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Personal Information: Osmund-Davizid

Location: Harker Heights, TX
Occupation: Attorney
Interests: Greyhawk, History
Actual User Status: Offline
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All Articles Posted by Osmund-Davizid:
  • Up and Comers of Oerth
  • Trollbar Part III
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  • Trollbar Part I
  • Agents and Plots of the Horned Society Ascendant
  • Keoish Intelligence Report from the City of Greyhawk
  • Postfest IX(Brewfest 2008): Hell on Oerth II
  • Postfest VIII(UPF1): Keoish Internal Security Report referencing the Viscounty o
  • Wyrms of the Flanaess: Brazzemal
  • Wyrms of the Flanaess: Synjje
  • Wyrms of the Flanaess: Verithmirax
  • Wyrms of the Flanaess: Gouthogg
  • Wyrms of the Flanaess: Razisiz
  • Postfest IV: The Devourer
  • The Libram Infernal Annex: The Politics of Hell in Malbolge
  • Excerpts from The Libram Infernal: The Sixth Hell, Malbolge
  • Postfest III: Bortwimn, the Heir to Icespire
  • Excerpts from the Book of Fire: The Reckoning
  • Hell on Oerth
  • Keoish Intelligence Report from the Hold of the Sea Princes
  • Postfest II: The Thelwood Horror
  • The Black Daggers Revisited
  • The Sahuagin of the Azure Sea
  • The Black Daggers
  • Keoish Intelligence Report from the Pomarj

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