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    Expanded Druid Spell List for Rangers
    Posted on Thu, July 02, 2009 by LordCeb
    Kirt writes "This article uses fifteen sources spanning thirty years to compile a comprehensive list of nearly one hundred fifty druid spells castable by Rangers in First and Second Editions.  I have edited the spells to select the best variants and assign the most appropriate levels, as well as added explanations for why some spells were not included in the lists.

    This article draws upon my previous "Revised and Expanded Druid Spell List" to present a subset of all the druid spells I found suitable for Rangers.  The purpose is twofold: first, to synthesize First and Second Editions with a unified vision of Ranger druid spells.  Second, to build a comprehensive spell list, so as to not limit spells based on the First Edition druid spells per se or on Second Edition Spheres.

    Rangers: non-druid casters of druid spells
    I believe it is worth considering the source of ranger druid spells - the source of both the knowledge and the power of the spells themselves. 

    Starting at eighth level, rangers have access to druidic spells, but who teaches them these spells?  I presume they learn their spells from other rangers, but also from druids.  It will likely be more frequent that they learn their spells from druids, since it would take a ranger of name level to teach them the same spells that even a low-level druid could.   Ranger selection of spells will thus be limited to the ones that are taught them, and these will be limited by the knowledge of their tutors.  In subsequent articles, I will specifically list what spells are available to druids depending on their patron Power.  
    However, not every ranger worships a Power that grants druid spells.  (After a discussion of what it is that powers cleric spells, the DMG1 says (p.39) "Note that the above applies to...rangers with respect to their druidic clerical spell powers".)  The general reverence for nature of rangers will be sufficient to provide the faith for spells of first and second level.  In this case, there will be no restrictions on what spells they could learn, though they may have to find druid tutors of several different faiths to learn all the spells possible.  Upon attaining the ability to cast spells of third level, however, they will need a divine source, a servant to their patron Power (DMG1 p.38).  The DM will have to determine whether the ranger's patron Power is willing and able to grant druid spells.  If not, does that Power maintain a friendly relationship with another Power that could grant spells on its behalf?  If the ranger has no specific patron Power, but is of sufficient character, the servant Powers of Ehlonna might consent to grant third level spells.  In extreme cases the DM may rule that no Power is willing or able to provide the spells, and the ranger will not receive them, despite being of the requisite level or even having already learned them.
    If the ranger actually worships a Power that is a patron for druids, there are no such problems of divine support.  In this case, however, the ranger's access to spells will be restricted to only those spells granted by the patron Power, as if he were a priest or druid of that Power.
    In PH1, a ranger of 8th level is granted access to one first level druid spell per day.  This access increases to its maximum at 17th level, where a ranger can cast two spells per day for each of spell levels first, second, and third.  These spells come directly from the druid spell lists. 

    In PH2, ranger access to priest spells also starts at 8th level, but there is a slightly faster progression until the maximum at 16th level, where three spells each of first, second, and third levels can be cast.  While PH2 rangers access priest spells, they are allowed spells from only the Spheres of Plant and Animal (a subset of the Spheres available to Second Edition druids).
    As with druids, I see no reason to grant rangers spells that are inappropriate just because they fall in a certain Sphere while denying them others because they are from a different Sphere.  What follows is a list of those spells which I believe rangers should have access to.  After that are notes on the spells that I did not allow rangers, explaining why they were restricted.  Note that some rangers may have access to these "restricted" spells by other means, for example by multiclassing as Cleric/Rangers.  In this case they may indeed fill their ranger spell slots with spells otherwise prohibited to rangers. 

    Commentary on spells, as well as all references to the textual sources of spells can be found in my previous article.

    First Level druid spells allowed rangers
    Animal Friendship
    Anti-Vermin Barrier
    Banish Flame
    Beast Tattoo
    Blessed Watchfulness
    Calm Animals
    Create Water
    Detect Disease
    Detect Living
    Detect Magic
    Detect Poison
    Detect Snares & Pits
    Dispel Fatigue
    Endure Cold/Endure Heat
    Fearie Fire
    Frost Fingers
    Ice Walk
    Invisibility to Animals
    Keen Eye
    Know Age
    Know Direction
    Know Time
    Locate Animals or Plants
    Log of Everburning
    Motes of Moonlight
    Pass without Trace
    Predict Weather
    Purify Food and Drink
    Sacred Guardian
    Speak with Animals
    Strength of Stone
    Wailing Wind
    Water Sprint
    Wind Column
    First level druid spells not allowed rangers
    Call Upon Faith
    This spell is taught only to rangers who are particularly devoted in their service to a specific patron church.

    One must be an ordained priest to officiate at a ceremony.

    Circle of Faith
    Rangers are in general not taught cooperative magic, as the chance of them casting in conjunction with priests or other rangers is remote.
    This is essentially a priest spell and not applicable to rangers.
    Detect Balance
    Given the requirement that rangers be of Good alignment, this spell, founded in the Neutrality of druids, can not be understood by them.
    Magical Stone
    Given that rangers can use bows, they have little need of sling stones.  By the level at which they can cast spells, they should have access to magic arrows.
    Nature's Blessing (R)
    Calling upon a Power to Bless or Curse is the purview of that Power's official representatives, the priests.  It would be presumptuous for a ranger to exercise this ability.

    These are learned by priests before taking religious vows, but not typically as part of ranger training.  They might be granted to a ranger manifesting a particularly strong devotion to a specific patron church.
    Of this Oerth Only
    Given the requirement that rangers be of Good alignment, this spell, founded in the Neutrality of druids, is not usable.

    Putrefy Food and Drink
    While rangers are allowed Purify Food and Drink, their Good nature disallows the use of the reverse spell.
    Reed Staff, Shillelagh
    As with Magical Stone, a ranger of eighth level most likely has access to a magical sword or other melee weapon, obviating the need for these spells.
    Second Level druid spells allowed rangers
    Acorn Barrage
    Alicorn Lance
    Animal Spy
    Arboreal Scamper
    Aura of Comfort
    Banish Blight
    Beast Claw
    Charm Person or Mammal
    Create Holy Symbol
    Cure Light Wounds
    Detect Charm
    Draw Upon Power Primeval
    Dust Devil
    Earth Anchor
    Feign Death
    Fire Trap
    Flame Blade
    Fortifying Stew
    Frost Whip
    Gift of Speech
    Heat Metal
    Iron Vigil
    Natural Attunement
    Produce Flame
    Protection from Aging
    Resist Acid and Corrosion
    Resist Fire/Resist Cold
    Restore Strength
    Slow Poison
    Snake Charm
    Soften Earth and Stone
    Warp Wood
    Watery Fist
    Wood Sword
    Second level druid spells not allowed rangers
    The gods regard information on fate and the future to be for their priests, only.
    See Goodberry.
    Not necessary, as rangers have armor, and likely magic armor, by the level at which they receive this spell.  However, if the DM does not allow rangers to cast druid spells while wearing metal armor, this spell should be among the first learned.
    Cause Light Wounds
    See Cure Light Wounds.

    Chilling Scythe
    The life-draining, necromantic aspect of this spell makes it unsuitable for Good rangers.

    Cure Light Wounds
    While rangers are allowed Cure Light Wounds, their Good nature disallows the use of the reverse spell.

    Death Prayer
    This spell is the province of the clergy, who are in charge of souls and bodies.

    While rangers are allowed Goodberry, their Good nature disallows the use of the reverse spell.

    This emulates the use of poison, and would generally not be favored by Good rangers.

    Mystic Transfer
    Rangers, in general, are not taught cooperative magic, as the chance of them casting in conjunction with priests or other rangers is remote.

    Poison Touch
    This emulates the use of poison, and would generally not be favored by Good rangers.

    This spell is a sacrament of the clergy.

    A ranger of tenth level most likely has access to a magical sword or other melee weapon of +2 or better enchantment, obviating the need for this spell.  In a particularly low-magic campaign this might be taught to rangers.

    Wind Lash
    By the time a ranger is capable of casting this spell, she would normally have far more effective means of attack.
    Third Level druid spells allowed rangers
    Accelerate Healing
    Archer's Redoubt
    Call Lightning
    Create Campsite
    Cure Disease
    Cure Moderate Wounds
    Efficacious Monster Ward
    Everfull Quiver
    Extended Forecast
    Find Sustenance
    Flame Shield
    Flame Walk
    Hold Animal
    Hold Poison
    Moon Blade
    Nature's Eyes
    Pass without Trace, 10' Radius
    Plant Growth
    Protection from Cold
    Protection from Fire
    Renewed Youth
    Shape Wood
    Slow Rot
    Spike Growth
    Stone Shape
    Storm Shield
    Summon Animal Spirit
    Summon Insects
    Water Breathing
    Water Walk
    Wind Blast
    Wind Servent
    Zone of Sweet Air
    Third level druid spells not allowed rangers
    Cause Disease
    See Cure Disease and Cure Moderate Wounds.
    Cause Moderate Wounds
    See Cure Disease and Cure Moderate Wounds.

    Cure Disease and Cure Moderate Wounds
    While rangers are allowed Cure Disease and Cure Moderate Wounds, their Good nature disallows the use of the reverse spells.

    Ease Labor
    This is generally only taught to druidesses, especially those of Beory, who regularly care for expectant mothers.  It would not be shown to rangers who follow the path of war.

    Know Alignment
    The difference in alignment between druids and rangers renders this spell non-functional for them.  

    Mold Touch
    The "caused disease" aspect of this spell would be avoided by Good rangers.

    Neutralize Poison
    While rangers are allowed Neutralize Poison, their Good nature disallows the use of the reverse spell.
    See Neutralize Poison.
    Reflecting Pool

    This type of divination magic is for priests only.

    Summon Animal Spirit

    The spell is not taught to rangers by most faiths, who consider dealing with spirits to be reserved for clergy.  However, priestesses of Ehlonna will teach the spell to rangers of their faith only.

    Wheel of Bones

    By tenth level, a ranger will have access to much more potent forms of melee and missile attack than this spell, whose imagery is somewhat disturbing for a Good-aligned character.

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