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    Postfest X(Needfest 2009) Wolf’s Howl Inn
    Posted on Fri, April 10, 2009 by LordCeb
    MikelAmroni writes "“Let me tell you friend, when you’re on the road from Henrich to Verbobonc and beyond, there’s nothing so sweet as the Wolf’s Howl, save the warmth of your own sweet home.”

    - Butch, smith and merchant of the hamlet of Henrich.

    Wolf’s Howl Inn
    By MikelAmroni

    Located on a road to Verbobonc, the Wolf’s Howl Inn is notable only that it is the only inn or town for a very long time, on its particular road. Several small mining and lumber towns near the mountains rely on it as a relay point between themselves and Verbobonc. The inn was founded in CY 548 by its current owner, Jillian Lurust of Verbobonc. She and her boys founded the inn first as a rest stop and walled compound, expanding on it to include an actual inn by the tenth anniversary of the place. Two of her four boys have fallen in the defense of the place. Warg Riding Goblins are the primary concern of the inn, though there are rumors of werewolves in the area.

    Despite the danger, Jillian has thrived here. Her now dead husband was a rich merchant in Verbobonc, and his death at the hands of the goblin tribe near here is what prompted her to set up an armed way station. For the first ten years she was here, there was a company of rangers present, two of which had wolf companion animals. It was from this company, which called itself the Company of the Wolf, that the Inn got its name. It is said that a pack of wolves still protects the inn, though dark rumors suggest one of the sons was infected by lycanthropy and now protects the inn as best he can, preying only those who give his mother trouble, and the occasional merchant or traveler. More level heads scoff at this, as merchants who were close friends with the missing boys and their mother have died from wolf attacks as well.

    The inn itself is a three story building, with a taproom and dining hall on the bottom floor, and rooms on the top two floors. The family stays in an attached house, partially underground. The inn has an extensive palisade, and many covered stalls for horses. There is also a small building that once held the officers of the soldiers who patrolled here. These days, the patrol travels to and from Verbobonc. It rarely passes beyond the inn, except during the mandated patrols to collect taxes and when hunting bandits. As such there is usually someone waiting here to have a grievance heard and adjudicated. This is especially true when folk from different homesteads or hamlets are involved.

    The inn serves a wide variety of foods, but in particular its roast coney and mushroom stew is a highly requested food item. Rabbits and sheep are common in the region, as are game hens. Consequently, these meats make up the regular menu of the Inn. Occasionally a hunter will bring in bear or moose, and sell the meat in exchange for a few nights stay so he can tan the skin for sale. Near the fireplace there is a large bearskin rug that patrons enjoy curling up on to tell stories. An owlbear hide is hung across the front of the inn. In times past the owlbear hide was a covering over a hole made by the same owlbear trying to get at a guest. The poor creature had been dominated, and the hunters and soldiers at the inn were forced to kill it. Now, years later, the hole has been repaired, but the owlbear skin stays up as a reminder that anything can have its freedom taken away.



    Roast Coney and Mushroom Stew – Roasted rabbit, chunked into a stew of mushrooms, leeks, saffron, and ginger, served with fried bread fingers.

    Mutton in Beer – sliced mutton stewed in beer and onions, served with potatoes and fried bread fingers.

    Herb and Flower Salad – made with wildflowers and roses, served with a honey & vinegar dressing.

    Mutton Pie – Mutton, potatoes, carrots, and gravy in a pastry crust, topped with goat cheese.

    Coney Pie – Rabbit, potatoes, mushrooms, and gravy in a pastry crust, topped with cheddar cheese.

    Mutton and Hen Shiwas – Lamb and game hen speared on a skewer with potatoes, carrots, and onions. Two skewers per plate.

    Drepe – Pheasants or other game hen in savory almond milk sauce served with potatoes and fried bread fingers.

    Capon in Milk and Honey – Battered Game hens served in a simmered sauce of milk, honey, sage, parsley, and garnished with pine nuts.


    Velunian Ale
    Celenian Bocque
    Ulek Summer Stout
    Chispa's Spring Wheat Beer – imported from Dyvers.


    Keoish Golden
    Urnst White 
    Celene Ruby 
    Furyondian Emerald Pale 
    Velunan Fireamber 


    Kron Hills Mead Liqueur – A honey based liqueur that tends to stick with you on the way down. Popular among merchants and gnomes on cold nights, despite its cool temperature. Kept on ice year round.

    Adventure Hooks

    Are the rumors of werewolves true, or are they merely a case of over imaginative local storytellers? Either way, in the past few months, animal attacks are on the rise. Wolves and bears seem to be agitated, and are ranging near the inn to hunt. Why?

    Telnon of the Hamlet of Henrich, and Kurstus of the gnome clan of Nozbin each blame the other for cheating them. Telnon was delivering furs to Kurstus, but he was set upon by gnomish bandits. He blames Kustus for this, and is demanding justice. Jillian has convinced them to wait for the patrol, which was due two days ago. Their tempers are getting the worst of them. Do you help solve their dispute, find the bandits, or perhaps you wonder what has happened with the patrol. Either way, if something isn’t done soon, there is going to be bloodshed.

    There has been a rumor of mushrooms as big as a man in the caves to the north. Jillian is interested in them, but can’t let her boys go investigate. Though she will not tell anyone, she has already lost one of her sons in this cave. She will pay 20 gold for each man sized mushroom they find. Does the group take her up on her offer?

    A group of merchants came here to meet with representatives from the Duchy of Ulek, and have completed their business. The problem is their guard was killed along the way, and they would like to hire guards or to tag along with anyone else going to Verbobonc.
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    Re: Postfest X(Needfest 2009) Wolf’s Howl Inn (Score: 1)
    by Mystic-Scholar on Sun, September 27, 2009
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Nicely done. Sufficient detail with room left over for mystery. A well fleshed out menu and decent adventure hooks.

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