal was formed in 1116 BH (-1520 CY) by various smaller Bakluni Houses who travelled north and west after the formation of the Bakluni Empire, led by their Priestesses of Geshtai who in turn had received visions from that Deity. After almost a year of wandering, they came across the lake that is now known as the Well of Geshtai, and began to settle the area, each House setting camp in a surrounding area and either absorbing or driving out the local tribesmen. This marks the formation of the Komali Calendar. The seven Priestesses were selected as the first leaders of the of the settlements and formed the pattern for the Matriarchal society that exists today.
Over the next several centuries, peace reigned in the region and the camps became towns, then Cities, and trade links were developed with the Bakluni Empire and the wild tribes around them, as well as with the Merfolk offshore. As the Bakluni-Suel wars intensified, the Komali declared themselves neutral, refusing to have any part in the situation, even going so far as turning away refugees from the Empire and becoming isolationist.
Peace continued to predominate for the Confederacy, punctuated with occasional raids from orcs and others. A brief, but bloody war was fought with Aghrapur resulting in the formation of the Aghrapur as an independant city state.
Naval skirmishes with the Island peoples were commonplace. After the formation of Zeif, the Komali found themselves faced with a growing Naval power, and incidents increased. A formal treaty with Zeif was never reached, although diplomatic relations were established, lost, and re-established over the years.
The Brazen Horde are the only ones to have ever presented the Komali with anything other than peaceful relations, and battles with those peoples continued sporadically for centuries. The Komali, have always successfully driven off or stalemated invasions, and they watched with great relief when the Horde finally moved eastwards. Relations with the Riverine Council had always been cordial, and although no formal treaty ever exisited, they put the final touches on the defeat of Zeif at Isfahan by harrying and sinking most of the fleet along with the army it carried.
Relations with Zeif however, have always been strained, and dozens of large Naval battles with that nation have been recorded. It is mentioned with pride by the Komali that they have never lost a naval engagement, which they attribute to their skills with air and water magic, their close relations with the merfolk of the Gulf of Ghayar, the blessings of Geshtai, and their superb nautical skills. The most telling of these, and the most recent, was The Battle Beneath the Waves, which saw a combined force of Komali and Merfolk decimate the Zeif Naval fleet at the Qayah-Bureis islands. The recent formation of Istustan has worried the Komali, as the Empire is larger, and more organized than ever the Riverine council, or Brazen Horde was. Although they have formed diplomatic relations with the new Empire, the situation is watched carefully by the Matriarchs.

Conflicts and Intrigues : The Komali are increasingly nervous of Istustan, and the recent annexation of Aghrapur and Saphet into the empire has raised national concern. Fortifications have begun along the entire border.
Naval conflicts with Zeif are on the rise, as ships of both Komal, and Istustan have come under attack recently, with Zeif, Mur, and Risay seeming to be the likely culprits. This is driving the Matriarchs to negotiate an alliance with the Janasib corsairs.

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Re: Komal (Score: 1)
by mortellan on Mon, July 19, 2004
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This was a pleasant surprise Galiana! I knew you had an Istustan article but the Komal one I didn't. IMC from a couple years ago, I had used a run away daughter of one of these matriarchs as the hook for a quest. She stole with her one of the lesser genie binders, this one having ties to the element of water. I swear we are on the same wavelength.

Re: Komal (Score: 1)
by Abysslin ( on Fri, July 23, 2004
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
heh, somebody scored this a '1.' Usually that means they didn't even read it.

Re: Komal (Score: 1)
by Maraudar on Tue, December 07, 2004
(User Info | Send a Message)
Great article. In my own campaign I have to say that the western part of Oerth is largely ignored. Mostlike likely because I get lazy about it. Guess I am going to have to change that. Galiana there is soem really great stuff here to help me expand.


Re: Komal (Score: 1)
by Mystic-Scholar on Mon, September 28, 2009
(User Info | Send a Message)
Very well done. Yet another nation for us to "plunder" for goodies. It's always pleasant to find things like this which allow us to expand our beloved Oerth. Very nicely done and an excellent choice for the format.

Re: Komal (Score: 1)
by coach008 on Fri, October 10, 2014
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