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    The Best Greyhawk Era in which to Adventure!

    Living Greyhawk Gazetteer 2000-200217 %17 %17 % 17.73% (92)
    Roger Moore's Greyhawk '98 Revival 1998-19994 %4 %4 % 4.82% (25)
    Greyhawk: Cancelled 1994-19972 %2 %2 % 2.31% (12)
    Sargent's From the Ashes 1991-199320 %20 %20 % 20.81% (108)
    Lorraine Williams and Jim Ward's Hawkapalooza 1986-19900 %0 %0 % 0.96% (5)
    World of Greyhawk Boxed Set, 1983-198532 %32 %32 % 32.37% (168)
    Folio Greyhawk 1979-198214 %14 %14 % 14.07% (73)
    Gary's Original Campaign Pre-19795 %5 %5 % 5.39% (28)
    Other, please explain!1 %1 %1 % 1.54% (8)

    Total Votes: 519

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    "The Best Greyhawk Era in which to Adventure!" | Login/Create an Account | 7 comments
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    Gygax vs. Holian...the eternal internal debate! (Score: 1)
    by CruelSummerLord on Fri, January 10, 2003
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    Of course the old era for the classic modules is wonderful, reflecting the magic, beauty and wonder that is Greyhawk. The Founder was the one who made it and set everything in place.

    And yet were it not for the hard work of Gary Holian, Erik Mona, and Fred Weining, where would we be today? While it is not actually Sargent`s fault, FtA was, IMO, a parting shot at The Founder, and an attempt to radically alter the setting that was, IMO, a disaster. Since many GH fans are so fussy about canon (not necessarily a bad thing, of course) we`re stuck with it. But the work Gary, Erik, Fred and even Roger Moore have done for it is magnificient. Even with Moore editing, the LGG is _THE_ definitive book on the world we all know and love, as it sifts through at least fifty different sources, some of which can never agree (which god does Eclavdra serve? What is the fate of Thrommel? Different versions pop up in canon, which makes using it such a problem) and assembles them in a relatively coherent and very good product.

    The politics and mysterious/bizarre situations that characterize the Flanaess are here as they need to be. With all that, it is still somewhat tainted by FtA. Nothing against Sargent himself, but rather the intent of the product. Greyhawk took a serious blow that day, from which it has come a long way, but not all the way, on the road to recovery.

    Re: The Best Greyhawk Era in which to Adventure! (Score: 1)
    by Delglath on Sun, January 12, 2003
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    Crud. I accidentally voted for "Other" so now I guess I have to explain. I made a recent decision that if I was ever going to run a campaign, that I'd run it set in 585 C.Y., ie. Sargent's era.

    However, having said that, I wanted to use all the material written for the period between 585 C.Y. to 591 C.Y. (ie. tAB & LGG) as the guide for events that happen in the world where the PC's actions have little or no effect. To me, this would make the setting seem much more 'alive' as there are events transpiring all around them that they can either engage in or ignore or even better, have to make a choice between!

    Also, I was considering actually PLAYING the retrieval and use of the Crook of Rao since the Flight of Fiends is damn cool, IMO, but I agree with others who say that it should've been a module.

    So... ultimately, my vote would probably have to go to Sargent, however if I could vote twice, I'd vote for Sargent and the LGG.

    Re: The Best Greyhawk Era in which to Adventure! (Score: 1)
    by Grievemere on Fri, January 31, 2003
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    My vote's for FtA. Maybe it's because that's when I first started DMing,but I've always felt it gave a cohesion that was lacking before.

    Re: The Best Greyhawk Era in which to Adventure! (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sun, February 09, 2003

    After posting to some replies in the Forums (the non-GT ones), I wanted to ask whether everyone things categorizing articles according to era (using the above voting categories for the GH eras) for quick-reference would be a useful feature? Perhaps we could include a canon, non-canon, heretical check box too (for Montand, of course ;->



    Re: The Best Greyhawk Era in which to Adventure! (Score: 1)
    by HeresJohnny on Tue, February 25, 2003
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    Having played in all the eras to me it comes down to a simple question...which had the most impact on me and my group when we played D&D? No other place or time captured the imagination like the original greyhawk boxed set IMO.

    The modules that accompanied the set are still IMO the most played and enjoyed modules of all time. So much that is common place today was brought to life in that early addition, where would WOTC be without the drow for instance.

    As to some of the later additions to the greyhawk world, well, I welcomed anything that was greyhawk, unfortunately TSR and then WOTC seem to have this desire to continue with FR which IMO is a poor substitute. So I as an avid greyhawk fan would like to say thankyou to all the various authors and developers who have tried to put their own perspective on greyhawk...however, as much as a lot of excellent background information came out of the FtA publications, I do think the whole war thing was as a previous poster has pointed out, a poorly conceived idea, that for long term players left people wondering how a demigod could pull the wool over the eyes of all these other dieties and trash half the continent...and band together all these other factions without anyone finding out!!

    Re: The Best Greyhawk Era in which to Adventure! (Score: 1)
    by adhevan on Thu, May 20, 2004
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    It varies for me from campaign to campaign. Right now I'm running a campaign where diplomacy and intrigue are important aspects, so I'm using FtA. As the game progresses, I'll probably move into the LGG era. If I were running more of a high adventure game, I would likely use the 1983 boxed set. I don't use modules, so the important thing for me is the world dynamics. That is the part that is detailed enough to make gaming there so good. I can pick up any of the various editions and read some details of an area and its relationship with its neighbors and in short order have something ready to run for my players.

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