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    Postfest XV: All Dried Out, Part I
    Posted on Fri, June 03, 2011 by LordCeb
    Argon writes "In the great peaceful theocracy of Veluna, lies a small town named Shandalanar.
    A land who has known peace almost from its simple beginnings. This resurrected old miners town sports fertile soil and a peace loving people. When one of the farmers sons is arrested for stealing drinks at the local tavern its big news. Unfortunately for the people of Shandalanar things are about to get much more grim.

    All Dried Out

    Our story takes place in Shandalanar a small town nestled within one of the few valleys that cross through the Lortmil Mountains. It has long been a way stop for travelers and adventurers seeking to rest aching limbs and drown painful memories with in her borders. This town originated as a mining town its distance from a now abandoned silver mine made it a prime location. If not for its fertile soil Shandalanar would have folded.

     As of late Shandalanar has been cursed with a disease which cannot be cured or so it would seem. Individuals with the disease slowly waste into dehydrated corpses. The tradition of burying their dead has been curtailed as some of the recently laid to rest have risen again. It appears decapitation ends their life though most people in Shandalanar refuse to kill their brethren. Many hope soon that Kempton or maybe even help from Mitrik will soon come and the dead will rest again, unlikely due to the harsh winter snows that make travel near impossible.

    Any one approaching the borders of Shandalanar will see signs warning them of the illness. However anyone entering the town will be watched by guardsman and told they cannot leave until the sickness has been dealt with.

      Getting Started:

    The players could be on their way escorting a caravan to Shandalanar for trade. If there is a dwarf in the party maybe it could be a way stop to Clan Rockhammer. Maybe Kempton sends them to escort a church official to aid the town. Shandalanar could be your starting point for the PC’s caravans are always looking for help. No matter what reason it is you use to get the PC’s to Shandalanar they should be interested in helping its citizens. This adventure is best suited for 4-6 characters of 1st to 2nd level. All party types are good though priests, rangers, and rouges could prove useful.


    The Story:

    In the CY 591 an unusually cold day on the 26th day of Ready’reat a farmer’s son Westil Forgoil is arrested for disturbing the peace at the Bag of Nails. The Young Forgoil was consuming drinks in excess when his coins ran low he demanded the keep to run a tab. The barkeep refused and suggested he go home and sleep it off, Forgoil seemed possessed and started stealing the drinks of other patrons.

    Strangely Forgoil pleaded the whole time in custody for a drink, the guards assumed he was struggling with an addiction and left him to sleep. In the morning Westil was to be released in his family’s care. When they came to his cell Westil flesh was dry as well as his lips his tongue was stuck to the side of his mouth. He was given plenty of water and released to his family a priest was sent to his family’s home.

     Oddly enough Westil had worsened over several days. After two weeks not a priest in Shandalanar could aid him. Westil was consuming more than 5 times the normal amount of liquid then a normal person yet he continued to waste away. Word was to be sent to Kempton for aid in curing this young man. Before a message could be sent a heavy Sunnsebb snow blanketed the town. Unfortunately no travel could be made to and from the town movement was limited. That night a gray cowl figure appeared in Westil’s room. In the morning Westil was nowhere to be found.

    Not long after Westil’s disappearance other citizens began to contract the disease. Now Shandalanar is in quarantine. None can leave without the church or local government approval. A task the PCs will have to complete in order to save Shandalanar and her citizens.

    Shandalanar Legend & Interests:

    1.     Lord Mayor’s Manor-A two floored structure with at least 5 guardsmen present at anytime not to mention the residence of Lord Mayor Elimier Kinninger. None have seen the Lord Mayor in a week save Alduin Kinninger head of the Shandalanar Knights of Kempton. Rumors persist that the Lord Mayor has fled Shandalanar to protect himself. Truth is the Mayor is ill and is tended to all hours of the day. Alduin will not let the good people know of the Lord Mayors condition. The priests tending to him are forbidden to leave the manor until the mayor gets well. Alduin will only meet with those who persistently visit the manor looking for an audience with the Lord Mayor.  He will refer them to check the bag of Nails as this is where the first citizen was thought to be infected.

    If asked what is being done to aid the citizens and end the infection.  Alduin will simply inform those interested that the town guard, priests, and knights are doing everything they can to be careful and safe and bid them well. If more questions persist he will refer them to Hervis Goodwin captain of the town guard.

    2.     Manor House Stables-Where some fine breeds of horses are kept including a prized Dwarf horse (a small mule sized horse with the abilities of a heavy warhorse very stable on mountainous terrain). The stables are still kept well and a knight is stationed here as well. They will refer all inquires to the Temple of Rao or the Town Watch.

    3.     Knights of Kempton-A small group of knights under the direct order of Duke Peter Basalle of Kempton. The base here is lead by Aldun Kinninger (LN Flan Fighter 6th lvl) adopted son of Lord Mayor Elimier Kinninger (LG Oeridian Aristocrat 3rd lvl). The only knight always present is the knights Champlain. He will inform any who wish to join the Knights of Kempton they must wait until the infection has been dealt with. Otherwise he refers them to the Temple of Rao or the towns watch.

    4.     Town center and Well Spring- This section of town is a large wide open space well-paved with access to the town’s main source of water from an underground spring. Town Center and Wellspring-During the day six guards are stationed here they often protect other citizens from the few infected that have wondered over to the wellspring. If its midday several infected have escaped from one of the local boarding houses and find themselves barreling towards the largest source of water in the town. In truth the infected attack the guards to get to the well. However if they can’t get to a source of water they will try to grapple a non-infected and attempt to suck and bite moisture from their mouths.  Any one attacked successfully in this way might be killed or become infected.

    Description: The paved stones of this open area are perfectly placed and cared for potted plants and trees are placed artistically. In the distance muffled sounds and groaning can be heard. Several gaunt figures moving in quick jerking motions make their way towards a well and some guards posted in the area. The guards make their way to intercept the figures.

    If the PCs make their way to aid the guards describe the following.

    Several human like beings with dried flaking skin, cracked lips, pale faces, and spots of what looks like dried blood begin flaying themselves at the guards. The guards look like they are trying to subdue their attackers with small clubs.

                 It should be obvious to the PCs the guards do not want to hurt the infected. If the PCs draw their weapons the guards will yell at them to sheath their weapons and help subdue them. Spells used to distract or charm them lose their effect in half the normal time as their thirst supersedes any other need. Life detection shows a faint glow in an infected chest. Turning or rebuking undead has no effect.

    See stat blocks for this encounter:

    5.     Northern Guard Towers- Consists of two simple wooded construction mostly used as a way of greeting visitors and enforcing peace strings on sheathed weapons. There are usually five guards on duty at each tower. They will warn visitors of the dangers present in Shandalanar. Visitors, who insist on entering, will be informed they cannot leave until the infection has passed.

    6.     Southern Guard Tower –This two storied tower is older than the northern towers but serves as the town’s lookout tower. They will warn visitors of the dangers present in Shandalanar. Visitors, who insist on entering, will be informed they cannot leave until the infection has passed.

    7.     Town Watch and Prison-The main post for the towns guardsmen it has four cells and in the town’s history it has never been filled. This area borders some old flan ruins.  There are five to ten guards present in or around this structure at any given time. Some are responsible for patrolling the ruins. The leader of the guardsmen is often present here or in the town center he can be seen in all quarters but is rarely home. The guardsmen leader is Hervis Goodwin (Suel, fighter 3rd level) a dominating 6’ 5” figure who dislikes Alduin envious of his position in the town. Hervis will often make decisions to spite Alduin. However Hervis loves the people of Shandalanar and would work with anyone to help its citizens.

    8.      Ruins-The town was built near the remains of ancient flan ruins. Some groups are granted permission to enter this area but it is off limits to travelers and citizens without church or government approval. Any who wishes to gain access to the ruins must have approval from either the lord mayor, Alduin Kinninger, Eldried Sarneth or Hervis Goodwin. However the nobiz sheriff Lowgar Bucklebrook can influence approval for the right price.

    There are entrances to many ruined structures here however one rectangular structure made of Obsidian stands out as during the night the moons light reflects on this ruined towers remaining surface. If the PC’s find their way in here read the following.

    The cracked and broken structure reflects the moons gaze in an eerily glow. Tips of broken obsidian shards decorate the floor inside. The light reflects off these shards as well, the absence of a roof gives one a clear view of the night’s sky. An obsidian pillar half covers a set of stairs built into the towers floor leading downward with no source of light touching the stairs base below.

    If the PC’s pursue go to the tunnel entrance section of this side trek.

    9.     Town Center- Many businesses mostly caravans and housing establishments, foodstuffs and clothing are also well represented here. Also home to the Bag of Nails Inn a former dwarven run establishment

    The Bag of Nails Inn- This inn is frequented by residents and travelers alike. This is also the place young Westil first displayed the effects of his infection. There is also a bulletin board which displays various postings for caravan guards and the like. There is also a posting from the Forgoil family on a reward of 25 Staffs for the return or information leading to the return of Westil. See rumor lists for information that can be obtained from patrons at the inn and the barkeep.

    10.                      Resident Quarter-The establishments of local residents while travelers are not barred from this area it is well patrolled and its citizens know well those which do not belong there. A friendly hello is the norm however since the infection most citizens remain indoors. Some residents if stopped will mention that none of the nobiz seems to be infected. Others might actually believe the nobiz are behind this whole infection. However most folks fear infection or are caring for an infected relative.

    11.                      Temple to Rao-This old stone building resides on a hill it is rumored to be as old as the flan ruins and was in decent condition before being renovated by the church. Eldried Sarneth (LG Oeridian Cleric of Rao 5th level) is the high priest of this temple. Many of the priests here urge the uninfected to stay home until the time of the infection has passed. No one is refused entrance unless they chose to bear arms then they will be asked to leave.

    They will be happy to supply the PC’s with a potion of healing three uses if they offer to help find Westil. The High priest of the Temple Eldried Sarneth believes he can cure the virus if he can see Westil once again this will not happen but the priest believes he can cure it. However if one or more of the PC’s have five or more ranks in healing they can aid the priest in finding a cure. By casting a Remove disease spell while covering the subject in a pound of salt. Finding the cure is a DC 30 check minus 2 from the DC for each PC’s aiding the high priest which has five or more ranks in healing. Note: This will cure one individual but there are only three ways to stop the virus from spreading.

     See finding the cure.

    12.                      Cemetery-This large building is fenced with wrought iron and though the dead are laid to rest on the grounds pastures this cemetery has trees which grow peaches during the warmer months. There are two followers of Rao who tend the property and keep the grounds fairly green, clean and peaceful.

    The two grounds keepers if questioned by the PC’s will inform them that two recently deceased infected left their graves as zombies. Unfortunately one was decapitated by a spade and the other was slain by Hervis Goodwin. Hervis avoids this conversation as he is still upset about harming one of Shandalanars’ citizens. (One of the citizens was present when his father came out of the grave he pushed him hard and the infected fell backwards his neck hit a spade lying on its side and the head was severed. Distraught by seeing his father die twice once by his hands the citizen was attack by his mother and was afraid to take action. Hervis was present to pay respects and beat the infected head in. He took the citizen into his home and unknown to all save Hervis the citizen is infected. Hervis has him locked in chains and brings him water daily he fears he might have to kill him and has avoided long stays at his home because of it.)  Note: If a cure is not found in two weeks Hervis is forced to kill the infected and he turns to alcohol and begins to act strangely and displays fits of rage and depression. If he loses his job he will commit suicide a month after losing his position.

    13.                       Nobiz Quarter-As noted this section is dominated by Halflings and they even have a sheriff Lowgar “Quick Fingers” Bucklebrook (N(G) Tallfellow Rouge 3rd lvl). Who works closely with the local government solving any disputes that might happen between the big people and the halflings. Fact is most of the populace likes to treat themselves with Mother Blarts famous pies. This business is actually her home but Mother Blart refuses no one who can pay the hefty crook for one of her delicious pies.

    If the PC’s start asking questions around this quarter many of the halflings will be polite but tell them nothing of substance. Eventually they will come across Lowgar Bucklebrook Sheriff of the Nobiz quarter. He will openly approach the PC’s and inform them that any questions they have should go though him. Lowgar has at least six halfling slingers hidden at multiple points in this quarter. It’s a rare occurrence that any one gets the drop on him. Lowgar is not above receiving compensation for information. See Bargaining with Bucklebrook. If the PC’s persist to blame or accuse Lowgar he will make sure the town guard is aware of some things his people observed the PC’s doing. He will have rumors of thievery, and unwanted entry spread in about six hours the PC’s will face charges and every guard and knight will know their faces like they know a family members name. 

    After three days in jail Lowgar will get the PC’s released and warn them to be careful about spreading rumors that aren’t true. It can hurt innocent people, if the PC’s get the message Lowgar is still willing to offer his services. Though his fee is less negotiable if he’s had to go through all the trouble of teaching the PC’s a lesson.

    If the PC’s use diplomacy and avoid blaming the nobiz for any wrong doings Lowgar will be more acceptable to them. His fee will go down if The PC’s mention they are helping to locate Westil and are looking for information on what happened to the boy. Lowgar is not bad; in fact he has the uncanny ability to charm the pants off of anybody. The PC’s will find no friends ever in the nobiz quarter if any harm comes to Lowgar.  Citizens of Shandalanar will also show disdain for the PC’s resulting in a DC penalty of 5 if harmed and 10 if killed. If the PC’s kill Lowgar no halfling in Veluna will forgive the PC’s and they will have a price on their heads until they are brought to justice.

    14.                      Arithyl Peak-Named for the famous Flan hero of long ago, believed to have been a devout follower of the old faith. A top this hill one can view all of Shandalanar and it has four stones atop its peak each devoted to the old faith gods of the four seasons.

    A stone statue sits in the middle of these four stones and some citizens still pay homage to the old faith here. The Stones are summer; spring, winter, and fall. The stones where meant for gods of the flan old faith though oeridian people have associated their gods with the stones easily. Unknown to anyone the statue hides an entrance or exit to underground tunnels. A DC 25 search check reveals that the statue can be swung sideways to reveal stairs leading downward into the peaks underground. However a DC 30 open lock check must be made to unlock the base of the statue so it can be swung open.

    If the PC’s manage to get this open and have not been to the ruins yet go to the back entrance section of the side trek.

    15.                     Town Barracks- This long house type wooden structure is used for training and in times of need a place for the local militia to be prepared for whatever comes their way. Currently many of the sick are gathered here. Many here are infected that appeared dead and now have come back. Turn undead does not work only water or any other fluids appease them temporarily, and when ones dies the others seem to drain the fallen dry.

    Ten guardsman are posted here and it is rare to see a guardsmen sleep. They are sleep deprived out of fear. So far the guards have lost 3 infected and one guard who got mauled by the other infected whom drained him dry. Unlike the guards at the well these guards are scared enough to attack without restriction on the infected. They will pull no punches and fight fiercely to escape an infected grasp. 

    If a week goes by with no cure the infected level 2 escape the guards will fight them until they lose half their number to the infected. Then the guards flee some willing to warn the town. Others will go home to rescue healthy family members. A few will just leave Shandalanar altogether. See the appendix section of this side trek for statistics on the guards and infected.

    If the PC’s are present at the barracks read the following.

    “The sounds of battle ring in the distance guardsmen clamor to intercept the crackled fleshed infected. The guards fight like rats whom been cornered and the infected seem stronger than ever. The battle goes badly for the guards as it seems their attacks do little than shake the crackled flesh from the infected”.

    If the PC’s are in the town when this occurs read the following.

    “Screaming can be heard as guardsmen can be seen running through the streets like frightened children. If not for the sounds of their armor flapping as they run, one could mistake their pale faces for haunted spirits chasing mortals away. A rare guard screams warnings of zombies escaping the barracks”.

    If the PC’s choose to investigate read on otherwise wait for if they stay.

     “You quickly approach towards the source of the commotion. The sounds of hungry dogs can be heard in the distance. Much to your dismay several guards are being drained by what appears to be infected. Some of the infected appear to be making their way towards the farmlands. Some gurgle others croak and screech each time they see a living being. It appears some of the infected have spotted your approach and hobble quickly towards you”. 

    See the appendix for stats for this scenario.

    16.                      Caulin Family Wheat Farm-Caulin family was granted this land by the church of Rao and must tithe fifty percent of its goods to the Diocese of Kempton.

    If the infected have escaped the barracks this is one of the farms that get ignored as little moisture is found here. The family here refuses to speak to anyone but priests, guards, or knights. The PC’s will be turned away long before they enter the gate. If the PC’s do anything but leave they will sound an alarm to call for guards. It’s obvious they are afraid and except for doing chores on the farm refuse to deal with anyone until a cure is found. In ten days for the beginning of the side trek one of the family members will become sick. Anyone passing by will see a figure locked out of the house with the members inside refusing to open their door for fear of infection.

    If anyone gets close to the house they hear the following often.

    “Lord Rao hear our prayers”. “He, who prevails amongst the violent, brings rest to those who need it”. “Deliver us from the blight, bring forth peace again”. “We hold this vigil to bring one of us before you in the hereafter”.  

    This is repeated every time someone or the infected family member knocks on the house door or windows. The house will be boarded from the inside to prevent any break-ins.

    17.                      Forgoil Corn Farm-The Forgoil family was granted this land by the church of Rao and tithe ninety percent of its goods to the Diocese of Kempton. Most of the corn products tasted by residents and used by the Diocese is produced on this farm. When the PC’s inquire about Westil at the farm his father Gregor (Oeridian LG, Com 3rd lvl) will speak with the party.  Read the following.

    A well built cottage sits within a fenced in farm.  The sign on the entrance gate reads Forgoil. A brisk walk leads to the cottage step and a wooden door. A few raps on the door alert one of its residents. As the door opens it reveals a man looking forty winters old. He places a closed hand over his mouth and coughs.

    He pauses for a moment and warns you all to not get to close.” I fear me and the rest of my family have fallen ill”. “What can I help you all with?”

    If the PC’s mention they are here to find Westil read the following.

     “Bless Rao our prayers have been answered”.” My son was very sick and he could not leave his bed””. We took turns caring for him. He pauses again to cough into his closed left hand then continues. Westil’s missing lord hopes he’s resting peacefully. He lets out another cough. Enough of this find my son, bring him home and earn the reward.       

    The whole family is distraught and has become sick since Westil has gone missing. The family will offer 25 staffs for the return of Westil. If the PC’s wavier at the offer, the family will increase it by 5 staffs for every two points beyond a DC 15 diplomacy, barter, or bluff attempt they succeed on. If the PC’s won’t help for the price the family offers then they will ask the PC’s to leave and ask the town for help spreading the infection ever where they go.

    If the PC’s refuse they will have a permanent -2 penalty in all dealings with the citizens of Shandalanar. The Forgoil family will be completely infected within ten days. In Eighteen days the family will become stage 2 infected. In a month stage 3 will begin and it will cause a lot of bloodshed. The appendix section will explain this in more detail.

    18.                      Basil Corn Farm-This land was granted to the Basil family by the church of Rao. They tithe ten percent of their goods to Shandalanar and trade with their neighbors for other goods. The diocese receives a tithe of thirty percent of these goods. The members of this family are experts when it comes to negations. The family has recently hired help to tend their fields.

    If the infected escaped the barracks this farm has plenty of water sources. The family has planned for this and has reinforced its root cellar. There are enough supplies to live for a month. If the PC’s look to investigate a sign on the gate and doors clearly states to speak to the church of Rao regarding any concerns.

    19.                      Harsouse Livestock Farm-This land was granted to the Harsouse family goat and rabbit are the main stays. Ninety percent of the goods produced are tithed to the diocese of Kempton. Though Harsouse goat butter is prized all over Veluna.

    The animals are more resistant to the initial effects of the virus. However animals start at stage 2 in ten days and stage 3 just three days later. If this much time has not passed mother Igetha will still be selling her goat butter. Funny enough the goat butter actually grants a bonus to save versus the infection. Anyone who has eaten the butter will get a +2 to save versus infection.  Read the following if the PC’s are present on the morning of the tenth day here.

    Loud growling and gnawing can be heard from a distance. It’s easy to determine the noises are coming from the Harsouse Farm. As you approach the farm signs of escaped animals and matted dry fur litter the farm area. Some of the animals have begun feasting on each other.

    There will be three living infected rabbits the others were killed before the infection could take hold. They will attack any who do not have an infection see appendix for stats. If the PC’s are within 20 feet of the farm the rabbits will hop the fence to attack them. Read the following.

    Small feral patched furred rabbits hop sideways towards you. Dried patches of fur fill the air; dried blood and saliva cover their twisted emaciated frames. An eerily scratching gnawing sound resonates from the infected creatures. Gapping their maws they leap for an obvious attack.

    Should the PC’s investigate the farm further read the following.

    Bodies of goat flesh, fur, and blood fill the once peaceful grazing fields. Surveying the fields a humanoid body is being shared by four goats. One of them spots your party and pauses for a moment then is lets out a cracking naghhhhh……

    The other goats follow its lead all four heads down beeline for your party. Hanging pieces of fur and dried blood decorate their well feed bodies. The cracking NAghhhh NAghhhh..naghhh….. come closer. You brace yourself for the outcome.

    See the appendix for infected goat stat blocks. If the PC’s investigate the cottage read the following.

    The cottage appears eerily quiet and slightly unkempt. Fresh blood patches decorate certain walls and stools. The floor has one long streak which ends in a corner. Slumped in the corner holding a bloody stump is Erigene Harsouse. His breathing is slow and he needs healing, barely conscious he speaks only one word, Igetha then passes out.

    If the PC’s heal him he will thank them and ask if his wife is ok. If the PC’s share the info he appears quite distraught but keeps his composure. If they ask what happened to his hand he will tell them the rabbits ate through his wrist. He followed his wife into the house but she went out the back door. He explains that he lost conscious several times. Each time he woke he would crawl towards the back door. He will compose himself again and ask the PC’s to leave him be. It is obvious he wants to sulk but will refuse to do so in front of strangers. When the PC’s leave those with exceptional hearing can pick up some whimpering sounds from the house."
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    Re: Postfest XV: All Dried Out, Part I (Score: 1)
    by SirXaris on Fri, June 03, 2011
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://
    Look out!  Those rabbits look like they're going to attack! Lol! :)

    I'm intrigued, Argon.  It's a good story so far - zombies that can't be turned; commonfolk hindering the PC's investigation by hiding their sick from the them while desperately hoping they'll solve the riddle; a snowstorm trapping the PCs in town...  I'm looking forward to reading part II to see how it all comes together. :)

    I'd like to point out a few things for clarification.  First, you refer to halflings as 'nobiz' throughout the article.  That's not a term I've heard before.  I am familiar with the word 'hobniz' refering to halflings.  Is that the word you intended?

    Second, you didn't provide an alignment for Hervis Goodwin.

    Third, twice you require a DC 30 skill check to succeed at a task (to affect a cure and to open the lock on the statue).  Unfortunately, 1st - 2nd level characters can't possibly roll that high, even with a 20 on the die.  No skill can have more ranks in it than the character's level plus 3, so that's a maximum bonus of 5 ranks.  Assuming a maximum of 18 for any ability score, that's another plus 4 points to the check for a total maximum of 20+5+4 = 29.  Now, if the character has an ability score of 20 or higher, it is possible to succeed at a DC 30 skill check.

    Did you intend for these skill checks to be practically impossible or was this simply an oversight?

    Thanks for taking the time to write all this up Argon.  You've done quite a good job. :)


    Re: Postfest XV: All Dried Out, Part I (Score: 1)
    by Mystic-Scholar on Fri, June 03, 2011
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    It's easy to see that a lot of time and attention went into your presentation. I view this as an attempt at a "module," rather than as a "story," as has been suggested elsewhere. I applaud your efforts.

    You need to work on your sentence structure, punctuation, paragraphing and capitalization to give your work a more "professional" appearance, but your willingness to put in so much effort is quite commendable.

    It's sounding like a nice adventure for a group of PCs, but perhaps of a slightly higher level than 1st, as has been suggested.

    Looking forward to reading Part II.

    Re: Postfest XV: All Dried Out, Part I (Score: 1)
    by Argon on Sat, June 04, 2011
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Thanks for your comments.

    Some DC's where purposely set high so yes most first and second level characters would not make a DC 30 check. For the most part if the PC's focus more on gathering information instead of hack n slash. The levels are fine this would be just as well for 2nd to 3rd level characters. The morale of the story is to help the people of Shandalanar. As you can see I had to cut some additional info as I was running quite lengthly in my submission. 

    Hervis Goodwin is LG SIr Xaris you might be right on the halfling name but my Flan translation is not so good. Sir Xaris the bonuses listed should be correct I'll check them here.

    The submission was meant to be one whole part but I got a little carried away.

    Louis Vuitton Alma MM M93595 (Score: 1)
    by damipenny on Sun, April 22, 2012
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    So far, Mr. Tebow has worked with brands like Louis Vuitton Alma MM M93595 [] Jockey, Nike and EA Sports, though some industry professionals say that he will have to come to peace with New York and what it represents if he is to thrive here. I don't think Louis Vuitton Artsy GM outlet [] that this guy is going to be first pick in New York, said Kelly Cutrone, the founder of People's Revolution, which recently handled the fashion shows for Jeremy Scott and Nicholas K. Do you want him front row at Dolce men's? I don't. After all, louis vuitton handbags outlet [] is very, very to the right, Ms. Cutrone said. He doesn't believe in abortion or a woman's right to choose. That's problematic, she explained, particularly artsy louis vuitton handbag [] in a city rife with empowered women who make their own money (not Bible Belt beauty queens), gay men and people who support gay and lesbian rights — the very people who Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 outlet [] run the fashion industry. Asked if she thought Mr. Tebow might receive the Victor Cruz treatment, Ms. Cutrone said, I don't think Anna Wintour is going to be jogging over there. Spring weather usually tosses a lot of bad fashion louis vuitton speedy handbags [] trends onto the city's sidewalks. But this year, with our strangely early spring, the journey between my house and Bergdorf's is absolutely perilous cheap Louis Vuitton Belts []. I worry — I do! — about those late-middle-aged women in super-high platforms and skinny J Brand jeans. A ballerina in toe shoes would have more contact with the pavement than these babes do. Women love platform shoes, for their Louis Vuitton purses [] sense of superiority and comfort (relative to other high heels); I love platforms. For 20 years I had a favorite pair of Lagerfeld black suede platforms — from the era of Louis Vuitton Monogram purses [] Karl Lagerfeld's high-fashion label, with crisscross ankle straps — that almost every year I left at Shoe Service on West 55th Street for a perk-up. As men know, good shoes can be repaired Louis Vuitton 4 KEY HOLDER M93517 [] and worn for a long time, and the Lagerfeld platforms, aside from being well made, were a classic sin trap style — sexy and shapely but rather modest in height. A decade ago it probably louis vuitton sarah wallet [] became obvious to me that I couldn't replace them, not in style or quality, and certainly not in cost. It wasn't just that platforms became absurdly big — like a giant Idaho potato wedged Louis Vuitton Zipp Wallet [] under the ball of your foot — or that the height of the stiletto heel seemed to almost taunt the wearer (or victim?). Rather, these new platforms ceased being feminine and interesting. They were louis vuitton luggage [] consistently of a type: sleek, aggressive, challenging. This trend started six or seven years ago, as part of the dominance of accessories, and it hasn't stopped. In fact, it's gone further mainstream, to judge by the feet I see most Louis Vuitton Travel KEEPALL 50 [] days on Fifth Avenue. [] Dami

    Re: Postfest XV: All Dried Out, Part I (Score: 1)
    by JellyMin on Wed, March 09, 2022
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    The tradition of burying their dead has been curtailed as some of the recently laid to rest have risen again. It appears decapitation ends their life though most people in Shandalanar refuse to kill their brethren. []

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