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    Postfest XIII (Brewfest 2009): Seregith Lithin, Would-Be Olven Lich
    Posted on Tue, January 05, 2010 by LordCeb
    DMPrata writes "No good villain should have to languish in obscurity.... 

    I developed this mid-level NPC for my AD&D® campaign.  Players being what they are, they avoided his lair entirely.  Later, I submitted him for inclusion in a "Rogues Gallery" compilation at Dragonsfoot.  That project never saw the light of day.  Now, at long last, we can brush away the cobwebs to reveal Seregith Lithin, would-be olven lich....

    Name: Seregith Lithin

    Class: Cleric/Fighter/Magic-User

    Level: 6/6/6

    Hit Points: 27

    Armor Class: 2/1

    Move Rate: 12"

    Alignment: C/Evil

    Age: 646

    Sex: M

    Height: 5'

    Weight: 100 lbs.

    Hair: Silver

    Eyes: Amber

    Skin: Pale

    Race: Grey elf

    Deity: Beltar

    Languages: Olven, Common, Noniz, Hobniz, Jebli, High Jebline, Euroz, Kell, Eiger, Gargoyle

    Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Fungus identification [18]; Survival, heat; Swimming [13]; Weaver [16]

    Strength: 13

    Intelligence: 17

    Wisdom: 14

    Dexterity: 15

    Constitution: 8

    Charisma: 14

    Comeliness: 10 (8 to elves)

    Psionic Ability (if any): Nil

    Preferred Weapon: Short bow or long sword +3

    Type of Armor worn: Olven chain

    Type of Shield used: Buckler

    Type of Helm worn: Small

    Attacks per Round: 2 or 1

    Weapon Proficiencies: Bow, long; Bow, short; Spear; Sword, long; Sword, short

    Notable Equipment: Iron unholy symbol of Beltar (a pair of open fangs)

    Treasure/Money Carried: 11,000-gp silver medallion set with a very large sapphire (This is to be his phylactery.)

    Magic items/Weapons: Ring of protection +2; 10 arrows +1; long sword +3; wand of negation (90 charges, command word "Telgul"); magic-user scroll (enchanted weapon, fire trap, wizard eye, cast at 8th level)

    Spells (if any): As a cleric, usually takes cause light wounds, curse, darkness, detect magic, invisibility to undead; dust devil, hold person, slow poison; and continual darkness.  As a magic-user, usually takes charm person, magic missile (x2), sleep; web (x2); and suggestion (x2).  His spell book contains the above spells, plus detect magic, erase, jump, push, read magic; invisibility, knock; and fly.

    General Information & Background:

    Seregith Lithin (se-re-GEETH LEE-thin) is a native of Sunndi.  He began his career as a C/Neutral follower of Erevan Ilesere.  His adventuring partner (and magic tutor) was a C/Evil grey elf magic-user.  She was also the love of his life.

    Nearly fifty years ago, the pair set out to explore the crypts and caverns below an abandoned monastery in southern Sunndi (DMG, pp. 94-100).  On the lowest cavern level, Seregith's love was killed by a giant spider.  He was devastated, but, worse still, she rose again as a banshee!  In her undeath, she did not seem to recognize him.  He knew her wailing could kill him; thus, he was forced to flee.

    Seregith spent the next two decades or so isolated in a cavern as near as possible to the banshee (without daring to approach too close).  Over time, he renounced the worship of Erevan, and succumbed to Evil.  No longer able to support himself with create food & water spells, he began living off of various mushrooms in the area.  He was completely unwilling to abandon his love, determined to find a way to be reunited with her again.

    The answer came to him in the form of a small cult of Beltar, the Suel goddess of deep caves, pits, and malice.  This group entered the caverns just over twenty years ago.  When they discovered Seregith, an allegiance was formed (after some initial hostilities, of course).  Seregith converted to the worship of Beltar, and took over the cult.

    He saw now the solution to his heart-breaking woes.  He knew he could not approach the banshee while he lived.  He also knew that, even if he were to die, they would not be reunited in the afterlife, as her undeath bound her to this plane.  The answer was simple, and yet had eluded him for so long.  He must ascend to lichdom.

    At present, Seregith is working toward this goal (but is still a long way from achieving it).  He and his human followers have not left these caverns in over two decades, living off of mushrooms and created food & water.  The humans, naturally, are all middle-aged by this time, but Seregith cares not.  He has attracted a number of other evil creatures to do his bidding while he conducts his magical research.  These include twelve gargoyles, six wererats, three hell wounds, two wights, and two wraiths (although the wraiths are basically just neutral toward him).  These foul creatures populate the lower cavern levels, making it very difficult for any "do-gooders" to approach the would-be lich.  Perhaps a century (or even a mere decade) from now, a new power will rise here, one worthy to be spoken of in the same breath as the mighty Acererak.  He and his "bride" will be expecting you. . . .

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